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Setup Makeover Winner + Techsource Hiring + Updates

so we have finally picked the winner for the setup makeover and we're planning to shoot the first episode sometime this month the only issue right now is timing obviously I couldn't have picked the worst time to start this new series there's a lot of projects that been piled up and then I have actually a vacation planned for September 25th we're gonna be going on a cruise but I think it's gonna be canceled because of the Hurricanes that are coming in and I planned this by the way like two three months before this new series was even announced and I feel like it's just all coming together in a very very bad way and of course the GF is kind of upset because the cruise is gonna be canceled and she's been looking forward to that for a few months now so we might have to plan on going somewhere else during that time and this is all inside or doing the timing of setup makeovers that's the best apart part right now is juggling all these things together but anyways I wanted up to update you guys on that we did select the winner the person who Juan doesn't even know he got selected that's we're gonna keep it a secret for now if I'm being real with you guys it was really difficult picking a finalist out of almost a thousand submissions most of the people who submitted deserved an you setup I've seen very bad condition homes very poor setups it's just very very bad things I've seen through these submissions and sometimes I wish I was a millionaire or multi-millionaire that I can just go in people's homes and just give them a brand new set up but you know I feel really bad just picking one person we did eventually narrow it down to around nine or ten people and just for privacy reasons I'm not gonna show you their faces but here is the list of names the finalist is also among this list of names so if you're on there if you're watching this video there's like a 10% chance of you being selected and based on what I've seen in the submissions there are so many people out there that are in need so many people and those are just the people that submitted for setup makeover there's so many people out there that haven't even participated yet so like I said guys I will do everything in my power to change people's lives or at least impact it some way and I'm gonna do it by the first season of setup makeover and after that I'm gonna move on to the next person even if the season even if the series isn't successful I'm gonna continue it I've decided and one of the main reasons I'm doing this is because I've experienced it I've been there I've been poor most of my life up until my mid-20s I had a very tough childhood single mother raising three kids living paycheck-to-paycheck moving every single year sometimes even twice a year there were some places where we had to share an apartment with someone just to make rent happen we weren't spoiled at all growing up we didn't have nice things we don't have any consoles we had no pcs we had to go to the public library to do schoolwork and it was just very tough time so I'm trying to stay here we also had an abusive father who would steal our money and go and Gamble it off in Vegas but I'm not trying to be emotional or anything but the point I'm trying to make here is I've been there and I've experienced it so if you're watching this and you've been in my shoes I just want to say hang in there it will get better I promise you guys dad just work hard towards a better life and separate yourself from toxic people to some people it might happen sooner and others it may take a very long time just like I would happen from me so I just wanna tell you guys to hang in there I didn't get a stable income to help support my family until I was like in my mid-20s and then from that YouTube happened which I am so grateful to be a part of and have amazing subscribers like you guys to watch my content separate yourself from the toxic people and most importantly ignore all the haters just do you guys because there is no greater reward than proving all your haters wrong and being at the top while they remain below looking up at you just remember those words in case you guys need some encouragement and some motivation alright so a few updates on the channel I am still looking for a full-time editor and a full-time venture if you guys live close to Santa Clarita within 5 miles actually of Santa Clarita and you want to apply for the position it is a paid full-time position toss me a tweet I will send you my address we can meet up have some coffee or some drinks and we can do the actual interview normal occations because that did not work last time I had over a thousand applications that were sent over a lot of under qualified people it was a complete so I'm kind of refreshing this entire application process and I'm looking for two dedicated individual and local people the benchmark our position is $8,000 a month salary position basically your job is to sit in the corner and benchmark games all day it's the chillers job ever you need to have advanced knowledge of PCs you need to know how to benchmark first of all and you need to know how to overclock CPU GPU and ram if that meets your criteria and expertise toss me a tweet we'll talk for the full time editing position it's a two thousand a month salary position it is full time you have to be 18 years or older you must have experience and color grading Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro having experience in Photoshop or anything similar to that is a huge plus again guys have to be within 10 miles of Santa Clarita here's a zip code look it up if you guys want to it's about 30 minutes north of LA and you guys have to be 18 years or older so toss me a tweet let's get together do some interviews maybe you guys will be part of the tech source team and finally our last update is our second website tech source int comm finally got accepted to the Google top stories so our articles are basically being featured by next to the verge and the Guardian and a bunch of other very popular websites this basically means we get much more traffic to our website and more people are reading our articles in case you guys missed my announcement before and you want to check it out we do post relevant articles based on the hottest tech out there and the best part about these articles is that they're very short so it's not wasting a lot of your time but anyways I'll drop a link to the website below in case you guys want to check it out and our board and want to read some articles but but the pretty much wraps up this video I know it got pretty deep in some parts I think you guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video
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