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Setup Makeover Series - Closed Submissions

ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce my new series on the channel it's called setup makeover it's like the pimp my ride equivalent of set up boards so the idea behind the series is to completely reduce someone's setup give them a brand new desk a brand new PC monitor keyboard the whole 50 yards in order to do this I'll have to come to your house whether you live in the US or across the country the truth is guys I love helping people improve their setups I do it every single Monday on setup Wars I get tons of tweets and comments every single day telling me that my videos have changed you guys whether it's to motivate you to improve your cable management or motivate you to clean up your setup or completely redo your setup you know I love you those comments and honestly I have so much fun doing it it's really awesome but it is time to take it to the next level guys and I've teamed up with Coolermaster to make this happen and depending on how well the season goes depending on if you guys really enjoy it they'll determine on how often I do this on the channel so the instructions to enter are very simple I'll drop a link to the landing page down below I'm also going to go over the questions to help clarify some things but basically guys are looking for our people who deserve a new setup people who need a set up makeover if you have ultra wide monitors if you have high-end gaming gear a super decked out PC please do not apply this is not for you guys this is for the people out there who are less fortunate than us so what you click on the link it will take you to the landing page for the setup of make over the first part it's pretty self-explanatory you put in your full name and address so that we can figure out where you live because location is also very important for the series tell us more about the people you live with do you have a family some roommates staying with a bunch of friends or what make sure you guys are specific tell us about your current living conditions do you own a home are you currently going to school and are staying at a dorm how big is your place do you live in an apartment how many bedrooms do you share your bedroom with a sibling stuff like that then you need to tell us how your PC and setup has developed to where it is today and there's a sample written in the box to help you guys out tell us what inspired you to apply for a makeover from Texas and coolermaster so the next box is where you will need to tell us why you deserve a makeover I think that this is the most important box of the mall because we need to hear the real reason why you need a set up makeover I'll be honest with you guys if you write something in like well I want a game in 4k resolution because 1080p just isn't good enough for me we're probably not going to accept that summation because really looking for people that are really deserving and people's lives that will most likely be changed or impacted with a brand new setup for example someone wants to get into music production or editing videos it just doesn't have a powerful PC stuff like that that's a there has to be a meaning behind the set up makeover not just because I want to play in higher frames that's that's just not good enough I'm sorry so once you're done filling out all the boxes you will need to upload a video of yourself giving me a house tour a 60 second tour of your house and the setup room with you talking in it so you must be able to see your face for at least one part of the video I know it sounds weird but this is going to help us reject all the fake submissions out there the second video you will need to upload is basically you sitting in front of the camera and answering the last three questions but in a video format so you got your written response in those boxes you guys can basically see that exact same thing in the video and the reason why we're doing this because we get to see you in person talking about your setup it just feels more real instead of reading a bunch of text you also need to send over five high quality pictures of your setup and your room so the first picture should be a shot of your entire room please get as much in the picture as possible you can even do a panorama as long as it comes out perfect the second picture can be a different angle of your room what they're set up in the background and the final three pictures should be of your setup in different angles include at least one horizontal image of your entire setup please also do not send in any vertical pictures we will reject the submissions make sure you guys are shooting all this in landscape mode the last box isn't that important but if you guys know the measurements of your room that would be really helpful and determining if you qualify or not obviously if your up in the size of my closet then it's not going to work also a quick reminder you can upload your video on YouTube or Google Drive and copy paste the link in those boxes obviously YouTube would be a lot easier so that's what I recommend but the choice is yours I know this is asking a lot from you guys but that's the only way I'll do something this big I'll be investing so much money into this I'll be buying the setups for my own money coolermaster will be sponsoring the PC section but everything else from the traveling to the set up gear monitors desk everything will be paid by me in my own pocket so that's why I got to make sure that the contestants for setup makeover are worthy enough and they're also will and not fake I feel like the application is a perfect way to eliminate the lazy people and the people I just don't care enough to participate in the setup makeover I want to help people out there who are in need that's one of the main reasons I started a show giveaways are nice helping people on their setups by giving them tips on the show is nice but I want to really help people build a brand new set up that's going to change their lives that is the reason that is the purpose of a set up makeover but anyway that's it for the video if you guys enjoy the series idea make sure to leave your feedback down below like I said guys it depends on how well the first season goes and then I can do more of those or I can just stop it all together but that will depend on you guys so the final dates for submissions is August 25th so make sure you guys send that in before that that gives you about 15 days give or take to submit I wish you guys the best of luck wherever enters huge things to Coolermaster for jumping on board and partnering with me to make this happen I love you guys again best of luck thank you so much for your support I will see you in the next one
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