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STRIX GTX 1060 vs STRIX RX 480 - Comparison

what's up guys is that from tech source and in this video we're going to be comparing the asus strix gtx 1060 against the Strix our X 480 in terms of design the Strix lineup is practically identical across all the cards so if you guys want a more detailed review of the Strix lineup and make sure to watch my GTX 1080 video which I will link below but first things first let's get the specs out of the way the RX 480 that I'm testing in this video is the 8 gigabyte variant and both of the Strix cards have two modes overclock and gaming mode for the sake of this video I will be using the overclock mode for all the benchmarks and I will be manually overclocking them as well but more on that later so both cards feature a Seuss's patented wing blade fans which is set to provide 105 % more air pressure for maximum airflow they both also feature two 4-pin GPU controlled headers that can be connected to system fans for a targeted cooling and come with the same good-looking backplate the rog logo on the back plate as well as the accents and the name of the GPU on the side can all be changed using the RGB are a software you can select from a single static color or choose from a variety of special lighting effects the ports are also the same you get two HDMI 2.0 two DisplayPort 1.4 and a single dual link DVI and finally both cards use only a single eight pin PCI connector looking at the power draw we can see that the streaks are X 480 consumes slightly more than the gtx 1060 and almost 50 watts more than the reference please keep in mind that both of the Strix cards are set to the overclocked preset using the software for temps we can see that the gtx 960 one slightly cooler than the Strix our X 480 however the reference 480 definitely runs hotter during full load so I'm definitely happy to see cooler numbers on both the Strix cards despite them being overclocked by the way these are the specs I'm using for my test bed but without wasting any more time let's jump into the gaming benchmarks all right so we got some interesting numbers here first off the Strix are X 480 did I perform the reference across all the games now somewhere marginal while other games had a nice boost however overclocking the Strix arks 480 was a bit of a disappointment I was only able to achieve a stable overclock of fourteen hundred megahertz with an extra 100 on memory while the overclocking result on the 1060 were far better I managed to push the car to 21:39 megahertz with an extra 500 on the memory I was very impressed even after overclocking the Strix our X 480 the GTX 1060 on default overclocked preset still managed to beat the RX 480 across majority of the games even in DX 12 titles like tomb raider and hitman so the conclusion is very simple here the Strix GTX 1060 has the best performance when compared to both the reference and shrieks rx for ATS the Strix 1060 is around 33% faster than the reference for 80 and the Strix rx4 80 is around 8% faster than their reference however when looking at overclock results we can see a 7% FPS increase from the default overclocked preset on the gtx 1060 and a four and a half percent FPS increase on the RX 480 solar Strix gtx 1060 not only offers better performance out of the box compared to the Strix our X 480 but it also overclocks higher resulting in a much better performance overall as always if you guys enjoy these GPU comparisons be sure to hit that like button because I do have a ton more coming up if you guys want to check out both these tricks our X 480 and the Strix GTX 1060 I'll drop a link to both of them down below today's sponsor is ting and they have an exclusive iPhone giveaway just for my subscribers go to Texas teen comm or click on the link in the description section and enter for your chance to win an iPhone 6 and $50 team credit it's completely free and you have nothing to lose so make sure you guys go and do that right now so what is team you might ask they are a mobile phone service that is helping people save a lot of money on their monthly cell phone bills you guys would be surprised to find out how much money you can save on your monthly phone bill I recently found out that I can save around a hundred and fifty dollars on my monthly phone bill if I use ting instead of a TNT and that's because you only pay for what you use so definitely check out the calculator guys by visiting Tex or steam comm and find out how much money you guys can say by the way if you're stuck in a contract then don't worry because team will actually offer 25 percent credit of your ETF up to $75 per device for making the switch over so if you guys are interested make sure to visit Tex or teen comm and also play around the calculator and find out how much money you guys can be saving and also let me know by dropping a comment down below with your monthly savings basically thank you guys so much for watching as always and I will see you in the next video
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