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Setup Makeover - Season 1 (Teaser)

I don't know that necessarily deserve a makeover I'm not sure there's plenty of people who deserve it more than I do or more needy than I do all right guys we're finally here at Phillips house I think he's up there somewhere walking the dog soon as it comes down he's gonna take us to his room show us his setup to see what we're kind of working with and then yeah completely redo it should be fun all right so this is it yeah got an older one desk basically and the old mighty MacBook sitting right there are you gonna miss this setup at all let's just start with that why do you want a setup makeover well I want to be able to give my laptop to my fiancee she doesn't have a lot and if I would say give her that she would be able to replace her computer also I like being able to game and whatnot and I want a better gaming computer I would be able to use my computer part of the setup that you guys give me to also let them do their schoolwork and let them not gonna stop moving the stuff inside and hang it started go holy smokes what you
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