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Setup Wars Ep 3 - Submit Your Desk Setup

what's up guys inside from Texas and welcome to the third episode of setup Wars where you submit your desk setup to get featured on my channel and a chance to win 25 bucks I hope some of you Monday and basically randomly select five of these submissions that you guys sent me and feature them on my channel you guys get to vote on the best desk setup I count the number of votes and announce a winner on Sunday and my social media accounts and if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your desk setup you need to watch the requirements video link below for more details but with all that said let the setup Wars begin all right so d5 chosen contestants for this week are danielle de Wong ethan nic and head up congratulations for making it to this week of set-up wars all right so Daniel let's see what you got okay so a dual monitor setup one from Samsung and one from Acer which are also different sizes it looks like you are in two cars two so that's pretty cool and by the way I will leave links to all the products I mentioned in this video down below for those of you that are interested so you have a ps4 controller on your desk with no ps4 inside and I'm guessing it's in the drawer below so I would recommend you to put the controller in the drawer as well and take it only out when you decide to play that way there's less stuff on your desk I'm also not sure about the little Eiffel Tower model that's right in the center of the table I mean it does not bother you when you're trying to use the mouse but not a bad setup actually good choice on the razer headphones and the Death Adder gaming mouse although I think you need a bigger mouse pad than that for gaming I have no idea how you game on that thing but let's go ahead and check under your desk all right very clean there are barely any cables inside and I'm really liking that glass countertop you got going on but yeah good setup Daniel thank you for entering setup wars let's go ahead and check out D Wang so d Wang has a YouTube channel called the day go Tech and it looks like every single monitor setup from Dell and a custom PC with a cooler master case I actually think the last person had a cooler master case as well what a coincidence but anyways it looks like you have a moto 360 with a steel band I'm definitely digging a look on that and you have your blue snowball microphone which is the best budget microphone recording so good choice there it also looks like we have another team Sony I think there's more ps4 is in this set of boards and Xboxes I'm personally a team Sony fan so I'm not really complaining so let's take a look under your desk and looks like we have a cheater hiding all the cables behind the desk huh but eh that's more convenient and requires less work so no complaints there there is something different about the desk and actually now that I'm looking at it looks like the desk is wooden itself but you have a white tabletop and I just notice that you put a whiteboard or something over it to make it look like a white table top so really clever with that and I'm sure it's killing you that it's not covering the whole table but maybe you're cool with that I don't know but that personally is bothering me so just a few things I want to say since you have a wireless keyboard maybe a wireless mouse would suit you better and I strongly recommend you to pick up a mousepad but other than that and the random toy car on top of your PC case you have a very clean set up so thank you deewan for entering set up words I hope it's Dee Wang or day one I don't know you can correct me in the comments section all right next up we got Ethan and my god we finally finally have a set up with two matching monitors I applaud to you my friend oh it looks like my video is pulled up on the screen - that's that's what you not subscribed to me now I'm just kidding I forgive you no but seriously subscribe to my channel but overall very clean setup wireless mouse and keyboard got your MacBook there on the side with a very bad sticker choice and the wireless beats headphones hanging from the wall got a very very clean setup I also like the see-through speakers from H&K you got a good choice there but let's check out the bottom of the desk so super clean once again really good job on your setup man digging the little dolly you have under your PC case I'm sure that makes it very easy for you to move your tower if you need to get behind it so thumbs up on that one but yeah really liking your setup I'm actually really jealous that you get to sit in front of a window I can only imagine the feeling when it's raining outside while you're gaming inside but thank you Ethan for submitting your desk setup next up we got Nick and holy dude I don't know where to start on this okay you know what the speaker's if you haven't gone deaf from those things by now you will surely get blind by that massive ass TV in front of your face my question to you how do you do it straight up like how do you do it I mean it's obvious that you say very close to that display so how on earth do you game on that thing Jesus okay so besides the Godzilla display we have three PC cases which I'm guessing are needed to power on the massive display i but seriously jokes aside that is a crazy setup I'm not gonna lie huge plus on a case choice and it looks like you got LEDs in there which is a cool addition and you also got a ps3 so another one for the Sony team so your desk is very tiny for the amount of stuff you got on there so adding the tablet on a crowded desk to begin with doesn't seem like a good idea so I'm guessing you probably just put that there for the video but I mean if this setup works for you then by all means more power to you man I just personally can't handle a screen that big especially that close and it looks like there aren't many cables under the desk as well so your job on there I have two questions for you if you're watching this video and two questions only one what are those two PC cases use for exactly and - what are those speakers used for because I don't think you use them for gaming so I'm looking forward for your comment all right last but not least we got haddock setup ok so interesting place for your Razer headphones then there are so many Razer headphones instead of videos but anyways it looks like we are in your room and oh there I am again but did you subscribe to me is the question you're lucky I can't tell but it seems like you really cool dude so um I guess you did so it looks like you have a really awesome room I wish my bedroom looked like this back then all I had was a cheap Dell PC on a crappy table so I'm really diggin the atmosphere you got going on here for sure I wish there was more light in the room so I can see things clearly maybe you could have moved the red curtain to the side to allow some light in but hey what can I do so it appears we have another h4 40 case down here for the PC I got some blue LEDs inside it looks really good and you have a monitor mounted on the wall an asus monitor on the desk with a Samsung tablet underneath and then you got a white screen TV on your nightstand any laptop next to your bed it seems like you will never get bored in this room of yours that's for sure oh and look we got our first Xbox player you not only have the 360 but the Xbox one as well definitely minus one for that I'm just kidding I already care about but consoles that much it's all about PC gaming for me but anyways moving on I like the fact that you have a pair of audio Technica's as well finally we are talking and it looks like you have the cables tucked away behind the curtain out of sight so good job there but yeah my nothing really much to critique here I feel like a bigger desk will definitely help you space things out more and overall you've a really awesome gaming room so thank you for submitting your desk setup to setup wars alright so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comments down below on who has the best desks set up the voting will end this Saturday and I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram account so make sure you guys are following me there if you guys want to know who wins if you guys enjoy setup Wars and want me to continue doing them every Monday then let me know by leaving a like on the video if you guys don't get submitted for the month of June you guys can reapply for the next month but anyways thanks again for watching this is Zed I will see you guys in the next video
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