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Revealing the New Setup for Subscriber! - Setup Makeover

hey guys before I begin the finale I want to give a huge thanks to wargaming for sponsoring this episode and giving me the opportunity to try out their awesome game world of warships it's an online game that combines action and strategic gameplay in a world of warships hence the name of the game you get to command a massive naval fleet featuring some of the history's most iconic war vessels and you get to team up with six other players for an insane seven-on-seven battle in the ocean everything from the sound effects to the graphics are done very well and a require strategy to beat the opposing team since launch they have over 200 ships across 8 different nations and you can choose from up to 4 different classes of ships and upgrade them as you progress through the game or gaming currently has over 7 million players worldwide and their game world of warships is free-to-play but just for my subscribers watching I'm gonna hook you guys up with some awesome rewards that includes a million credits a premium ship and more a fee download the game using my link below you so we made it to Phillips house around 1:00 p.m. and we didn't waste any time we started to remove his old crappy desk so that I can build him a new setup this was obviously the first time I've built a setup from scratch in someone else's house so I was kind of worried about a few things you know I was worried about not finishing on time I was worried about damaging his wall I was also worried about the setup looking like crap in the end you know it's one thing to design it and see it on paper and it's another thing to actually build it and see it in person all right so basically this is the wall we're gonna be working with this is where we put in the setup together and already we're coming across our first issue and we haven't even begun so the table top we're gonna be using is actually 74 inches wide but upon further investigating I don't think there's gonna be plenty of or enough space to put that on there because the tabletop comes all the way up here and it's gonna cover up the third drawer there's gonna be one Alex you're specifically used to hold the PC and then two other Alex yours that I give me the support for an entire desk so unfortunately we're gonna have to cut off one Alex your and just use two and put the tabletop on there and the PC is gonna go on the far right and little that I know that was the beginning of the many bumps along the road I think I miss calculated or miss measure or something and I'm gonna have to go with the flow unfortunately wait what the hell is that is this Lube interesting stuff down here once we move the desk so then I have to vacuum it up a little quick so yeah guys make it a habit to clean behind your desk once in a while you might have some stuff that drops back here you don't even know pencil obviously the only person in the room is me and my cousin Bob who was filming a video and also helping me put together just set up Phillip is kind of just chilling in the living room so that we can call him in here and film as a reaction once everything is done all right so I want to mount the ultra-right against the wall and I'm gonna be using the mounted to do so so the only issue with this type of mount is that it really depends on where the stud is against the wall because if it's kind of all too far to the left or too far to the right then the monitor is not gonna be centered exactly in the middle so that's gonna be the tricky part so I guess I'm gonna figure out where the stud goes where the stud is because you guys know me I want to make it as symmetrical and as centered as possible so I will need my stud finder which is this little thing I see if I can find it all right so we got one right here the next stud is over here because this is too far to the left and then this is too far to the right so I'm hoping I'm really hoping that this is Center or at least as close as possible to the middle because otherwise it's not gonna look good how does it look yeah I mean we could always adjust the arm in just a little bit maybe pop it out to compensate but only one way to find out honestly because there's really no other option I just realized what we forgot I forgot to pick up the cable raceway to hide the cables running down the monitor I thought I see I told you guys I knew doesn't forget something and not only one of the things I just realized so after six very long hours we finally managed to complete the set up but with some minor complications which I will go over near the ends but for now here is his reaction okay mother holy smokes what dude that's insane I've never even seen anything like this crazy it's dead silent - you can't even hear that that's ridiculous waiting about the color scheme you said you love why the blue so we trying to do that's so nice man thank you so much wise dude yeah no worries man you deserve it I want to show you one cool thing though all right I don't even notice that over there a little plaque yeah number one contestant so you can turn it on no way that's also you can change your colors do you make it red white holy smokes it's all it's all color-coded yeah but yeah sweetie and I'm they're really nice to me uh yeah let's yeah beautiful