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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Comparison - 2014

hey what is up you guys Edea from texas and i'm back once again to get a final look at all the tablets side by side we're gonna be looking at the Tab pro 8.4 10.1 and the Note pro 12.2 and compare them with each other to find out what tablet works best for you so let's just jump straight into this so all tablets are pretty much the same width with the exception of the 12.2 being just slightly thicker due to its size whereas the 8.4 and 10.1 are very similar all the tablets come rocking with a 2560 by 1600 resolution with fake leather backing which resembles a larger version of the note 3 Samsung really likes to keep the same design I'm also devices as we can clearly see here using the tablets however drew up very different experiences the increase in the size from tablet the tablet made a drastic difference when it came to actually using the device I personally like my tablet on a smaller size so I can safely say that the 8.4 inch suited me really well it was very convenient to hold and it has a big enough screen to enjoy playing games or watching videos on and it can also be used to get some light work done as well what that question portability is the 8.4 strongest suit and I'll recommend this to anyone that Oh is always on the move and likes to depend on a large screen for videos and games but at the same time hates carrying something large and bulky moving up in size we take a look at Samsung's middle child the Tab pro 10.1 I got an enhanced experience when using the tablet stationary but with some negatives a bigger tablet obviously means an increase in weight and decrease in portability however with a 10-inch screen you can get enhanced user experience when using apps that are optimized for larger screens like games and especially when it comes to reading articles and watching videos I would recommend this tablet to someone who doesn't mind sacrificing a little portability for a bigger screen size and who also thinks that a 12.2 is too big and the F 8.4 is too small finally moving to Samsung's largest tablet and no pro 12.2 we see and feel a clear difference in both size and weight this tablet feels noticeably heavier at one point six pounds when holding it in your hands it felt very uncomfortable as time passes I mean I can safely say that I got a pretty good workout holiness for ten minutes its massive size also adds to the discomfort and portability factor ever being a tablet however the size also gives us some advantages as well of course watching videos on it is a huge plus but having a bigger screen in general it's also a huge benefit for browsing the web and using applications or even games that are optimized for such a large display but you know at what point is it too big I guess that's up to the user to decide really we will recommend this tablet to someone who is looking for a laptop replacement essentially this tablet goes perfectly with a Bluetooth keyboard as composing documents or doing anything that would benefit from a physical keyboard really brings out the potential in that massive display and the best part of it is that you get the best of both worlds you can use a keyboard and you can swap to the touchscreen whenever you want there is one last thing you take into consideration when looking to decide between these tablets and that's the S Pen yes only the Galaxy Note pro 12.2 comes with a pen and along with it comes a plethora of features that are not accessible on the other tablets for example using features like multi window are fantastic on the screen of the size I mean call it gimmicky if you want but these features were great on a large screen truly a Productivity tablet if you ask me the fact that you can have multiple windows up at the same time makes it really convenient for me for example here I opened up a calculator on top of this webpage to add a few things together without exiting the browser which eliminates the need to swap between them and that's just one example of how the s-pen is very useful here's actually a sample of how much content you can see with all the tablets with the same resolution across all of them there really isn't more content it's just enlarged on each device making it more readable and finally to conclude the comparison let's take a quick look at some sample video that I took and I even recorded the sound to kind of give you a better idea of how each one sounds when going from the largest to the smallest tablet well this brings the comparison to an end - something's up the bigger the tablet the less portable but with more productivity and the smaller the screen size means smaller content less productivity but more portability in the end that does come down to personal taste and what you guys decide to do with your tablet I would personally go for the top row eight point four as I mentioned before simply because of its size I do move around a lot and I want a tablet that I can carry around with ease and you know if I want to get work done on the move I prefer a laptop and again that's just my personal preference however I would love to hear what size you guys prefer and why feel free to leave a comment down below this is that from tech source and I will see you next time
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