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Rebuilding My Desk Setup | Vlog #21

okay how the hell am I supposed to get this downstairs by myself it'll be struggled dragging the histogram here all the way to years so should I even try if I just wait for help I just hate not finishing projects I gotta get this done worst-case scenario I fall down and the desk squishes me so it's actually not a bad scenario you know what I'm gonna lower this thing flat and then I'll slide it down let's try that actually well at least it fits there we go Oh oh my god oh my god I almost fell Oh God okay guys do not attempt something this stupid by yourself please I seriously almost slipped and this would have cut me right and looking growing Wow alright one more flight of stairs to go and I think we should be in the clear all right so The Stand esque is in one piece and I bought it downstairs I scraped up my walls and stuff but I'll add some paint later that's fine now my next step is to bring up my actual tabletop upstairs and assemble it the only difficult part is this thing is about I think 84 or 85 inches in width so it is massive alright so the desk is finally put together it was honestly a pain in the ass trying to get that hex rod from one end to the other you have to use a wrench and adjust the angle for it to slide in and it took me literally about 30 minutes just for that segment so your ass elation was a pain and also one little thing the desk came cracked if you guys can see that over here I'm hoping the other side is not cracked I pretty sure it's not because I did check it before I flip it over but anyways the desk also came with these two little panel raceways but honestly I'm not gonna use these because I'm gonna order my usual long one I think it's about 48 inches that one's across the back of the desk and I'm gonna use that to do the cable management instead of these two tiny ones like yep I wasn't kidding when I said it was long guys this is a very long desk so here is the dilemma right now okay here's a question I asked you guys should I put the PC on the desk or should I put it on the Alex your unit and put it on the side over here honestly I don't know let me know what you guys think in the comment section I feel like I do have space though the table is right now centered but if I push it to the left a bit there's still some space in the corner over there if I move the entire desk to the left side there's definitely gonna be space for the ideology or unit in here actually it's even now it's got plenty of space for it but I don't know let me what you guys think again in the comment section I would love to hear your feedback so yeah guys there you have it this is my current set-up with a new desk this is the level gaming adjustable desk I'll leave a link below if you guys want to check it out there is no automated control there's no memory basically just up and down there's no pre-configured settings that you can program kind of like all my other desk is and also it's kind of loud here's a quick demonstration I mean it's not that loud but I want to compare it to the other desk that I did a video on it's actually there's a big difference but anyways do it all quality of it I like I like the red accents that they put over here looks really nice they do have a few other options color options you guys can check out once again link is down below if you want to give a huge thanks to level gaming for sending out the desk honestly the PC on the desk doesn't look that bad guys but the only issue that I have is I told you guys I do want to get capital eggs IKEA capital eggs and put them on the IKEA lack shelves and put the speakers on the lack show it's kind of like what I did with the Wolverine setup and the cell setup I think it would look really nice with the white and red contrast but the thing is if I put the show up over here it's gonna interfere intervene interfere with the case that is why I want the PC on the IKEA drawer unit but anyways until I read your feedback I won't have a final decision I'm also gonna pick up a second ultra light and put it on top of my current one and the reason why is I love my 38 you see 99 it's a 38 inch ultra wide 3,800 by 1600 resolution it is beast when it comes to productivity but it sucks when it comes to gaming guys 60 Hertz is all it has and it's it's I experienced so much screen turning and I just I'm looking for a better gaming monitor with somewhat close to a 3k resolution so you know 34 40 by 1440 P would be nice I'm gonna ask issues and see if they can send and they're awesome PG 384 q but in the meantime I'm gonna be using this and I might even mount both of the ultra lights on the wall so that mount there is also temporary a lot of things on here gonna be temporary the mousepad is gonna be temporary the keyboard might be temporary I give you I might be hitting a new one and of course the cable management I'm waiting on the channel Raceway to arrive so I can do that I'm not gonna work on it now and then take it apart and do it again when it comes it doesn't make any sense but anyways guys I'm gonna wrap up the vlog here I hope you guys enjoyed it I'm pretty sure it dragged on for a long time we've got a lot of work done and as you can see it's already nighttime so it's actually 8 o clock it's 7:50 - and I started this in the afternoon around 2 o'clock I think so yeah a lot of work I am sweating like crazy home I go take a shower hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did drop a like if you didn't feel free to dislike as well let me leave feedback in a comment section and as always I will see you guys in the next one peace
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