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Revealing My Subscribers New Gaming Setup! - Episode 2

so why did you apply for a setup makeover well I figured I mean I knew I needed one and I really didn't have the money to afford to get a new one but I figure you know what the heck I mean what is worst what's the worst that can was that gonna have anything what's the worst that could happen if I didn't win well so be it you know about your life right yeah so after five long hours the setup was finally complete I was actually surprised everything went according to plan and there were no missing parts nothing was damaged on the way so everything went smoothly for the most part so then it was time to go grab heat and show him his new setup Oh all day oh ha crap I like that wallpaper I was wondering how it was all gonna come together and stuff it looks good it looks really good I like the lights on the case and stuff I really like the monitor though it's really nice oh yes it's a huge open ring just like both little ones that I had put together so this time around I wanted to build a set up with an emphasis on function something that is not only an upgrade coming from his old set up but also something that Heath can comfortably use every day there's nothing overkill or super flashy like I usually do I feel like I took a more simpler approach this time so the monitor is actually the same one I'm using for my personal setup back at home it's an LG 38 inch curved ultrawide monitor with a 3800 by 1600 resolution so instead of using two separate monitors he now has a massive ultra wide so one of the reasons why I picked this monitor is because of free sync it's gonna help me do screen tearing and stuttering since he is using an AMD GPU I also overclocked the refresh rate to 75 Hertz for 1080p gaming it's more than enough plus it's great for color sensitive work so heats wife can use it to edit her photos only this time the PC won't be crashing speaking of the PC it's a really nice upgrade from his old one it's got a rise in 520 600 X 16 gigs of ram and the RX 580 a gigabyte graphics card from sapphire I did go with a six-course since he said he likes Ustream a lot so the extra two cores will help in encoding and multitasking the case I went with is the cooler master q 300 p I picked this up because I wanted something small enough that would fit on the same desk it did come with two ygb fans in the front for intake but I did add two more fans in the top for exhaust this is a it's a huge upgrade from what I had yeah a very huge I didn't go with the neutral color scheme so I left the RGB lining alone so that Heath can change it to whatever color he desires speaking of RGB I didn't hook him up with some Coolermaster peripherals we got the MK 750 keyboard we got the mm 531 mouse and an RGB mouse pad all from coolermaster the keyboard has Cherry blue switches and it comes with a detachable wrist rest and dedicated multimedia buttons which will make it easy for Heath to control his music I picked the mouse because I thought it would be really easy for Heath to game on since he uses his knuckles and this mouse has a flatter surface I also picked the headset that was going to be comfortable to wear for long hours at a time the MH 751 kind of fit that criteria not only do they sound really good but they're really comfortable to wear and since he does stream a lot I wanted to get him a headset that has a great microphone so he's a really lightweight much lighter than those other ones we got so Haiti where he knows I know it's gonna take him some time to get used to all the new gear so I even told them if there's something he's still not comfortable with after a few weeks I can send him new gear or you can even swap it with his previous gear aside from the headset I did give him a really nice upgrade for his speakers now these are the Edifier Spinnaker's which are the exact same ones i've been using at the set up back in my office they sound really great and he's able to control the volume and his tracks using the wireless remote that it comes with I didn't want to drill a hole in his desk so instead I routed the wires across and underneath the table the fact that the IKEA Beck hands desk comes with a net for cable management is awesome and I made my job so much easier finally I added some metal leaves on the wall to spice it up a bit that way it doesn't look so plain like I said earlier I did go with a more cleaner and minimalistic setup this time around with a focus on functionality other than gaming is there anything else you would like to do with your new setup umm well to be able to stream again I mean I don't have a big following anything like that but I do it for fun you notice enjoyment last time mainly because you know me being paralyzed I see a lot a lot of the streamers I follow on Twitch or charity streamers and I wanted to be able to try some way to be able to help get some information out there about maturity that I like it stuff like that okay and also like I said you know to help maybe we're my wife with a photography stuff and be able to do it for her to help her out right I say UD twit do you stream on Twitch or is it which is which - okay cool I'll drop I'll drop a link below to your channel people want to check your art so he let you see to set up what are your final thoughts about it what is I guess what is your favorite part about the set up the monitor is absolutely amazing it's it's bigger than my TV I mean it is it it's one a friend I mean the PC the lights on RGB the mousepad I mean it's all are you find out the RGB lighting I am I do I do like it I mean my old setup had incorporated a little bit into it but putting too much but I love the lighting on the wall lighting and everything and it's awesome I just want to say thank you tick source and Bob Coolermaster all you really do appreciate it and I'm going to take excellent care of it I do want to say one final thing before I end the season and this is to Heath and Amanda I know you guys are watching this first of all I want to thank you guys for letting us in your home and I'm sorry that it took up most everyday secondly I just want to say what you guys have there is very special the love between you two is something I haven't seen anywhere else the fact that your wife stood by you after the incident and even getting married after says a lot about how strong your love is and I think that's really where to find these days it's really sad but it's true loyalty is very rare to find these days but I wish you guys the best of luck in your future if there's anything you ever need don't hesitate to reach out I'm gonna be sending you guys a little something for Christmas he make sure to check your email if you're watching this video and you guys can use it to do whatever you want but I'm hoping it can help make your Christmas a little better so that does it for this season of setup makeover let me know what you guys think about heats setup by leaving the feedback in the comments section down below if you guys enjoyed a series feel free to toss a like to show your support and also feel free to this like if you guys did and it's Heath congratulations on a new setup man I really hope you enjoy it if you have any questions at all feel free to toss me an email or text me on my number I'm actually planning on going to a different country for season 4 if setup makeovers so if you guys want to leave some recommendations in the comments section about what country I should visit feel free to do that but anyways that's it for me today thank you guys again for watching and I will see you in the next one you
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