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Ryzen 5 Samples, New Camera, Best Setups Of March | The Recap EP1

what's up guys it's a sanjac source and welcome to my new series well I don't know if it's new series yet it depends on you guys you can enjoy it but it's going to be a monthly reoccurring series at the end of every month I'm calling it the recap unless I come up with a cooler name because that sounds lame and boring but it depends if you guys like it so I did in this video if you enjoyed leave a like if you don't leave a dislike just so I can just do I know if I should continue this or not but basically in this video I'm going to recap the entire month of tech stores give you guys some updates on what's going on with the channel future projects coming up any things happening with me personally I'm going to be going over winners of the giveaways if there are any giveaways for that month also go winner go over the winners of setup wars and basically just stuff like that I also mentioned then you giveaways that are happening for that month in case you guys missed it but I think yeah what that said let's go ahead and dive right in and start off with the comment of the month so Eric d-21 9 commented commuters 77 thumbs up Wow it is a type of person to overclock his blood flow so the reason why I like this one is because I see a lot of these comments as a type of guy to overclock his dishwasher to cable managers pubes you know I see a bunch of those comments but this one is unique because I've never seen this one before and I thought was pretty interesting 377 seven people thought this was humorous so that's why I awarded you the comment of the month I don't even know that makes any sense how do you overclock a blood flow the second update on the channel is I got a new camera this just came in literally the same day the Ursa mini pro 4.6 K let me sitting at the side of the box this thing is a beast I carefully researched guides on my next camera upgrade because it was time to move on from the gh4 which is what I'm using to record this video in all my videos but I want to get into the cinema world I want to go on some I want better video quality guys and huge four is pretty bad when it comes to low lights and I'm surprised at the gh4 got me to a million subscribers but now I think it's time to move on guys to bigger and better things so it was basically between this the sony fs7 and the weapon red or the red weapon I should say which is complete overkill I sat down I thought about it I'm like you know what this pretty much has the same quality as a red weapon if you use the right lens I've seen comparisons online where the quality is pretty much identical we can't even tell the difference between this and a red camera so yeah it's actually a lot more portable it's more affordable I think this is around five thousand dollars just the body itself but much needed upgrade guys I'm very excited to give this a test I've already bunch of outer two lenses I've ordered a bunch of accessories like a shoulder rig a base plate external battery bunch of stuff it's going to happen so when I work on my perfect desk setup episode 4 I hopefully I can master will not master it but hopefully I can get the hang of this camera and shoot that video using this it's going to look sick I'm excited can't wait my second update is I'm getting really close to hiring two people the announcement will happen sometime in April I'm already looking for an office space somewhere near my new home which will be completed and made by the way and I'll be moving at its place in May so hopefully everything will be situated by June or July so I'm looking for two people full-time that's going to help with text source shooting videos editing just a bunch of things one person who is basically knows a lot about PC contents and one other person who knows about everything else like TVs monitors smartphones and stuff like that so two people specialize in two different things or one person can specialize and everything then that's perfect but anyways if you guys live near LA and are interested in opportunity make sure you stick around on the channel because the announcements going to happen sometime in April so yeah next update is I got my AMD rising five samples as you guys can see you got both the 1500 X and the 1600 x12 six core ones the four core quad core whatever and I'll be doing my comparisons against the 7700 and the sixteen hundred K as well so stick around for that so before I go over to five winners of setup wars for the month of March I'm going to be going over top five wanted tech from a nice app and by the way ten of these products will be given away to you guys so make sure you stick around if you want to know how to enter number one on the list is the scepter or Skepta 22 inch 1080p monitor with five thousand one hundred seventy seven users wanting it now this is actually pretty cool monitor it's actually one of the best you can buy for 60 dollars that's one of the reasons why it's so popular and I featured it in my perfect setup number three I believe the budget Edition is basically 1080p monitor 22 inch LED you got a VESA mount HDMI port I mean this thing is insane for 60 bucks and I think that so many people bought it and the price got jacked up so if it's more than $80 I wouldn't buy this monitor but if you can find it between 60 and 80 definitely go with it if you're looking for a budget solid gaming monitor oh it's also has 60 Hertz by the way number two on the list with 4690 votes is the Gambia's Hermes mechanical gaming combo