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Ryzen 3 1200 Best GPU Combo | Benchmarks

so you're thinking about buying the new r3 1200 but don't know what GPU to pair it with in the fear of bottlenecking well that's what this quick video is about I'm a test a variety of GPUs and 1080p and quad HD to give you guys an idea of the performance you will be getting and the reason why I'm making this type of video is because the r3 1200 is going to be one of the most popular AMD processors out there because you get a 3.1 gigahertz quad core CPU weighted with a 65 watt TDP that comes with it's very own cooler for only 109 dollars I was also able to overclock the CPU to 3.8 gigahertz at one point three five volts using the stock cooler I'm even confident that the CPU can hit four gigahertz using an ail cooler so the 1200 is aimed to compete against the G 45 60 and the core i3 70 100 but what sets the CPU apart from them is the price and core count but anyways it's always thinking over time here are the benchmarks so the only bottlenecking that I experienced was in gta5 we can clearly see the GPUs above the RX 580 throttling and capping at 113 fps and HD and 111 in quad HD resolution the rest of the games didn't experience any major bottlenecks and this isn't to say that the r3 1200 won't bottleneck on other games so please keep that in mind this video is just to demonstrate what performance you will be getting combining the r3 1200 with one of the GPUs shown in this video the truth is you can game comfortably up to 2k resolution with a capable GPU and not worry about too much performance loss you can do this with a CPU that cost around $100 with its own stock heatsink that's what's so impressive so if you're looking to build your next budget PC for Strictly gaming and lights tasks the r3 1200 should definitely be on your list I'll drop a link if you guys want to check it out so now this video was helpful feel free to drop a like to show your support and if you didn't like it feel free to dislike as well and consider subscribing for more content like this thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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