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Setup Wars - Episode 104 | Ultrawide Competition

what's up guys it's ed from tech stories and welcome to the setup wars episode 104 LG ultra white edition where the winner will take home a brand new ultrawide monitor we're doing two gaming versions and two productivity I did a video on one of them I'll drop the link to it down below actually the last episode if someone took home an ultra-light so there are three more episodes left and three more winners ladies in general with that said and done let the set up for is begin so starting off the episode we got a fellow tech youtuber called Adil I think that's how you say his name I'm sorry if I brought you that does have a channel called tech bomb so be sure to go over and check him out after the show I'll drop a link to it down below he actually has a really nice coordinated black-and-red setup featuring the 27-inch asus monitor you got the core search great keyboard and razer deathadder chroma mouse symmetry is definitely on point as well as organization I love the way he routed the keyboard wire around the base of his monitor stand and even plugged in his mouth to his keyboard for audio he's got a pair of SMS headphones and a blue Yeti pro microphone which is custom painted and white accents he also painted the Harman Kardon sound sticks and white to match the rest of his setup speaking of matching with the setup his PC is also black in red with white accents and it's the first Reisen build on setup Wars it has an 1800 X 16 gigs of ram and the Sapphire are X 480 inside the arrow cool p7 case very nice K Weismann inside the PC is excellent just like the rest of his setup it's nicely routed and hidden although I'm not really sure what that random handle is doing on the wall wait a minute that an actual backboard or closet or something because the more I look at it it kind of looks like a slidable door but anyways this is a really nice setup great work with the color coordination and cable management good luck Adil and thank you for entering as he was mixed up with a minimalistic setup so he's got a 27 inch curved monitor from Samsung we got the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones and a wireless keyboard and mouse from Logitech I like how you use the pull out drawer to store his iPad and ps4 controller this may be a simple setup but it has its purpose and tiny mods here and there which I like for example the cable clips on his desk holding up the charging wires or the self-made raceway from toilet paper rolls I think and then we got the power strip that's hooked up on the bottom of the desk obviously I would recommend channel raceways instead of the toilet paper rolls but I'm guessing you one of the safe some and make your own but hey if it gets the job done then it's all good with me and finally the PC that's powering the setup has been 6700 K and a gigabyte GTX 1060 Thank You Azeri for entering and good luck dude and number three is Eddy and it appears that he built his setup inside of Best Buy I mean doesn't that background look like one of those product shelves as you'd find in an electronics store I seriously thought I was getting trolled for a second but apparently you can buy these racks and build your own shelves which is really cool because you can pretty much customize the height to your liking but anyways let's get back on track so the setup is powered by a twenty one and a half inch iMac with retina display we also got a steel series apex M 800 keyboard any Death Adder chroma Mouse from razor he does have two pairs of headsets the m50x is on the desk and he Logitech G for 30s under the desk other than that he's got a blue Yeti microphone and Xbox one somewhere in his room can't really say much about the cable management other than it seems to be under control but it pretty straightforward and basic setup also guys not every person has a draw dropping setup and I'm trying to give everyone a fair chance to win an ultra-light monitor so hope you guys can appreciate that but anyways good luck Eddy and thank you for entering speaking of jaw-dropping setups check out emails everything is practically mounted against that backdrop we got a set of five sony speakers as pc some xbox controllers headsets and this is pretty cool we actually built in two outlets that is very smart and convenient whenever he needs to power something or charge your device he can just simply plug it straight into the desk nicely done the monitor is a 27 inch curved one from Samsung and it actually blends nicely with the backdrop and kind of gives it this bezel islook because the border is also light we got the coarser gaming k55 RGB keyboard and m65 pearl mouse i'm very glad that he mounted most of the stuff on the back board instead of keeping it on the desk imagine how cluttered what i've been if he didn't do that so on the desk he's got some other miscellaneous items like the microsoft surface ue boom speaker and some trays filled with some stuff for audio he's got quite a selection the m50x is for music PBG ones for gaming which are also from our nikka and the io r+ bluetooth headphones for when he needs to go wireless not much I can say about the cable management since the entire desk is blocking them but what I can say about the PC is that you need a serious upgrade because he's still using the FX 8350 and rx 470 the GPU is fine but you definitely need an upgrade for that CPU aside from the setup he did hook up a monitor right next to his bed which is connected to his Xbox one which is genius because he can just lay in his bed and watch Netflix or even game and if he's not in his bed he's gaming on the big TV also props on that Xbox mod with the see-through panel and D brand skins that's pretty cool a very sick gaming room and setup thank you email for entering and good luck last but not least we have Ethan and his alien vs. predator setup so he's walking a 24 inch lg monitor Logitech G 9 10 keyboard and the popular g502 proteus core mouse this is definitely a tiny setup but Ethan did a great job keeping everything nice and tidy the cables are managed very well and props for using a cable sleeve for the PC wires not a lot of people do that for audio he's got the turtlebeach air force X 12s hanging under the desk and also the JBL charge speaker right under his monitor I don't know what his obsession is with alien vs. predator but he's got a bunch of framed pictures we even got a few knives and figurines there's one on his desk and also one in the shelves oh it also a giant TV above a fireplace would an ADP wallpaper can't forget about that a very clean setup good luck and thank you Ethan for entering so that is it for this episode of setup orders as always you guys know what to do make sure you guys vote using the apps nice down below those are the only votes I'm going to be counting because if I use straw poll or comments section people always find a way to cheat and they duplicate their votes and they actually buy votes on straw poll so I do not count those anymore I'm only coming to vote in the nice app down below make sure you guys vote on who you think deserves the ultrawide monitor so you guys so much watching all of your faces and I'll see you in the next one
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