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Reading Comments on $1000 iPhone Case Video

so I recently uploaded video on a thousand dollar iPhone 6s case about a week ago and I've been getting some interesting feedback in the comment section now normally I don't do these types of videos but for this case I'm sorry it has to be done so I've been reading every single comment you guys been posting believe it or not on the video and I picked up the best ones and I'm gonna share with you guys so let's do this watch me take a huge steaming dump and sell it for 750 bucks people buy anything these days I will certainly buy that for 750 bucks what happens in a year when you upgrade the phone oh god no oh my head hurts oh the pain this can be please tell me it isn't so two silvers made of what so water two silvers made of who so bottom material oh the pretentiousness is pail that one's a good one no one's a good one come on come on dude dude dude come on dude it's two pieces dude on come dude totally chamfered brah dude okay 100% Khali bowed your knight Dawg dude come on dude and a lot of more dudes him below that I'll put the case in a special glass box with lasers to protect it darn honestly this is almost as big of a scam as bottled water I don't even know bottled water was a scam I would buy this I've had a small loan of a million dollars classic this case or a dual 980ti okay I'll get the case can I protect me from a nuke you have to be out of your damn mind to buy one of those I mean the iPhone madness this is sparta if I spend $1,000 on this case I expect my phone to obtain intelligence and go to my job for me drops phone my case I like that one I could buy a 3d printer get a new computer to use it with and then 3d print an exact model of it for about $200 cheaper I don't give a if this was made out of Jennifer Lawrence's hymen no cell phone case is worth $1000 but I guess if you want to blow your money on something useless these are worse things you could buy Jennifer Lawrence is high maintenance very creative hmm let's see you can buy food with $1,000 a cheap car some gas etc I love I put some gas why not a full tank of gas the argument that this case is just for special bunch of people who can't afford it does not make sense to me a pound of titanium alloy with a high Mach just to clarify I'm not hating on you ed this was a fantastic video and your cinematography skills are fantastic keep the videos coming because we love what you do oh thank you so much man this phone needs to protect the case if I spend $1000 on a phone accessory it better be able to make pizza for me or some if I sold drugs or was a professional hitman and didn't care about money I would order this I love I have to either be selling drugs or professional hitman why can't you be like a doctor or something who makes actually good money why does this guy not have 1 million subs patience young grasshopper I love this channel but this is the stupidest most ridiculous waste of money I've ever seen case looks dope though I mean I only had to sell to my kids to buy this it was so worth it I'm usually not a big fan of new iPhones but this one with the case and the skiing and the wallpaper won my heart what's a skiing there's a cheaper version for just $700 the aurora edition that's actually true you can save 300 bucks i really hope this video was sponsored just for your sake head why would i spend $1000 on a in case obviously was sponsored this are a super hot prostitute i guess the price is saying I'll guy says you've been overpaying for hot prostitutes is this a troll video just to put into perspective what one thousand dollars can buy you check this out Titan X GPU one year supply of food one year tuition to Community College one year of high-speed Internet 60-inch television a temporal simplicity California king-size mattress I rather into my hands and clapped and spend $1000 on this I would love to see that and the last comment just bought it during graduations so that's it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to hit that like button and if you want to see more types of these I guess let me know in the comments section down below like I said it's usually gonna do these types of videos but for this specific case video it just had to be done anyways thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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