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Setup Tour - Feb 2014

what's up guys out here from Texas and this is my setup for our channel the first table is my main workspace area where I do most of my work and the second table is where the filming takes place so here I have a triple asus monitor set up to 24 inch side monitors sandwich inc a 27-inch monitor right there in the middle this is the perfect balance when it comes to the sizes and I feel that it works really well with my setup on the table I have both my iPhone 5s and Galaxy Note 3 my ps4 audio interface and recording equipment and my custom PC to power all of that right below the table now what makes this setup so unique to me is the fact that I can easily transition between work and play or even juggle both at the same time with a click of a button on the monitor I can swap to my ps4 and in between games I can get work done at the same time on my other two monitors while I wait for a lobby to fill up or even while I wait for some game cutscenes to end so that's basically my setup tour I hope you guys enjoyed it in who knows maybe even get a few ideas from it this is at from tech source and I'll see you guys next time you you
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