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Samsung Galaxy S5 Unboxing + 1st Impressions!

what is up you guys at here from Texas and I am back today to look at the newly released Galaxy s5 we got ourselves the white model here as you can tell from the coloring at the center of the box taking a look at the back here we can see that Samsung has highlighted some of the s5s features and specs the phone does come walking a 1080p display which is being powered by a 2.5 gigahertz quad-core processor the box is almost identical to that of recent Samsung products in both design and the way soy based ink was used for the printing however the addition of the number 5 is new lifting up the first half of the box we see that the s5 is the first thing presented setting the phone aside we can get back into the contents of the box we get a sim card from t-mobile and right below this flap like the rest of the contents we get the usual bundled paperwork from Samsung which most likely contains warranty information and other stuff but we're too excited to give to apples under all that nonsense we get some earbuds to compliment all ear sizes which is nice to see and along with those Samsung has included some of their generic white earphones they're not bad I've had some past experience with these earbuds from other Samsung products and I can definitely say that they are usable we also get our standard power brick in the packaging it's white it charges not much else to say really moving on we do get a USB 3.0 urging wire which should provide for faster data transfer and charging speeds of course you can charge your phone without the battery and so we can find that twenty eight hundred million battery right here on the bottom installation of the battery shouldn't be something new if you're coming from a Samsung device stopping off the back will allow you to install the battery and one thing to be careful here is when snapping back on the plastic cover make sure that there aren't any gaps in between the phone and cover as the phone will lose its ability to be waterproof the new TouchWiz UI does look a little better and more conservative however there is still lack present across the UI at times which can take away from the experience although Samsung seems to be trying to improve its overall footprint on top of stock Android they just haven't seemed to get the job done right we will have a separate video going through the s5s new software which will enable us to give you guys a closer look but so far my initial impressions from the new TouchWiz is good definitely improvement but more on this later taking a closer look at the phone we can see that we've got our speaker and sensors at the top of the phone and we have our home button at the bottom which now doubles as a fingerprint scanner on both sides of the home button we've got our recent apps and back capacitive buttons and on the right side of the phone we've got our sleep wake button there is a plastic band here that runs along the whole phone that's I guess trying to look like metal but it really just looks like plastic and it feels like it too at the bottom of the device we got our USB 3.0 port that is hidden behind this plastic cover and this cover is here to make sure your phone remains waterproof one emerged some people might find a slap annoying but I think it's a worthy trade off at the left side we've got our volume rocker and moving up towards the top you've got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack our IR blaster and noise cancellation Mike taking a look at the back we can see that Samsung has ditched the fake leather design here to go with something a little different it still feels soft to the touch but it's now riddled with dots all across honestly doesn't look that bad I thought it was gonna look at rochas when I was watching the keynote but I'm happy that I was wrong at the top we have our LED flash as well as our heart rate sensor which I could call a gimmick but I mean it could be useful to someone like Bruce Banner right above that is our 16 megapixel camera that is capable of shooting 4k as well as what Samsung's claiming as one of the fastest focusing phone cameras which will be sure to test in an upcoming video at the bottom left we have our speakers which is sad to see I mean come on has an HTC not proven that there is a demand for front-facing speakers they sound about average nothing really to get excited about I just wish Samsung and other manufacturers would realize that their so-called media consumption devices should come with decent audio the backplate has a rubber gasket which allows for the components on the inside to stay dry other than this it's still the same bendable cover we have come to know we can see what the rubber gasket seals with to make the water tight bond and the benefit of having a removable back is that the user can have access to their battery for an easy swap right above the battery we do have a micro SD card slot and our SIM slot and to the left of the battery there are some pins which can be utilized for wireless charging when Samsung releases a compatible backplate my honest first impressions are it's more of the same it does have an improved design to that of the s4 and thus feel better in the hand I've been using the new HTC One m8 for the past few days and maybe i'm just spoiled by the unibody metal design but the s5 just feels supplier to me the s5 might win me over with its better camera waterproof design and user replaceable battery but i guess you guys will have to wait and see i will use this phone as my daily driver for a couple of days and give it as fair run can it hold its own against the other android kinds of 2014 we are definitely going to find out until next time this is it with texas you
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