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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet [2013] Unboxing/Overview

what's up guys Texas back here with another unboxing samsung just released another new tablet called the Galaxy Note 8.0 so we're gonna unbox this and take a look at it so let's get started so this is the Galaxy Note 8.0 and it's 399 it comes with only 16 gigabytes of space and you could choose between white or black let's take a look at the specs real quick you got the 8 inch super clear type LCD screen you have a 1.6 gigahertz quad-core processor 5 megapixels camera 2 gigabytes of RAM and you have full HD 1080p playback and HD recording alright so let's open up this box and see what's inside it's nice to see that Samsung kept the style of the box the same they got the wooden beam going over here like they do with most of their devices and I think it's pretty cool alright so the first thing you see is the tablet itself obviously you can tell that we went with the black version instead of the white I'm just gonna go and put this aside for now continue on with the unboxing lifting this tab open you see everything else is neatly packed here and the first item is the wall charger followed up by the USB cable which is obviously needed to charge the tablet and connect it to the computer and lastly you have the manual and warranty information which I'm not going to bore you with overall this is a very thin very light tablet and this is what I would like to call a perfect tablet I believe this is how real tablet should look like in terms of design and size there are just so many different versions out there that are either too big or too small but this one just works perfectly so I'm gonna go ahead and peel this off real quick and show you all four sides of the tablet I'm gonna start off with the bottom over here you can see that there's two speakers along with your micro USB port in the middle on the top side you have one 3.5 millimeter headphone jack of course and I'm moving on to the side here you have your volume buttons and your power buttons and on the bottom right you have an easy access to a stylus pen for those of you that want to keep the screen clean so they kind of made it really easy to access and store just pretty cool I think and on the front of the tablet on the top here you have your front-facing camera and your notifications light so there's one other thing I forgot to mention on the tablet and that's on the top-left side of it then there is a microSD slot to increase your memory space up to 64 gigs if you choose to so when a 1280 by 800 resolution screen size everything you see is crystal clear the software runs pretty smooth for the most part although it's not as smooth as I expected simply because of the skin that Samsung has put on top of the stock Android you kind of see what I'm talking about over here when I try to move the tablet from one position to the other kind of takes a while for the tablet to readjust compared to other tablets that I've used and it's actually a really smooth motion and it's not only about that it's using the apps and you know multitasking it you kind of get like a rigid movement instead of a nice smooth transition I also like how precise the stylus pen is and you don't have to really try hard to get it to work and I'm sure that's a huge plus to people that write on their tablets daily so here's a sample video I found in the gallery that's in 1080p I'm not sure if you can tell but the quality is sharp and simply stunning you get the same quality that you have on your TV on your tablet without sacrificing the size and that makes it that much more enjoyable watching so that concludes today's unboxing thank you guys so much for watching we have an amazing laptop to give away on our next video so subscribe and stay tuned for the video once again this is the tech source and I'll see you guys next time
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