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Setup Wars Ep 1 - Submit Your Desk Setup

what's up guys at that from Texas and welcome to the very first episode of setup wars will you submit your desk setup to get featured on my channel any chance to win 25 bucks I host these every Monday on my channel and I pick five submissions and you guys get to vote on who has the best desk set up the voting will end on the same week on Saturdays and I choose a winner based on the votes on Sunday on my social media accounts if you guys want to submit your desk setup make sure you watch the original video where I go over all the requirements and instructions needed to apply and also leave a link below in the description section guys when I check it out but yeah let's go ahead and uh start the show alright so the five contestants for this week are Andre chunky rabbit expert Basel and J so basically how this works is I'm just going to go through these setups that you guys submitted and I'm just gonna basically comment on them I'll give you guys some compliments maybe some criticisms things I like things I don't like things that I probably recommend it's just stuff like that but basically my vote doesn't count you guys get to choose on who wins so I'm gonna start off with Andres setup alright so checking out the front setup let's see what you've got so you have an Asus hook sucky 28 inch monitor this is actually the one bob was using for his ultimate Yeti build so that's pretty that's a really nice monitor I see you have a stand for that that's really neat cleans up the whole desk I think that's cute you got a little root there right next to the eye things an audio interface you got the MX master mouse huge props there and a plus one on the H 440 case Razer Edition that is a really nice case I use that for the big red and of course Bob use that phone is Yeti build so overall really solid choice for the PC case but yeah an overall really nice very clean setup that you got going you got the blue Yeti in the back speakers on the desk that's pretty cool I'm not sure about your keyboard choice but I mean hey I'm out rockin a mechanical keyboard either and I get a lot of hate for that so if that works for you a man go for it and it looks like you have a phone under can we tell what it is maybe a Nexus 6 wireless charging perhaps but yeah I mean overall solid setup you got there let's take a look underneath your table okay not much actually down here it's really for the most part it's a pretty clean wiring job you did that big board on the back is actually covering mostly wires so it's probably why it looks good but yeah an overall very solid setup from Andre thank you for submitting your setup man I appreciate it also of you guys have a youtube account or a website or a Twitter stuff like that make sure you send out to me too so I can give you a shout-out in the video I fail to mention that in the actual requirements video but yeah overall very solid set up and rain pretty impressed let's move on to the next step alright so let's check out chunky rabbit setup let's start off by the front view okay Wow looks like there's a bunch of stuff on on the desk so I noticed first thing is the alignment of the burners I'm very picky I like things to be symmetrical I like things to be very even I guess you can call it and they're also from two different companies so that kind of bothers me and I'm not sure how I feel about the drawings on the wall I'm sure there's a reason for that but that's something I was pretty I just popped out you also got a Vizio TV looks like mounted on the wall and then you have the Canon printer underneath and never microphone next to it so yeah there's a lot of stuff on your desk and they're all in reach and I guess that's kind of what you were going for but I prefer a more clean desk I like very few things on my desk but you know if this setup works for you by all means go for it I also notice you have lighting in the background that's pretty cool I'm not sure that's from Philip use or not but I actually picked up some for my setup as well so I know how badass that is and actually changes color as time goes by so that is definitely nice plus to your setup let's going to check out what you have underneath so yeah there's a bunch of cables down here and that's I mean that's expected you have a bunch of stuff on your desk so cable management is going to be very difficult and looks like a tow rack here for consoles Wow we got a ps4 Xbox 360 a Wii U bunch of games and that kind of explains also the amount of cables you have so how am I gonna give you too much crap about that but way other than the two different monitors and the posters on the wall it's a pretty decent setup you got but yeah thank you chunky rabbit for submitting your desk setup now let's move on to expert eye it's opening up expert just set up let's see what you have to show us Wow you have a triple a sous monitor setup and the first thing I noticed is that it is you have a black and red combo so already because of that I'm just going to give you a plus one I believe they can be colored in you have some really good taste so you went with the matte black asus monitors instead of the silver ones very solid choice there obviously to match your theme looks like you have the k t70 keyboard and a razer mouse produce all the choices for peripherals and you have a SteelSeries gaming pad I'm guessing your gamer from all the setup you have here along with the PSP and your 3ds on the desk but overall very solid very clean set up I'm definitely