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Setup Makeover Season 2 Announcement!

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the official announcement of season two of setup makeover if you guys want to participate make sure to click on the application link down below so if you're living under Iraq or if you're brand new to the channel welcome by the way I launched a series only er this year called set up makeover where we basically open the applications to anyone who can submit and then we picked the one person that's deserving the most I know whose term and that person will essentially get a brand new set up for me so I go over to the house and I completely redo their set up brand new desk monitor keyboard mouse PC I mean everything the whole nine yards so yeah the application is currently open now for season two season one did really good I would say based on the engagement despite what happened I think it's a successful season so now I'm ready for season two so this time we're opening it up for everyone in the US we're not quite ready to go global just yet guys if season two does really well we might consider going global for season three yeah that depends on your guys's engagement with the entire season another thing we changed was the age requirement we lowered it down to 13 instead of I think we had an eighteen or twenty-one for last season which eliminated a lot of people now I thought you guys were actually complaining in the comments section and I'm 16 I'm 15 I'm 17 I can't participate because of the age requirement well now you can the final requirement is you have to be a US citizen or you have to be a permanent residence within the US those are the brand-new requirements and there's a bunch of more new questions added to the application process and there's going to be a lot more interviews to make sure that the person who gets chosen definitely deserves a new setup guys the purpose of this season of the series is to give somebody who needs a new setup not who needs money to sell it and pay bills but someone who's gonna use that set up and to game or to do schoolwork programming music production whatever it is we need this set up to help someone with their lives so that's the purpose of setup makeover we do have coolermaster sponsoring the series once again so huge huge thanks to Coolermaster which honestly is like the backbone of this entire series without them this would not be possible and also I think LG is on board as well so huge thanks to LG for jumping on board also helping out there is a deadline to submit your application guys which will be linked below in the description section so make sure to check that out I don't want you guys to watch this application process please make sure you read the questions carefully and you answer them and you submit the photos and videos correctly don't it's not about who submits first that's about the right person and it's about the right application if that makes any sense one more thing I do want to say before I end is the person who does when the said I makeover has to allow us to be at your house and record the entire process between May and I think July those are the months were planning on the production so if you're gonna be on vacation or you're not gonna be at home during those times unfortunately I don't think it's gonna work out so yeah those are the main points I wanted to get across thank you guys again for the amazing amazing support for season one honestly I was just I was impressed and I'm happy that I did so well but anyways other season two on to bigger better things thank you guys so much for watching thank you so much for your support I love your faces and I can't wait to start season two
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