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Revealing the Venom Gaming Setup! - Setup Makeover Season 2 (EP 3)

more importantly I want to know what Harry thinks about his setup he hasn't seen anything he hasn't been in his room for two days while I was building it for him so i'ma go grab a little quick and see what he thinks yeah holy crap god damn Wow what do you think Oh mad insane holy Wow yeah kind of lifts up the desk we put some collectibles on here what do you think about the wall art dudes cross your well everything's really amazing sweet dude glad you like it yeah so let me go over to set up a bit first up the monitors not only did we upgrade your 720p monitor but I hooked you up with three of them these are the msi optics curved monitors and you get quad HD resolution at 144 it's refresh rate one millisecond response time and as RGB at 150% so it's great for color sensitive work as well the monitor aesthetics also fits in perfectly with the venom beam I decided to keep a stand because I think it looks cool and besides you have a lot of extra space on the desk so the keyboard is the bigger GK 80 it's an RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with cherry MX red switches any detachable rest rest there's a few things I like about this keyboard first of all it's built really well the top plate is aluminum and it comes with these really nice metal key caps the dedicated multimedia buttons are also nice now normally I'm against the red accents on an RGB keyboard like this but for this exact setup it actually worked out because obviously I was going with an old black setup with some red accents so the keyboard fits perfectly so the mouse is also really cool it's fully RGB of course but it's both wireless and wired oh and a cool thing about the mouse it's modular so you can actually swap out the parts or the top plate depending on what your comfort level is so the box actually comes with the modular parts so swap around and figure out what's more comfortable for you okay now for audio obviously I removed your speakers and I replaced your headset with the msi GH 70s you already told me earlier you actually weren't using your speakers as much so I don't think it's gonna make a big difference but it is your setup you can bring back the speaker's if you want it's all black anyway so it's going to fit in perfectly the junior 70s are very light and super comfy to wear go ahead and feel the ear cups tell me how softly filled it's really soft feels like a baby's butt yeah and actually they come with replaceable ear cups I don't know if you saw the Box earlier so if they get worn out you can just pop them out and put the new ones on it sounds good all right now the PC this thing is a beast it's a custom water-cooled PC using ek parts it's rockin in 2700 X that's overclocked to 4.3 gigahertz 16 gigs of ram at 3000 mega Hertz and the RX Vega 56 so the reason why I went with the Vega 56 so you can play in quad HD resolution obviously you gotta take advantage of the 2k resolution on your monitors I don't want you gaming in 1080p anymore so now to step up so for storage it has an m2 SSD 248 bytes of space it has the operating system installed there and you also have an additional nine under 60 gigabyte of space on an SSD as well the custom psuche rad that says Venom along with that badass backplate was made by v1 tech and I think it really tied the whole PC together the PC is being held up by a wooden plank and I had some custom risers printed out that contributes to the venom theme but yeah what do you think how do they look so yeah I like the attention to detail there's a lot going on over here which is really sick and this custom 3d printed right yeah so yeah you like the tongue house that kind so maybe you know yeah of course I couldn't leave the walls alone so I kind of added this dope look in 5-piece mural artwork over here and also put some posters and I'm not an acrylic piece over there last but not least the desk I really like this desk it's built really well with a large surface area but the things I like most about it is that it comes with a net to hold all the cables I feel like this desk was made just for triple monitor setups because there is literally a cutout in the back right behind each monitor so it was it was great for a cable management last but not least if you haven't noticed already this whole surface area is covered by a massive mousepad which not only protects your desk from getting scratches obviously but you no longer need another mousepad and I think got an issue too with your previous mousepad yep it kept on bumping to my keyboard and it was really annoying so this definitely helps out a lot so kind of a two and one for you yeah setups finally completes what is your overall I guess if you have to pick one thing that you really love about this set up what would it be like one item one item well let's say three the monitors hit the water is okay I was stuck with a old Samsung and 24-inch what was it it was less than 1080p that's all I know so now I get three times that and they're curved and they're curved exactly I forgot to mention that yeah how many sadly yes but I really want to use and it looks actually it looks really sick cool so the monitors are the favorite part about the whole setup I was gonna say to PC yeah well everybody now the PC I just like saw the inside out they're really gonna see until now it's all custom inside holy crap no yeah I mean the PC is amazing okay so my job here is done I'm glad you enjoyed the setup I just I am asking one thing from you please don't be a Phillip cuz I have some loans we had it again enjoy your setup any questions let me know thank you so much I'm feeling kind of sad now that I have to leave this but it's in good hands I know that much you could come by any time baby alright guys so this concludes season two of setup makeover the venom gaming room project I hope you guys enjoy the series if you did dropping a like would be awesome it took a very long time planning this and setting everything up so a simple like would be Austin if you guys didn't enjoy the series please leave a dislike as well and leave your constructive criticism in the comments section down below I do want to give a huge thanks to MSI for sponsoring the series if you want to learn more about the venom gaming room project of course I'll drop a link to that down below as well also guys every single part used to bring the setup to life will be linked below so make sure to check that out and also guys I'm gonna drop a link to David's channel he's the person that 3d printed the awesome stuff that you saw in this setup he's such a talented person and I don't see without him I feel like I said a makeover wouldn't be what it is today so definitely go check them out to say that text or sent to you David if you're watching this honestly thank you so much dude your 3d printed stuff is amazing thought about those the guys thanks again for watching I will see you in the next one you
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