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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 - Hands On (CES 2014)

this video is made possible by Squarespace the one tool needed to create your very own website or portfolio for free trial or your first purchase use the Kotex source one for ten percent off what's up guys we're back at the Samsung booth again here at CES and today we're gonna look at another samsung galaxy tablet this one's called a Galaxy Note pro 12.2 as well as the new magazine UI that comes bundled with the tablet the only real software change here is with the addition of the magazine you I other than that the new tablet is still very touch with Z you can still write on the screen and open window applications all with the swipe with the included s-pen multitasking however has improved with a new layout which makes closing all applications and accessing the task manager much easier the home screen kind of reminds us of Windows 8 with its big rectangular tiles and glanceable information and the home screen also does look more fuller on this tablet as the whole screen is taking up information instead of small icons the tiles also can be filled with decorative images or useful information like emails and calendar appointments the app drawer can still be accessed with a toggle that is located on the home screen the hardware is nothing new from Samsung the materials and design are identical to that of the note 3 with a fake leather backing and plastic sides making it appear like it's chrome the only surprise here is the missing menu button and the addition of a recent apps button the display is also excellent it's one of the best I've seen with vibrant colors and pin sharp detail and the specs are what you expect from a high-end device you have a Snapdragon 800 for 4G access and Samsung's own Exynos octa core chip for international countries the tablet also comes with three gigs of RAM and 32 or 64 gigs of internal storage that's expandable by microSD of course camera wise both front and cameras are decent for being a tablet device so nothing really impressive there however the software is the real star of the show here with Samsung trying something new and tossing out the regular android home screen in favor of their new magazine UI which samsung states is better for larger displays that wraps up the video thanks again for watching there's still a lot to cover here at CES so make sure you guys hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out so before I go I want to thank Squarespace for making this possible and show you guys our website yeah we do have one in fact we had it for a while now for those of you that did not even know it existed we built it using square space and it was extremely easy for us I think we got it up and running in less than a day everything is drag and drop which makes it super easy to configure and there's a bunch of awesome templates you can choose from or you can even start from scratch like we did this isn't just a website you can do a lot more with squarespace you can build your own portfolio create an online store and sell stuff and also scales to look beautiful on any device the support team is also available 24-7 if you have any questions or run into any problems and they offer live chat and super fast email responses the best part about all this is that it's free to try there's no credit card required to sign up if you guys do the set is set up an account use the offer code tech source one for ten percent off their already low prices so that wraps up the video thanks again for watching and we'll see you guys next time
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