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Setup Wars - Episode 102

so I already recorded this episode once before and then realized when I was done that the microphone wasn't even hooked up so I was recording on the laptop microphone so now that my voice is gone let's try this again ladies and gentlemen welcome to setup wars episode 102 when you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below but with that said let the setup for is begin Klaus is first up with a very clean and minimalistic ultra light setup he's rocking 34 you see 97 from LG and that's sitting on top of the IKEA linen table which looks like it's actually hooked up against the wall it definitely looks a lot cleaner this way instead of using the legs that it comes with for audio he's rocking a pair of audio engine a 2 plus speakers and he did go with the Logitech G 410 keyboard and G 900 Mouse but he did such a great job at the cable management that you can barely see the wires coming out of the monitor or keyboard in fact you can't even see his PC it looks like it's hidden under a bed or something but the wires aren't visible I honestly have no clue how he did that my only guess would be that he ran the wires through the wall and into his PC on the other side powering the setup is a 6700 K and an msi gtx 1070 a very clean setup with amazing cable work speaking of clean cable management check out Darius's setup you've got a 29 inch Samsung Smart TV up top and a 34 inch ultra light from LG near the bottom once again the cables are not visible I don't know how people run them through the wall so easily it's such a permanent solution I mean if it's your place and you're going to stay there then obviously that makes sense but what if you decide to move out one day how on earth are you going to cover up that hole the desk is from Restoration Hardware modern and on it we got the Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and the wireless Razer Mamba Mouse I'm not so sure what that rectangular thing is above the mouse maybe it's there to cover up the hole for the mouse pad the only audio source is the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset that's chilling on the a venturi solid steel stand in the corner of the setup he does have an Xbox one as well and a PC that's powering the set up is actually a MacBook Pro 13 inch model no complaints at the cable management but what I would recommend is a laptop stand for your MacBook instead of just laying it on your desk like that calabria is a really nice looking vertical stand for your macbook that will not only add some style but it will blend nicely with the wooden theme you got going on even consider getting some skins for it because the silver really does stick out there's a lot of options for you out there especially with a wooden theme but a traveling to the MacBook stand down below if anyone is interested and number three we got mark and a very nice overwatch team to set up or just a orange and black setup whatever you guys want to call it he's rocking one of the best ultra light gaming monitors out there the Asus PG three four eight Q and four the keyboard and mouse he's using the Corsair k70 and the Razer Mamba oh so that's what that square thing was in the last setup it's actually the charging dock for the mouse obviously I knew that I was just kidding earlier he's got a really dope audio set up he's using these same speakers as me but in white these are the Edifier lunar eclipses e 25 but he does have a Razer Tiamat headset as well for gaming there are a few other things on the desk like a reaper figurine a bottle of alcohol or cologne I don't even know what that is but this clamp is from Ikea and it actually has a bluetooth LED bulb which you can control with his phone that's pretty cool also from Ikea he's got a nice collection of fake plants on the top shelf for the added spiciness excellent work with cable management he's using two Signum racks to hold up all the cables and even the wires behind this PC are nicely wrapped together no complaints here and speaking of the PC it's actually inspired by overwatch hence the color scheme and that's walking a 6600 K and an EVGA GTX 1080 for the win and a custom loop which is built inside the Thermaltake core p5 case that keyboard wire is definitely sticking out like a sore thumb but regardless we don't get to see many badass black and orange setups Michael is next up with a more simple setup so he's rocking a single Easter 27-inch gaming monitor Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and a Mamba mouse seriously that's like three momma Mouse's in a row already okay let's talk about the elephant in the room before we continue because I'm sure you guys are thinking it too what is up with those cables bro we got two lamps on the top shelves and cables running down them I personally want to put lamps up there in the first place for this exact reason but if you must keep it there at least use these wall channels and hide the cables going down for a much cleaner look cable management under the desk however is a lot better there's a power strip and a Raceway under the desk holding up all the cables and then we got a cable sleeve and tubes curving up the wires on the ground that lead up to a cable box on the left side if you spend all this effort and money on the rest of the cable management how come you haven't done anything to the cables running down the wall after all those are the most obvious his audio setup consists of a blue Yeti microphone and B Sennheiser GS X 1000 headphones which are hanging under his desk and finally we got the PC that's powering this setup it's got the 6600 K and a gtx 980ti also props I'm sticking with the same color scheme I think you have an awesome gaming setup but it's missing a few tweaks last but not least we got Nick and another ultra white setup he's got the 34 UC 87 C and he set that up to a desk mount he decided to go with the wireless router so he's got the K 750 keyboard and m5 ten mouths both from Logitech and other than a few props on the desk and the audio interface there's really nothing else on there for audio he is using the Skullcandy aviators which are hanging under his PC on a set of hands and a pair of M audio bx8 studio monitors under his desk that's a very unusual place to put studio monitors if I'm being Frank now if they were regular speakers that would have been fine but the point of studio monitors is to monitor sound for editing or mixing music so shouldn't you have them closer to your ears on the top of your desk but while we're down here cable management seems to be under control thanks to that Signum rack and a few cable clips the PC that's powering this setup has a forty seven ninety and a gtx 1070 founder's edition aside from the speaker placement this is a dope gaming setup so that is it for this episode I've set up or as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup also if you guys want to enter the $25 Amazon gift card you guys can vote using the nice app link below for random people are selected randomly and they are awarded a $25 Amazon gift card if they vote using the nice app thank you so much for watching I'll see you the next one
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