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Setup Wars - Episode 103 | Ultrawide Competition

what's up guys is s injectors and welcome to the first episode of the ultra wide edition sponsored by LG we are doing episodes 103 to 106 where the winner of each episode will take home a brand new ultrawide monitor we're actually doing two gaming versions and to productivity versions as well the links to the videos i've done on them out down below in case you guys are interested but with that said welcome to set up for is episode 103 let the set up wars begin so this first setup is an interesting one I don't even know if it's technically considered a setup because it's only a monitor and an Xbox one but I decided to feature it anyways because I was moved by what he wrote in the notes he stated that he is a father of three and he never had a gaming rig so he's been saving his ass off for years in order to buy his dream setup now obviously there's a chance that this can be all faked but I decided to go with it anyways after all you guys get to decide the winner not me I find it funny that he wrote down when he is going to purchase on a piece of paper and he placed them in the appropriate locations of his desk what's even more funny is that he actually has a monitor to begin with and nothing else and he entered a contest to win an ultra-wide monitor but anyways looks like he has a very solid foundation to build a setup on and even picked up a signal rack for cable management very I wish you the best of luck in your life and in this contest I hope you enjoy your gaming PC once you get it all together Bruce is next up with an actual setup he's using the news 144 Hertz precinct monitor and he lodged ak5 20 keyboard and mouse combo that's actually a pretty good display when it comes to gaming and even if you do win the ultra wide gaming monitor I think you aren't getting a big upgrade 1/144 gaming monitor is really nice but for audio he's got the Logitech Z 533 speakers and the monster antoon headphones excellent work with the cable management it looks like there's even a custom-made shelf holding up the subwoofer down there and finally the PCs powering the setup has an i5 6400 and an r9 390x which works with freesync and it does seem like you have the GPU that can power the ultra-right if you do end up winning good luck and thank you Bruce for entering and number three we got David and what in God's name is going on with that cable management it heard so much how could you could you do this to me I don't think he even has space for an ultra-light if he does end up winning David would need to get a completely new desk to support it at least his audio game is strong he's hooked up both of his creative XM 7 speakers to the creative soundblaster x7 deck and amp and he also has the sennheiser 598 as well which is one of the best reference headphones for monitoring sound I actually have a pair of those and black for myself the set up is powered by a 15-inch MacBook and he put that inside one of the organizer bins to the side if only you could do that with the rest of the cables I do believe that the ultrawide monitor would be a great addition to your productivity setup if you do end up winning just upgrade your desk good luck and thank you David for Anne Frank next up is join us with a pretty decent setup so you've got a 24 inch Samsung monitor Logitech G 710 plus keyboard and the MX master Mouse with a set of creative inspire a 60 speakers he also has enough room on the desk for an ultra-wide martyr remember you guys can actually decide which monitor you are entering for the productivity model or the gaming one on the desk he's also got the logitech g930 3 headset and a baby Groot figurine which funny enough I'm actually heading out to watch guardians of the galaxy 2 right after I finish this video major props on cable management such precision this makes me a happy person and after looking at David's cable management this is definitely a nice change for my eyeballs powering the setup as a number site gtx 1070 and a 6600 thank you join us for entering and good luck last but not least we have Kagan and his productivity and video editing setup he's using the 23 inch dell ultrasharp monitor that's being powered by his macbook pro off to the side his audio setup consists of the scarlett soda audio interface bundle that comes with a mic and headset he's also got a set of Onkyo speakers that he hooked up to an amplifier and then he turbine t3 headphones as well I loved that he spent a good amount on all of this gear but he ended up picking up a brand less bluetooth keyboard for like 8 bucks he also went with the wireless gaming mouse for this productivity setup definitely some interesting choices here no complaints when it comes to cable management overall a pretty solid productivity setup despite some porch pieces in gear good luck Kagan and thank you for entering so that wraps up this episode of setup or is as always the winner will take home a brand-new ultrawide monitor from LG you guys can decide whether you want the gaming or the productivity model and just to avoid the cheating that's been going on from scroll poll and comments section I'm only going to count votes that I've done with indie nice app I'll link it down below it's completely free and also all the voters will get tossed into a pool and they'll have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card actually I think there are four winners announced each month from the set up pours voters if that makes any sense anyways thank you guys so much for watching stay tuned for three more episodes of the ultra Lite edition coming up every Monday thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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