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Setup Wars Ep 2 - Submit Your Desk Setup

what's up guys that die from Texas and welcome to episode two of setup wars where you submit your desk setup to get featured on my channel and a chance to win 25 bucks I hope sees every Monday and I randomly select five of your submissions and I basically feature them on my channel you guys get to vote on the best desk setup and I count the number of votes and declare a winner on Sunday on my social media accounts if you are new to the series and want to submit your desk setup then you need to watch the video linked below with instructions and requirements but with that said shoot all righty so the five lucky contestants for this week are Bratton Lee janya Manuel Pascal and culture 97 congratulations for making it to this week of set-up wars thank you for submitting your desk setup so basically how this works is I'm gonna be going through the desk setups and I'll be giving my opinions on it some recommendations things I like things I don't like but my vote doesn't count you guys get to vote on the best desk setup so that said let's go ahead and start off by looking at Brandy's setup so looks like you have two 19 inch monitors and an enormous TV which looks like it's hooked up to your xbox 360 down below there's also huge speaker right next to your monitor at least I think it's a speaker but I wish that was more light in the video so I can see everything clearly but from what I can tell it looks like you have everything spaced out really well you have the PC gaming stuff on the left side of the desk and the console gaming to the right also great job with the LED strips that definitely matches the wallpaper and the overall theme of your setup I can't quite see the stuff you have under the TV it looks like a bunch of headphones and accessories but let's take a closer look under your desk okay so not bad it looks like you mounted the power strips on the roof of the table which is a great idea and definitely cleans up the floor so great job there so a few things I would recommend and again this is just my opinion so don't get offended but the speaker on the table really throws everything off I would put that on the floor in fact if you can move that nightstand to the right and put the speaker right there next to the TV it would look a lot better because the huge-ass speaker is the first thing I see when I look at your setup and it just stands out also you don't need that many Apple stickers on your PC case you don't want to cover up the beauty of the gaming PC but that's just me being picky so yeah thanks about Lee for submitting your desk setup let's go ahead and move on to Johnny O's setup alright so let there be light I can see everything thank you for a very clear video Jenna so first thing I noticed is the H 440 Razer Edition PC Tower which seems to be a very popular choice and as a parent that you are part of teamraiser with your Naga Mouse and back with a keyboard I'm not sure why you have two different pcs on your desk I'm guessing one is for gaming and guilders for productivity reasons but the fact that monitors are different sizes really bothers me not to mention the extra keyboard and mouse on your desk so the things I like the greenlab that you use as a headphone hanger the green ps4 controller stand and the extended razer mousepad you'll match your theme really well so I give you a point there I also notice the six dolls you have under your monitor you actually have the same amount on each side so thank you for being somewhat symmetrical by the way I will leave links to all the products I mentioned in the video down below in the description for those of you guys that are interested alright so let's take a look at the cable management all right sweet there are no cables inside so really great job there and wow is that a dxracer chair you got there I wish you would have gone that in frame but I do give you a point for the matching theme well done that's actually really fantastic chair it looks like you also included a picture of your PC okay Wow it looks like someone watched my big red video more than a few times huge props on your painting skills well done I mean you painted s as these sides the RAM sticks and the GPU just like I did for big red it's awesome to see that I inspired someone else to do the same for that PC at least I hope I inspired you but honestly those two Noctua fans on top really stand out since they aren't painted but overall really clean and beautiful PC man well done you know what will make your setup look even better though a glossy or matte black table yet I'll definitely complete your setup instead of the wooden brown table you got going on but overall great that setup janya thank you so much for submitting all right so let's move on to Manuel so looks like we have a wide wooden desk with a single monitor set up and look more razor products you have a black widow keyboard and abyss mouse and the Kraken pro headphones I'm not sure why you didn't go with the green version to better match your LEDs and accessories but overall really great gaming gear I can't quite see the brand on the monitor but it looks like the BenQ 27-inch gaming monitor that has in 1 millisecond response time and a 70 Hertz refresh rate so really great choice for a gaming monitor if that is in fact the model that you have but a few things I would like to mention the monitor isn't at the center of the desk my OCD is kicking in once again you can either bring the right speaker closer to the monitor so that the distance between the speakers are the same or move the monitor slightly closer to the right side I'm also not sure why you have your mouse pad aim vertically I mean you have a pretty wide monitor so it should be facing horizontally also the LED strips you have in the back are visible I mean the point of that is to give you set up a glow factor kind of like how mine is so I would definitely use some 3m tape and stick those to the back of your desk so that the actual strip is not visible but other than those minor setups I'm really digging your setup so Thank You Manuel for entering setup wars next up we have pistol and it looks like you have a black and red theme going on with another h4 40 case my God if I see that one of these cases I'm definitely deleting my channel now I'm just kidding I love this case great choice on the color combination as well kind of reminds me of a familiar setup I see that you have you ever so popular asus VX 24 inch monitor as well which also seems to be common in these set of videos but hey it's an awesome monitor for gaming so it's not a surprise it also looks like you have a second monitor hooked up as well if you get rid of that monitor I promise your setup will look a thousand times better I also like that you have a coke bottle with your name on there that's actually a pretty good idea I think I might get one from my desk set up but yeah I mean I'm really loving the keyboard and mouse as well the designs look really sick and it matches your theme and if I can find out what mouse and keyboard that is I will leave links to that in the description section for those of you guys that are interested I also noticed that you added LEDs inside your case and I think that definitely adds a level of spice to your wig so props on that so let's take a look under your desk so okay very clean for the most part it looks like most of the cables are up top behind the desk so overall very clean underneath I don't know why you need two trash cans but I guess it doesn't hurt to have a spare but yeah Pascal get what if that nasty monitor on the left and you will earn my vote but overall really awesome setup thank you for submitting to setup wars alrighty then last but certainly not the least we have torture 97 let's see what you got going on okay we have another dual monitors set up so not only are the monitors different sizes but they are also different resolutions I mean it might only one with this problem honestly am I really that weird for preferring the same size monitors I mean I'm sure there's somebody out there that has the same feeling as I do expert I know you do man I could be mistaken but I think the monitor on the right is the Asus 4k monitor it also looks like you have a microphone hooked up to an audio interface and you are rocking a Logitech G 19 keyboard with a SteelSeries sensei Gaming Mouse so solid choices for gaming gear I love the fact that you mounted the speaker's on the wall which gave you more space on the dead and plus one on the GTA mug one thing I would suggest is to remove the LEDs from the top shelf because it's visible it will look a lot better if there is a glow in the back of the monitor instead of the lights if you want to keep it that high at least get some 3m tape and connect it to the back of your monitor trust me that will look a lot better let's check under the desk and it looks like there's a panel covering the cables I mean hey as long as they're not visible this works just fine I would I'd like to see what was in your PC but by the looks of it guy liquid cooling bill going on and that obsidian case of yours but really nice and clean setup so good job picture and thank you for entering setup wars alright so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comment on who you think has the best desk set up the voting will end this Saturday and I will choose a winner on Sunday on my social media accounts and also I leave all the products mentioned in this video down below in the description section if you guys enjoy watching the setup worst series and want me to continue doing them every Monday then let me know by leaving a like on the video but anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech stores I'll see you guys in the next video you
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