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Sector 5 Black Ops Elite Case Unbox + Overview!

what's up guys welcome back to the tech source today I'm going to look at the black ops elite case from element and this is recently released for the iPhone 5 so I'm just going to turn this in the back real quick and go over some features on the sector five black ops elite features a low-profile and lightweight CNC machined aluminum case it's a it's tight fit and if it's really flush with iPhone 5 it comes with a clip actually and the screen shield is actually a stealth privacy screen protector which I'll go a little bit more about later on and they also includes a tactical holster so flippin is on the side I should ease other versions you can get the person which is mine black on black next one is black on green third is desert tan on black and last one desert tan frame with dark earth ok so that's enough talking let's go to unbox this and see what the sector 5 comes with right off the bat you can see the case itself I'm going to go and put this on the side we'll get back to it soon we're going to see what else comes inside the box so the first thing you see is actually the tactical holster that I was talking about it's actually a pretty neat pouch those of you that I like keeping your phones and pouches you can carry this with you it comes with a clip and inside of it looks like it's the actual backplate that's included with the accessory clip is actually included on there and that's actually optional too you can take that off if you want it comes with a speed wrench which is inside the patch right here and that's the speed range it's actually Torx wrench you can pull out the bolts and I'll show you guys what that looks like without it so this hollister is actually really easy to put on and take off you just snap it off and snap it back on once you're done using it so it's really easy ok so moving on it comes at 8 alcohol rubbing pad that's your screwdriver for replacing and putting on your case some extra screws looks like it also comes at an instructional guide for the actual case installation and it comes in another instructional guide how to put on your rash guards this is actually optional you don't have to if you don't want to especially if you do already have rash guards I think these come with silver yeah silver and black you can choose whichever one you want once again it is optional and this is also the stealth privacy screen protector that I was talking about this looks just like the ones on the monitors where you cannot view what's on the screen at a certain angle so that kind of gives you some sort of a privacy so that's pretty cool so like all other cases it comes with a microfiber cloth and a squeegee board which is pretty cool can help you assess putting on the screen shield which is really important this looks like a catalog for their other products like the Ronin and vapor dogs and things like that so that's pretty cool and moving along and while there's a bunch of stuff in here actually so this is not an instructional guide on how to put the back plate it's self-explanatory but we're guys going to show you the installation just so you guys know how it's done last but not least this is the black plate sheet this is for people I already have back plates like mine I have the ultra suede on iphone 5 currently I can swap that out put that on there so it saves it and I could put on the new one which is with the with the clip-on and both of these are have a piece of strips so basically sticks on the back of the iPhone 5 and does not come out so here's a quick closeup of the actual case element has done another great job honestly making a great case for the iPhone 5 this is a pure CNC machine it's a perfect fit on the iPhone 5 it's a treeless nug that's on the side here as you can see there's some cutouts for the volume buttons and actual vibrate button moving down below there's more cutouts for actual speakers your charging port and of course your headphone jack and moving on to the other side this is actually something new they're doing there it's like a small grip over here on the side here so so you can grip your phone easily it's optional you guys can take it off actually if you want you can keep it on there but if someone has like a rash guard like mine there's some red on there as you can see I prefer to make that visible so I if it were my case I would definitely keep it off and make the red more stand out because I think it looks a lot better that way so let's go ahead and take off the case real quick and look at some features of it so that's the desktop side I was talking about the actual grip that's of course that's optional you can actually leave it off if you want or keep it on depending on what your preferences and there's some cool colors on the sides there actually I should say the hinges kind of gives it like a black ops team so that's pretty cool okay so I already took out my backplate the ultra suede I put it on the sheet that you save for later and now I'm going to put on the new one which is with the accessory clip and I'll show you guys how it's done first thing you want to do is take out one of the screws you could actually choose any one I chose the top left and once you take out the screw you just basically pull it off it's kind of tight but it comes off real easily and the first thing you want to do is actually put the backplate on and then you put the case on so you pull off the duties of slip or sticker I should say I'll put this back on guys so don't worry about that and you would put this back on your back plate so make sure you position it up perfectly make sure it's aligned on the sides and the back the great thing about these back place is actually you can use them interchangeably you can take them off as many times as you want and it still won't remove its stickiness so I've removed my ultra suede maybe at least 10-15 times so just to clean the background so it's you can use them as many times you want it doesn't lose its stickiness so once you're done putting on the back plate you're going to go ahead and put them in actual element case make sure all the sides are aligned before you go and press down on the side you may have to push down on one side of it just so you can get the screw holes aligned and you're gonna get your tiny screw and go and push it in there of course once it's in there you're going to take your screwdriver and just quickly scoot in there don't over tighten it because if you do you might end up stripping the bolt just so you know just enough where it's nice and snug so this is what it looks like after installation I decided not to put the side grips on because honestly it looks much better this way I like my ranch cars to be visible I think it just stands out really nicely and just makes the case look really really sick so I'm gonna show you guys a few pictures with and without the clip and also with and without the grips on the side and you guys can see what looks better for you so here's one with the clip and without the clip I think the no clip looks a lot cleaner in my opinion and this is actually a no-brainer obviously the one without any grips is standard a lot more alright guys that's a full unboxing thank you so much for watching really once again it's because of your views that were able to give away such sweet things every two weeks if you want to be entered to for a chance to win this all you have to do is subscribe like the video and leave a comment and I will pitch you into the drawing and I will announce the winners on the 25th of this month if you guys have time check out our second channel we actually do giveaways on that as well we mostly do gaming here and it kind of gives you guys quite a chance to win if you don't win anything on our main channel once again thank you for watching the text source I'll see you guys next week you
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