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Samsung Tablets Comparison - Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 & Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4/10.1/12.2 - CES 2014

this video is made possible by Squarespace the one tool needed to create your very own website or portfolio for free trial or your first purchase use the Kotex source one for 10% off what's up guys Tech source is back in CS at the Samsung booth and today we're gonna be comparing all the Samsung's newly released tablets Samsung released a total for tablets and we're gonna be running through all the differences in order to help you choose what tablet best fits you so all the tablets come with a 2560 by 1600 resolution display with the screen size is bearing from 8.4 to 12.2 inches both the Note pro 12.2 and Tab pro 12.2 come with three gigs of RAM while the Tab pro 8.4 and the 10.1 both comes sporting only two gigs both the no pro and tap pro 12.2 come with a 9500 million batteries while the Tab pro 8.4 comes with something slightly less at 4800 followed by the 10-point one which is at 8200 the other one's similar CPUs are the only difference being the Tab pro 8.4 does not have your model available with Samsung's own 1.9 gigahertz Exynos 5 octa chipset they all have a variant that sports Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU the Note pro 12.2 is also the only tablet that comes with the s-pen the software experience is somewhat similar across all tablets the s-pen does offer more functionality by giving access to multiple features like being able to easily take a screen shot at the current window and make notes as well allowing users to open applications in a custom sized window offering a better multitasking experience honestly if you're a busy guy and want to get work done while you're on the move the Note pro 12.2 is the best option for you since you could take advantage of the s-pen for more accuracy and access to more features the screens are beautiful across the board but we do prefer the twelve point two inch tablets for watching movies and consuming content they all feel very similar in the hand with a fake leather backing and plastic sides and a thin body for those of you guys who love to consume media and watch movies and YouTube videos all day I would go for either of the twelve point two inch models if portability is what you seek on the other hand the 8.4 inch model is the ideal size while still offering you an improved viewing experience to that of the cell phone the 10.1 inch model is a nice sweet spot for those think the 8.4 inch is too small and the 12.2 inches too big so that's all the tablet some Samsung I hope we helped you guys out on deciding which one fits you best if you were to pick one of these which one would you guys prefer and why feel free to leave a comment down below and as always stay tuned for more CES coverage so before I go I want to thank Squarespace for making this possible and show you guys our website yeah we do have one in fact we had it for a while now for those of you that did not even know it existed we built it using Squarespace and it was extremely easy for us I think you got it up and running in less than a day everything is drag-and-drop which makes it super easy to configure and there's a bunch of awesome templates you can choose from or you can even start from scratch like we did this isn't just a website you can do a lot more with Squarespace you can build your own portfolio create an online store and sell stuff and it also scales to look beautiful on any device the support team is also available 24/7 if you have any questions or run into any problems and they offer a live chat and super fast email responses the best part about all this is that it's free to trying there's no credit card required to sign up if you guys do this either set up an account use the offer code Texas one for 10% off their already low prices so that wraps up the video thanks again for watching and we'll see you guys next time
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