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Setup Wars - Episode 101

well so guys it's a context source and welcome to set up Ward's episode 101 we used to mention desk set up to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below also I haven't forgotten about the giveaway there's going to be a $1500 set up giveaway at the end of this video make sure you guys stick around if you're interested let the set-up boards begin starting off the episode we got Anthony and his very nice white and red setup featuring two 27 inch LCD monitors that are sitting on the IKEA Alex add-on unit which appears to be modded as well it looks like Anthony Rapp the drawers and black carbon fiber skins very nice even a row cap is Kuki board and logitech g502 Mouse is wrapped in matte red skins that's actually a much better approach instead of painting them since it's not permanent you can always peel them off whenever you change your mind so that's pretty cool props I'm drilling a hole for the keyboard and mouse and also the addition of the USB hub under your add-on unit is a nice touch for audio we've got the Insignia sound bar below his monitors and also a pair of some sort of headset I'm utterly sure what it is since you didn't write it in the notes I'm gonna go ahead and guess that it's from Turtle Beach but I may be wrong cave management is done really well most of the cables are resting on the IKEA Signum and the rest are neatly routed into a power outlet using some cable clips and wall mounts so apparently wrapping things and skins do not stop for Anthony it looks like he even wrapped up some parts of his PC case in carbon fiber skins and even the inside I guess this is more of a black red and white set up instead of just being a white and red but anyways inside here we got the 60 70 K and the msi gtx 980ti I like the custom wraps in your set up the dope LED lit millennium falcon in the background and just the overall climbing list of this set up Thank You Anthony for entering next up we have bill and his setup actually has a really nice modern and artistic theme to it from the popular white and black color scheme to the giant clock on the wall and the choice of furniture I feel like he had a vision before he started creating this setup and it somehow came together he's using a Dell monitor that's also being held up by another IKEA add-on unit and below that we got the cherry MX keyboard with cherry red switches and a me onyx Nao's 8200 laser mouse the way he routed those cables are actually very smart instead of drilling a hole in the desk he ran them through a small white tube that kind of blends in with a desk this setup definitely has some audio game he's using the wave master cube Bluetooth speakers and between them is a pair of Philips Fidelio l2 head above the headphone he's got a rode podcaster microphone hooked up to the road PSM one boom arm which is actually in a secluded area in fact the entire boom arm is mounted on his nightstand so it's not even on the actual setup that's pretty clever symmetry is definitely on point we got a fake IKEA plant on the right side to justify the headphone location and the cable management is also flawless although I'm not so sure what's going on with the cables inside his PC we also have a strange color scheme inside here 16 gigs of red Ram sticks black and white PCIe cables and an all-black 24 pin set of cables what is going on here it's equipped with a 60 70 K and a gigabyte gtx 960 aside from the pc this is a gorgeous setup thank you Bill for entering Elizondo definitely has watched matrix-12 many times enough to create a construct room just for himself this is the construct in fact we built this entire setup from scratch he first gathered all the parts that he needed and patiently put them in one room until he had everything together then he slowly began to create the desk and then he built the pc and then painted a bunch of things in the process looks like he built the background as well which is holding up both of his 23 inch Dell monitors mad props on those carpenter skills man he did go with a minimalistic look as well the only thing he has on his desk is the wireless Microsoft keyboard and mouse and a pair of turbine t2 wireless headphones on the left side even its chair fits perfectly in this setup although I don't know what model this is but it definitely looks dope and pretty comfortable the pc also has the same white color scheme it's equipped with a 6700 K and a gigabyte gtx 750ti which is painted and white as well however I do feel like white sleeve cables would have looked a lot better than the standard black ones in your PC the rest of the setups cables are pretty much non-existent and I love that even his power cable is in white I mean this guy did an amazing job with the entire setup the only thing I'm not a fan of is the keyboard and mouse selection I feel like you have a lot of awesome options out there and he just kind of settled with those which aren't even white kind of doesn't even match the setup in the first place I did look up a few options for you under fifty bucks and there's even this one from Java which is a wireless RGB mechanical