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Setup Wars - Episode 10 ft. Frosted Gaming

what's up guys it's ed back again from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 10 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on my channel and a chance to win a prize I host them every Monday and you guys get to vote on the best desk setup if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your desk set up then you need to watch the instructions video link down below with all that said let the set up Wars finally begin this episode of Star Wars is brought to you by g2a never pay full price for a game ever again g2a offers the best deals on CD keys for practically any platform click on the link below to see for yourself so in case you guys missed it last week I announced an entirely new series called the PC Wars and it's basically like setup Wars but we're focusing only on custom pcs everything is basically the same the only difference is I'm going to host it only once a month at the beginning of every month for now and the reward is a hundred bucks instead of 25 but guys somehow missed it you guys can click on the video over here check that out or the link in the description section spoiler alert it has a pretty badass intro alright so moving on with the show on this episode we have a special guest Sean from frost gaming I'm gonna be featuring his setup IP end of this episode also all the products I mentioned this video will be linked down below as well as any products I recommend it would also have its special section down below a little that said let's go ahead an ounce the contestants the four chosen for this week are Johnny Jonathan Jr productions and mark congratulations for making it this week of setup wars anywho let's jump straight into Johnny's setup so we have two 24 inch asus monitors attached to a desk mount and a 32 inch vizio TV mounted on the wall on the desk we have an NVIDIA shield TV a Logitech G 710 keyboard g700 Mouse and Logitech speakers with bass point for the awesome dxracer chair and - the point for using a clip as your headphone hanger for the logitech 930 headphones cable management could be better and I strongly recommend you and everyone else to check out my next video where I show some really cool cable management techniques I posted this picture on my Instagram showing the before and after and like I said I will explain what I did in my cool tech of August which is coming this Wednesday it will definitely help you guys out on cable management I also recommend getting rid of that ghetto clip that you are using to hold your headphones and put an actual good-looking one I actually went ahead and left a few options down below for you and they're all under the $10 mark now let me rant about your monitors for because I'm sure everyone is thinking the same thing why is there a huge gap between them it could be due to personal preference or it can be due to the fact that the amount you have doesn't allow you to bring them together otherwise they will stick out more towards you if it's a personal preference that's fine but if it's not then there is the amount I listed down below that will work for your set up and it will allow you to put both of the monitors side by side I'm not going to question the fact that your mouse pad is vertical because I'm sure that works out for you but I don't in those recommendations you have a kugel set up and I like the fact that you have your TV mounted on the wall next to you so you can watch stuff while you're on your PC Thank You Jonny for entering setup Wars next up is Johnathan and it looks like a triple monitor setup we have three Asus 24-inch monitors hooked up to a desk mount we also got some Razer gear the Black Widow 2013 edition keyboard an Ouroboros mouse with an extended mouse mat and that makes me very happy to see good job Johnny there's also a Logitech Z 506 speaker system and your custom-made hanger that's holding up your razor Megalodon gaming headset and I hope I didn't butcher that I absolutely love how clean this setup is it's symmetrical organized and well put together cable management is also spot-on and I'm digging that USB hub you have attached on the roof of your desk you also have some shelves on top holding some of the PC parts and other products and you can have a mini-fridge right next to you pretty sick PC as well we have an Intel i7 4790k paired with a geforce 660ti inside the awesome Aero cool predator case a brilliant setup Jonathan I have nothing bad to say about it thank you for entering setup wars next up is Jeff productions and it looks like a Productivity type setup let's go team Apple whoa whoa whoa relax I'm just kidding jeez so we have a 2014 iMac with a 2013 MacBook Pro and the famous Logitech performance X Mouse and VK 750 wireless solar keyboard I'm not sure if you have a YouTube channel or not but it looks like you film and edit videos since you have the boom mic extension hooked up to the Focusrite audio interface also the gh4 box on the far right of your desk is a big giveaway but you didn't give your channel name or any social media to mention so I don't know who you our excellent work with cable management and I see that you have a dedicated place for your headphones off of the table one thing I would recommend simply because I don't see it anywhere on your desk is a micro SD card reader that you can attach on the top of your focus right ái with some 3m tape kind of like what I did with mine and it should really help you transfer files from ugh for more conveniently especially since it's right in front of you but that's all I got you have a really great setup Thank You junior for entering setup Wars last but not least we have mark with his super sexy black and white theme set up to asus rog 27-inch monitors hooked up to a desk mount and damn those bezels are super thin definitely really nice looking monitors on the desk we have the corsair k70 RGB keyboard a white m65 RGB mouse along with the extended corsair gaming mouse pad excellent choice on the gaming gear and you even went with the glacier white ps4 I'll give you a point for the color coordination but I'll have to take the point back because of that random GPU that's sitting in the middle of the desk which is very distracting why would you do that you do have a pretty sweet PC though an i7 3770k and a single gtx 980ti inside that massive 780 t case from coarser cables are not visible so you're in a free pasture and also notice that the Astro a40 is hanging from the monitors since you have a pretty small desk I would obviously remove that GPU off the desk and that astro amplifier what you can do with that is attach it to the right side of your desk using 3m tape not only will it free up space on your desk but you can still access it easily but yeah overall a very awesome black and white theme setup thank you Mark for entering setup wars so before we move on to the main event now it's time to vote so go ahead and drop a comment down below and both on who has the best desk setup as always voting closes on Saturday and I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there for all of the updates announcements and even sneak peeks alright so with that said let's go ahead and check out frost gaming setup so he has a YouTube channel called frost gaming I'll go to leave a link to that down below but it's got a triple 144 Hertz Acer 24 inch monitor set up with a Samsung 40 inch 4k smart TV as an overhead on the desk he's walking the worldcat gaming keyboard a logitech g502 gaming mouse on top of the ikea make a desk we also got the JBL pebbles 2.0 speaker system right behind the monitors and his blue yeti Mike Duggan marm why do we have the exact same boom arm on my desk setup and it's awesome on the right we have the Corsair Vengeance H 2100 headset on the mov headphone hanger and then you xbox one to the right you know what will look awesome on your xbox one though some white carbon fiber skins from v brands and I've gotta leave a link to that for anyone that's interested down below I'm really diggin LED setup you got going on though I mean you got them everywhere from behind your desk or even under your bed that's pretty badass I can just tell that you're a very organized person just by looking at your setup and you got a pretty badass living room as well cable manager in a spot on I can see that you tied them together so a great job there and you have one sick PC as well we got an AMD FX 8350 CPU overclock to 4.8 gigahertz and asus r9 290x top Edition graphics card and 16 gigabyte of g.skill ripjaws packed inside the h6 30w case from NZXT killer set up in a killer PC thank you busted gaming for entering setup wars also drop a link to his channel down below you guys could definitely go check them out he has a really cool gaming channel anyways that's it for this week's episode of setup wars if you guys enjoyed it and want me to continue doing setup wars every Monday you guys know what to do hit that like button to show your support also PC Wars will be aired on September 1st so get your submissions and by that time if you guys want to participate thank you so much for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video you
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