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Samsung 28" 4K Monitor (U28D590D) - Unboxing + Overview!

there are usually a few comments that follow anything associated with 4k overpriced overkill or underdeveloped and usually I would agree but Samsung is looking to fix that with their new affordable 28 inch 4k monitor this is a from tech source and let's take a closer look before I continue I would like to give a huge shout out the UPS for the fantastic shipping job here as they made sure to bring this to me in pristine condition so this monitor costs only 700 bucks and it's currently one of the cheapest 4k monitors you can buy with 4 times the resolution of 1080p 4k is surely the next step in media consumption but does the price tag have any influence on its actual quality let's unbox this and find out so the monitor does come with a few things first off you get the neck piece for the base stand a DC power adapter which is needed to connect to the power cable to power your monitor and here is the base stand itself which looks really really nice but we'll go ahead and take a closer look at that later the monitor is actually very stylish the thin bezels are very nice and will help with a multi-monitor setup if you choose to go that route you do get three additional cables along with the monitor the first being the required power cable needed to power the screen they also threw in an HDMI cable for those of you that don't have a display port on your video card and lastly they threw in the DisplayPort cable so you can take advantage of the full 4k experience so one of the things I don't like about the stand is the fact that you can't rotate or lower your monitor the stand makes it impossible however you can tilt it if you choose so it's not all that bad the installation is also quite simple all you have to do is insert the neck piece in the slot and tighten the two screws in the back it isn't exactly the most solid setup but it works just fine I have been interested in 4k for quite a while now but there has always been factors that have held me back from pulling the trigger one of which is the refresh rate at 60 Hertz this isn't the fastest monitor on the planet but it will do for most gamers another important thing to factor into your decision is that this monitors response time is only one ms which is great for games although it's not the thinnest 4k monitor it certainly comes close measuring at 1.25 inches at its smallest point and 1.75 inches for its largest just for fun we brought in the HTC One m8 just so you guys can compare the differences one thing I absolutely love about this monitor is the fact that there are no buttons on the bezels or even around the frame they included one analog controller in the back for accessing the menu in settings and despite it being in the back it's actually really simple to access and very easy to use for navigation Samsung has also added a clip in the back for cable management purposes which is a really nice addition also in the back is where you will find all the ports two HDMI is one DisplayPort audio out and your power in one negative thing I see here which can be a deal-breaker for most people is the fact that it does not have any holes in the back which means that it's not compatible with VESA mounts also on the bottom of the monitor you will find a Kingston lock port so if you live in a bad area this can be useful now the screen does have a matte texture over it but it is done right in my opinion and does not take away from the picture or video not only do you still get amazing and vibrant colors but there are also no reflections like you would normally get from a glossy screen here is my other monitor playing the same video side-by-side just to give you a better idea on the color differences it isn't exactly the best comparison but it's better than nothing the quality on this thing is amazing I have never seen anything quite like it although it's fair to say that I have never owned a 4k monitor till now here's what it looks like on a regular 1080p monitor it's crazy to see huge difference between the two needless to say that I have made a great decision buying this monitor I thought for the price of $700 I will be getting a very cheap 4k monitor but man was I wrong if you guys are looking to purchase a 4k monitor but think they're overpriced then now's your chance I'll leave a link in the description down below if you guys are interested and if you want us to do a specific video like gaming or just show you more sample pictures of the 4k content on this monitor then let me know in the comment section down below this is at from tech source and I will see you next time
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