digging the theme you have here for sure one thing that I also notice is one of your mothers is kind of crooked and that kind of bothers me but I hope that was a mistake and hopefully fix it after this video but other than that looks like a very solid setup you have a GTA 5 poster and your fractal design case I think the back of design case in the back but yeah very clean very very cool setup but let's go ahead and check out your kegels alright so looking at the cable management and Wow looks like wow you did a fantastic job on the cable management there's virtually there are virtually no cables in view so and now that I'm looking at it from underneath you have a pretty cool desk design too so and it works really well with your setup but your add nothing bad to say honestly you did a fantastic job on your setup you got a pretty badass team it's very clean as on many things on your desk really solid choices on the keyboard and mouse and the monitors so therefore a huge plus the only thing I would say you just fix that monitor after after you've done watching this video if you're watching this video because it is kind of bothering me but other than that very solid setup and thank you for submitting it so let's go to move on to the next alright who do you got next we have Faisal or Faisal I hope I pronounced that correctly but let's go ahead and open up your front view see what you all right so looking at your setup looks like you have a dual monitor setup from Philips so a plus one that is they're from the same company and they're actually aligned so I'll give you a point for that as well it kind of looks like your desk is bent towards the middle I'm guessing that's from the weight of the monitors but there's really not much you can do there you have a gaming rig on your table and you have the m50x headphones very solid choice there and looks like you have the ultra wide mousepad from Corsair which I do too this is a phenomenal mousepad so there's many really nice solid choices for those looks like you also got that you wrap their Mouse from Corsair so very nice gaming here you got there it also looks like giving red and black themed PC build so I'm definitely digging the color combination a so plus one there I can't really tell what kind of parts you have in there but it looks like a pretty killer gaming rig but yeah let's go ahead and check out your wiring and another awesome job on wiring this is a very you get a really good job no complaints here there's virtually no wires visible looks like you added them on the top there and underneath your drawers so or in the back of the drawers so plus one on the wiring man good job thank you Faizal for submitting your setup and let's move on to the next person all right last but not least we have Jay Jay let's check out your setting let's start from the front alright so the first thing I noticed is that there are a lot of displays on your desk I'm not sure if you actually use all these looks like you have your gaming setup on the right side then you have a laptop and then you have a humongous monitor or TV on the left side connected to your laptop and also click you have a huge-ass projector in your room I think that's a projector and my question would be is why why do you need a projector in the room if you have so many displays but it looks like overall very clean setup I gotta say you have the lighting in the back that changes colors I'm not sure about the little stuff you have on the desk there right next to your phone I might rip those are earphones and that's your wallet or not but I'm pretty sure he is you can keep that somewhere else maybe no drawer or something to keep it less clutter we are overall very solid setup on the top let's go ahead and take a closer look on the bottom a great job on the cable management and you got some drawers to keep some stuff in there but yeah J overall a very solid setup definitely digging your theme over here the only minor thing I would say is maybe just put the earphones and whatever those small things are like maybe to the side to give a desk a more cleaner look but also let me know in the comments section who the projector is for because I got a feeling you use that for your console gaming and if that's so that is pretty badass but yeah overall very very solid setup and thank you for submitting it so that's it for this week's setup boys thank you guys so much for watching if you didn't get featured this week then you're probably gonna get featured next week or later this month however if you don't get featured this month then you guys can reapply for the following month so voting begins now make sure you guys drop a comment and vote on who has the best setup for this week the voting will continue on until Saturday this week and I'll choose the winner on Sunday on my social media accounts so if you guys want to know who wins make sure to follow me there the winner will have 24 hours to claim the prize otherwise I have to choose the second-place winner and so on and so forth until someone is declared the winner so make sure you guys respond as soon as possible if you guys are new to the series and you want to submit your that set up then I will leave a link below to the original video where you can find the instructions and requirements needed to submit your desk setup if you guys want to see setup wars continue to happen definitely let me know by leaving a like on the video and thanks again for watching I will see you guys in the next video I am losing my voice Wow
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