it's got the keyboard and mouse to 3,500 DPI Mouse it's a mechanical gaming keyboard honestly I picked this up for I think around 30 bucks or $40 which was a very solid deal but right now I think it's actually increased in price because so many feels 71 dollars I wouldn't buy this now because it's if they completely jacked up the price and it's out of stock so apparently a lot of people were buying it but if this goes back down to its original price around $40 I believe then I would definitely take this stuff because it is a solid keyboard and mouse combo number 3 on the list is the f1 sitaji monitor stand which is a pretty straightforward law understand for 35 bucks it's a bit pricey honestly I think this would be better if it's around $20 but nonetheless you guys voted for this so it's got four years B 3.0 ports they are pass throughs of course along with you audio jacks and you guys can put stuff underneath the riser like a tablet or a laptop so a pretty cool thing to clean nectar setup check it out I'll leave a link below number four on the list is the gigabyte gtx 1050 pretty straightforward graphics card budget graphics card for those of you who are looking to pick one up and I think this will actually perform is better than the rx 460 according to my top 5 GPUs on a $200 check it out in case you missed it and finally we got the 7600 K coming in fifth place with 3528 votes if you're looking for a solid gaming processor this is definitely the one for you if you can't really afford the 7700 K this is basically the next best option actually I take that back I rather you guys wait and see the results for the rise and 5 CPUs especially the quad core and see how it performs against that before you decide to go with the 7600 K or the 1500 X so those are the top 5 most wanted products within the nice app that you guys voted on and as always the most voted or Most Wanted products will be given away so I'm going to be doubling that so there's going to be 10 products basically two of each will be give it away to 10 lucky people if you guys want to participate make sure to check out the nice app below instructions are there I talked a lot about the nice app and for those of you who still don't know what that is it's basically a free app where you can participate and a lot of these giveaways constantly every single month and you can also watch videos on they're early from a lot of youtubers be included in fact Elektra box the final video is already uploaded here's a quick sneak peek that's not really a sneak peek I was like two seconds maybe but I don't want to spoil anything if you guys want to check it out the videos already uploaded on the nice app download it check it out but if you don't want to it's cool just wait next week you'll be up on YouTube and finally here are your four setup wars winners from the month of March episode 92 when two spiked of course I mean this setup was sick I just love the way he basically put together everything the color scheme is OnPoint organization cable management this guys view was seriously one of the best and I think I gave a setup a 9 out of 10 Bravo well done congratulations spiked so remember so 93 we got Shane who took the win with a very simple very clean triple modern setup nothing really crazy going on over here episode 94 went to Nick with a very interesting and unique production setup we don't really get to see many of these on setup Wars because most of them are gaming setup so it's nice to see a music production setup once in a while so very clean very organized a lovely cable management definitely one of the cleanest music production setups I've seen on the show make well deserved and this brings us to our most recent episode 95 budget edition and the winner was Valentin honestly still know how to pronounce that name I have no idea why AJ is in your name like that Valentin genis I think it's Valentine you just misplaced a J or something but anyways congratulations on that plaque and red sick-looking budget setup it's not high-end and it's not poor anything so it's nicely balanced hence why it's called the budget Edition I do want to give an honorable mention to the worst setup from episode 92 who you guys voted for wills setup basically set up on carpet this guy does even have a desk that's pretty much why he won 2111 votes that is a lot compared to everyone else so yeah congratulations for winning the worst setup I don't know if he claims $100 or not but if you're watching this toss me an email if you haven't already and finally as a bonus to everyone who voted using the app down below on setup ors i randomly pick four people who participated in the voting and you guys win $25 Amazon gift cards so here they are number one is Patrick John Martin from Philippines Luke swing spin from the UK Jason garrison from the US and a data Kumar from India if you guys are watching this video make sure you guys send me an email to claim your prize I'm also going to send you a message on Facebook so make sure you check that out and that's it for the recap guys I don't know how long this became I'll try and make it shorter for my next episode if there is a next episode but if you guys enjoyed it leave a like and if you didn't please feel free to dislike I need to know if you guys enjoyed the series or what you guys want me to cut out of the series and add whatever you guys want let me know the feedback let me know in the comments section your feedback but anyways thank you so much for watching as always I'll see you in the next one
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