keyboard and it's actually wireless as well so definitely check it out if you want nothing will go great with your setup I'll jump a link to all of these down below for anyone that's interested had you perfected a few things I would have awarded you the seal of approval because this is an amazing setup Thank You Liz for entering at number four we got James and his single ultra white setup that he built inside of a wall shelf of some sort he's rocking the corsair k70 RGB keyboard and Razer Taipan Mouse on top of the cursor expanded mousepad I'm already deducting points because of that keyboard wired up just plainly goes over the Sony sound bar that definitely grinds my gears he also has the blue Yeti my coffee the right side and a pair of m50x is near the corner for the most part everything is organized very well and all the cables on a desk are hidden behind the cabinets so no complaints here let's take a look at this PC this looks pretty badass it's rocking a 6700 K and 2 Galax GTX 1080s in sli with that massive sli bridge not much else to say a very dope setup indeed thank you James for entering Las Fallas we are Vincent and this interesting black and red setup so he's got a 24 inch Ben Q as the main monitor and a philips TV right above that which is hooked up to his ps4 the desk is custom made and it looks like it's hooked up against the wall but then it stopped his cable management skills all the wires go through a Raceway behind the keyboard and there is another Raceway in the corner for the rest of the gear like the monkey banana speakers and the aven't own microphone vincent also hooked up a USB hub and an SD card reader under his desk for easy access and then he's got his void wireless headset in the corner over there there's definitely a lot of stuff on his desk but at the same time it doesn't really look cluttered everything is within reach and I think that's what Vincent was going for for example there's a table beside him full of camera gear so basically whenever he needs to shoot a video we can just grab them set it up and he's good to go same with the ps4 headset and even a microphone in a way he chose convenience over aesthetics the pcs partner setup is nicely built and it's walk in the 60 70 K and the Asus Strix 10 60 I think fifth or fourth 6,700 que processor in this episode alone a very dull black and red setup with purpose and even some personality Thank You Vincent for entering so that is if its episode would of setup wars thank you guys so much for watching make sure you guys vote down below on who you think has the best desk setup and allows the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts on the weekend now then it's time for the giveaway so this one's a little different than the one I did on episode 100 because this one is done on the App nice because they are sponsoring this giveaway so first you guys need to do is download it I'll leave a link down below and once you download it open it up and I'm going to show you guys how to do it all right guys there's two ways of doing this basically what you have to do is add products to your wish list and whatever is on your wish list will be your setup it cannot pass 1500 US dollars so make sure you guys keep that in mind so when you get to click on channels and you can actually click on my channel scroll down and any whatever product you guys see in my videos you can add whatever you want so basically let's for example and scroll down to setup wars episode 99 click on the video so over here as you can see there is a five setups to your featured in the episode each setup will have a list of gear featured in their actual setup so if you scroll down and you see something you like for example the mouse all you have to do is click on the Save button and it will add it to your wish list for example here is a set of speakers if you like these if you want these to be part of your setups click on save so on so forth you guys can scroll and save on whatever you want this actually takes a lot longer than the previous version I did on episode 100 but because they're sponsoring it we actually use their app here's another way this was actually a lot easier if you guys click on this arrow play button on the bottom left it will take you to the main page and once you click on the product section you guys can actually scroll through every single product on the nice app so if you see something you like like to do is click on it and hit the Save button once again if you guys want to check out your wish list all you have to do is click on your profile and under likes it will have everything that you liked or basically everything you add it to your wish list so make sure there's an pass $1,500 again I'll announce the winners at the end of April on my recap video on YouTube so make sure you guys are subscribed for that but anyways yeah it's very simple to do think you have so much for watching good luck to ever enters and oh by the way this is international so wherever you live on this world on this planet if you have a chance to win thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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