so you have had this things packing 7600 K I over clocked it for you that's a point nine max of about 2 grams card as well I even overclocked do or monitor it's at 100 Hertz refresh rate what yeah cuz you think as well so you can pretty much tear it again maxed out settings you got 32 gigs of RAM so pretty and yes ooh shrieks 10:17 oh one of the cool things about your that's what I know if you noticed here it's the EPA yeah it's got order USB ports plugged in so I can actually was hanging you can plug in the cable and let it juice up so next time beyond anything yeah Thank You coolermaster I'm very appreciative yeah mine I think we're out of here enjoying your setup again have any questions yeah I would say I'm pretty damn satisfied with how everything turned out near the end I have to keep telling myself that this is my first time doing something this big so obviously it's not gonna be perfect for my first time but believe me I've learned so much from this experience that I'm gonna bring with me for the next contestant obviously I wanted to keep everything either white and blue but Coolermaster just doesn't have any white options available until recently they announced their new white H 500 P but the PC was built like two months before that announcement otherwise believe me I would have used that case for the build if there's one thing I can tell Coolermaster to focus on this year I would say please for the love of God do us all a favor and please work on more white product we need to see white keyboard mouse and even case options please so I had this one-of-a-kind custom plaque made just for the series with Philips name on it and the setup makeover logo which kind of sits on this stand with RGB strips underneath that you can control using a remote and I thought that was pretty cool now originally I plan to have the plaque set directly right smack in the center of the setup but the height of the actual desk and the monitor were different in person so the plaque ended up blocking a monitor you so I had to move it over to the side which actually ended up looking a lot better unfortunately now there's this nasty cutout that's visible from the add-on unit and that's originally where the plaque was supposed to be another issue I ran into believe it or not I know it's coming from me was the cable management there is this nasty cable running down the center of the desk which annoyed me so much okay so the wire is actually the cable coming from the left speaker that needs to be plugged into the subwoofer otherwise it's not gonna work and the reason why it's running straight down is because the cable is so short that there isn't enough slack to run it across the back of the desk and behind one of the Alex yours and the funny thing about all this is it's an easy fix all I had to do was cover up the cable using a wall raceway which is one of the items that I forgot to bring with me I also forgot to bring the white cable sleeve which was supposed to be used to cover up the cables near the bottom you know as someone who has really high standards and this obsession with perfection I was honestly disappointed that this was the reflection of my work it bothered me so much that I even wanted to go back pick it up and come back another day but at that point I just want to fill up to enjoy his setup you already made him wait like four months for it I've learned so much from this entire project and honestly none of this would have been possible if it weren't for Coolermaster who supplied most of the PC parts and the peripherals for this setup also huge things to Asus for providing me with a graphics card at motherboard and of course a huge huge thanks to David for working with me on the design and 3d printing these awesome items overall I would say season one was a huge success in my part Philip did enjoy his setup and he said that there is nothing that he would change it's perfect the way it is the only thing I recommended to M was the cable raceway to cover up that wire and of course a touch of his personality as he gets used to the setup whether its picture is hanging from the wall or whatever it is he needs to add some personality to make that setup his and that pretty much wraps up the first season of setup makeover I want to give you huge things to fill up for being such a cool dude again congratulations on your setup you completely deserve it and again a huge thanks to all my subscribers from watching and the amazing feedback that you guys left for episode 1 I love every single one of your faces thank you so much as always guys don't forget that the first 300 viewers to use the code play warships 2018 can get 250 double ins 1 million credits a premium ship and more by downloading the game using my link below I want to start season 2 very soon because I had so much fun doing the first one it's not gonna take as long though because I've learned so much from it so if you're watching this video and you need a set up back over make sure you're glued to the channel because I'll be making announcement within the next one to two months on the channel thank you guys so much again for watching everything mentioned in the videos or shown in the video will be linked below I love your faces like I said before and I'll see you in the next one you
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