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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 - Unboxing + 1st Impressions

hey what does if you guys adhere so Samsung has just released three wearables and we will be taking a look at each one individually so make sure you guys stick around for those videos that are coming up soon so we have the Samsung gear fit which is the smallest of the three the gear 2 neo which is the more affordable version of the gear 2 and last but not least the gear 2 which is a smartphone that we are going to take a look at today now I don't know about you guys but you won't catch me dead with any wearable tech I'm more into the luxury watches with a stainless steel belt so I'm actually kind of excited to check these out and I don't know maybe it will convince me to switch so the only two differences between the gear 2 neo and the gear 2 is the build quality and lack of a camera so if you are thinking of purchasing an Android wearable and don't care for a premium build or a camera feature then you can save a hundred bucks by going with the gear 2 neo instead so after removing the top we can see the gear 2 sitting right here in the middle and I'm going to go ahead and put this aside well quickly so we can check out the rest of the contents opening up the flap we are greeted with more accessories and that this is the charging dock that hooks up to the watch so you can charge the device speaking of charging the device this is the charging cable that you will need to use to get it done as always there is a set-up guide along with some warranty information which no one really cares about so let's go around the device real quick starting with the home button like smartphones the home button takes you back to the home screen and it could also do other cool stuff which I will go over soon the camera on the other hand is located on the side of the watch and it has a 2 megapixel sensor with autofocus capabilities also right next to the camera there is an IR blaster which is used to control your TV on the left side of the watch that is if you're looking at it directly you will find the speakers and an indication where the charging dock would be connected to and on the other side is where the microphone is located for phone calls and voice memos the belt itself is made out of rubber but pretty much everything else is metal including the face of the watch and the belt is user replaceable so if we don't like the rubber material then you can swap it out with a metal one you choose so if you flip the watch over you will see the charging pins along with the heart rate sensor and I'm going to show you how to connect the charger will quick all you have to do is line up the charging pins with that of the charger and just snap it in place it's actually that easy they say that you can use the gear 2 for about two to three days for regular usage and it can last up to six days for low usage so the gear 2 has a one-point 63 inch Super AMOLED screen with four gigabytes of onboard memory which is a lot of space to store your music in the software itself is pretty smooth for the most part you basically swipe to the left or right to navigate and you can configure the home button to perform a special command like opening up the camera and other things by enabling the double tap option the gear 2 can do a lot of neat things it can track your footstep count as well as your heartrate it can also take pictures and automatically send them to your phone not only can it make calls but it can also track notifications and display them for you right there on the watch and you can also respond back which is pretty cool now the gear 2 is only supposed to be compatible with 17 Samsung devices however we have figured out a way together to work on most Android phones here we are using my HTC One m8 Google Play edition and I'm changing the watch's wallpaper through my smart phone the camera on the gear 2 can also send the pictures that take straight to your phone so needless to say definitely is compatible with phones other than Samsung is you guys want to see more detailed video on how to make the gear 2 compatible with your Android device then leave a comment down below and if we get enough requests we will post up a video so what do I think about the gear 2 I think that's a waste of money I definitely don't agree that it's worth the $300 and here's my honest opinion I strongly believe that we are at a point where we have practically come up with everything imaginable and that people are running out of ideas I can't think of one solid reason why I would need a wearable tech specifically the gear to taking pictures why would I need to take pictures on a crappy 2 megapixel camera when I can use my smartphone to do this with better results why would I need a device to listen to music my smartphone already does that tracking my footsteps and my heart rate I mean really Samsung how many people actually use that like really use that feature on their phones or watches I can go on and on but I'm just going to stop right here for the sake of the video but my final verdict is it's an overpriced metal watch if the price was only 100 bucks maybe maybe I was considered wearing it but if anything the neo would be a better option for me but 200 dollars is still a steep price for something like that I mean if you love wearable tech then this might be something for you if you are new to herbal tech I'd advise you to stay away for now or at least wait for the Moto 360 to be released if you agree with me then leave a like if you disagree then leave a dislike and comment down below stating your reasons I'm actually interested to hear them anyways that is it for the unboxing and my honest opinion on the gear 2 SmartWatch we still have a few other wearable tech to cover so if you guys are interested and want to see more coverage on those then definitely stick around this is that from tech source and I will see you next time you
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