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Ryzen 5 PC Builds | 1500X 1600X | April 2017

so guys while I'm working on my risin five benchmarks video I figured I'll give you guys some tips on some pretty cool AMD PC build configurations for those of you who have been patiently waiting for risin 5 so the first build is a 530 dollar budget gaming PC and then we got a slight upgrade from that with a better GPU and CPU for only $600 and finally a 6 core gaming and productivity PC featuring the R X 480 for only around eight hundred seventy bucks so the first field is using the r5 1400 which is the low-end quad core CPU with a 3.2 gigahertz base clock it does come with that rate to stealth coolers so we don't have to spend extra money on that and we can also overclock it without any problems the MSI B 350m will get the job done and it costs only $80 it supports 32 gigs of RAM features an m2 socket and four SATA ports it honestly has all the essentials for any budget build and the fact that you can overclock on it is a huge plus we are going with 8 gigabytes of RAM which is all you need for gaming and for storage we are sticking with the one terabyte hard drive from WD now since this is a budget build we are going with the RX 460 from gigabyte which should get you at least 30 frames in most games and high settings however if you have an extra $50 laying around I would go with the Ark's 470 instead for nearly double the performance the case we are going with is the Zelman t2 which is a mini tower and it's only going for $20 which is perfect for this build it does feature a USB 3.0 port in the front panel which is great and powering the entire build is a 430 watt power supply from EVGA once again this will cost you around five hundred thirty dollars if you stick with the artist 460 and five hundred eighty dollars if you go with the RX 470 from Asus I believe which is what I would recommend speaking of the RX 470 this one is a more balanced build and it's pretty much using the exact same parts as the last build except this time we are using a slightly faster CPU the 1500 X and also we have the RX 470 which will get you around 60 frames and most triple-a titles in 1080p of course this build will cost you closer to $600 oh and almost forgot we're also using a slightly better looking case since we have a nice black and red theme going on it would be cool to show that off through the clear side panel from the Neos and finally we got a mid-ranged balanced gaming and productivity PC featuring their high-end 1600 X which is a six core processor with a base clock of 3.6 gigahertz this PC is the perfect sweet spot for gamers and streamers who also do like editing whether it's graphic design work like 3d modeling or just video editing the 1600 X doesn't come with a CPU cooler which is why we are going with the 212 Evo since we are going to be overclocking however we are sticking with the same motherboard because the value on this thing is really hard to beat for RAM we are going with 16 gigs instead of 8 to help out on the productivity side we are speaking with the same 1 terabyte hard drive however adding an extra SSD your MDOT 2 is optional the GPU we are going with is the msi RX 480 which will easily get you over 60fps in most games and because we have a really nice-looking black red and white theme going on I decided to go with the case to match that the NZXT s340 in white and it has a clear side panel as well which is nice and finally powering the entire build is a 520 watt power supply from C sonic which is fully modular that way we can keep the build looking clean of excess cables the total cost of this build is a little under $900 but it is a very solid gaming and productivity PC so that is it for this video if you guys enjoyed it be sure to leave a like and if you're new here consider subscribing because I put up content like this consistently in fact I'm working on a PC build a AMD PC build featuring the 1500 X and that's coming up within a week so if you guys are psyched make sure to stick around thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video
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