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Setup Wars - Episode 105 | Ultrawide Competition

so you guys like when you set up be honest I finally switched from black and red to black and yellow so yeah this is a much-needed change I'm just kidding I will never switch from black and red that has always been my favorite color scheme and there's so much history behind it but I'm just using this because honestly it looks so much better than my previous setup and I hope you guys like it too it's a nice change it's temporary until I have to move I don't know why I'm still rambling welcome to set up Ward's episode 105 ultra wide competition sponsored by LG where the winners will take home a brand new ultrawide monitor either a gaming or productivity model whatever their heart desires there's only two more episodes left guys with two more winners so the guys haven't submitted yet make sure to send in your submission I'm still accepting requests I think I have room for maybe 10 more that I can choose from but anyways with that said let the set up wars begin also guys before I begin the episode I want to emphasize again because a lot of people are confused it is not the ultra wide Edition one featuring ultra-wide monitors this is the ultra wide competition where I'm only featuring setups that are not that good they're decent some of them are even crappy but these are setups that can use an ultra light monitor as an upgrade so you might not see some impressive setups any jaw-dropping setups they're going to be decent maybe even some crappy ones like I said so hope you guys are okay with that but anyways what that said let's start to show so starting the show off is Gabriel and a very nice Star Wars themed setup featuring the 27 inch dual monitor we got the devil caliber wireless keyboard with custom black key caps while it looks actually nice and Logitech g600 to Mouse for audio he's using the Corsair H 2100 gaming headset and this setup is being powered by the Alienware 15 gaming laptop but he also has a 27-inch iMac on the other side for the more demanding tasks Gabriel did an excellent job keeping the setup very clean and he did a great job with the cable management I will select the consistency of the theme he's a fan of Star Wars and he's not afraid to show it we got paintings wallpapers and a badass set of figurines with my boy kylo what up bro where you been man we definitely need you back on the show an ultra-wide would be a nice upgrade to this setup although you might need to move the lamp and the tablet to make some room good luck and thank you for entering here's a pretty basic setup from Ibrahim he has a 27 inch h2s monitor and the popular red dragon keyboard and mouse combo he's using the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset as well as a pair of bluetooth earphones from LG that are hanging under the desk the wallpaper is interesting though we've got acoustic films on one side and a pretty strange-looking wallpaper design on the main wall I'm not too sure what's up with that excellent work with cable management this brings tears of joy to my eyes and it's one of the reasons I decided to feature this setup in this episode excellent work back here not much else to talk about other than his PC which features the 6500 and the gigabyte gtx 1060 graphics card Thank You Abraham and good luck three we got Geordi you impressed me not by his setup but his custom-made PC case looks like it was built out of a drawer or could have been built using some pieces of wood either way I commend you for being creative and for that reason I decided to include your setup I mean let's face it there's nothing interesting about this setup we got a 21 inch Akai monitor basic keyboard and mouse and a cheap maxtor headset but that's what the ultra-wide competition is about giving people with a subpar setup a chance to win an awesome upgrade I'm not going to give you too much crap about cable management since it's obvious that you tried but if I can give you what advice please don't use tape to wrap up the cables together velcro straps all your best option good luck and thank you for entering here is another person that can definitely use an ultra-wide monitor I mean sure he's got two displays but I feel like an ultra-light would be a nice upgrade and it'll definitely clean up his setup especially since is rocking two different monitors a 27-inch AUC and an Acer display I'm not gonna lie this setup does seem a bit messy especially with the cable management but he does have some pretty nice gear we got the Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard DeathAdder Mouse and a blue Yeti microphone for sound input if it's not a pair of clip speakers and two sets of headphones the Sennheiser 598 SES and the Razer Kraken CROs which he has sitting next to a custom-made arcade flight stick the PC powering the setup has a 70 70 K and a gtx 1070 i mean it's definitely some nice choices when it comes to gear but the actual setup needs some changes first off the speaker stands are pointless because the monitors are blocking the speakers a solution to this would be to mount the speakers on the wall by putting them on wall shelves but to be fair the setup was kind of doomed to begin with because of how small the actual desk is I mean you only have so much space to work with second it doesn't look like you are taking advantage of the space that the Alex Adam unit provides you could have easily fit the ps4 or even a router in the center or better yet hide the router in one of those drawers and then drill holes in the back to route the cables through you can also keep your ps4 in the center I mean unless you really want to show off your Harley Quinn obsession another thing you can do is try mounting the boom arm to the actual monitor arm of your displays if successful it does two things one it cleans up the side of your desk and two it gives you a much more comfortable angle to use the microwave once you're done using it simply fold it and tuck it away behind the monitors there's definitely room for some improvement and an ultra-wide monitor would be a nice start good luck and thank you for entering and finishing up the episode we got Roman and a very clean set up that's being powered by a MacBook now if those black those headphones were white it would have looked so much better but can we just stop for a second and appreciate the symmetry we got going on over here Roman is using a 23 inch LG monitor that's hooked up against the wall and we got a pair of Harman Kardon speakers and the Apple wireless keyboard which is missing a freaking key are you serious right now this is unacceptable I do like the magnetic cable clips you hooked up against the wall and the rest of the cables are hidden very well behind the backboard that about does it for this simplistic setup good luck Roman and thank you for entering so that as if it is episode would have set upwards as always make sure you guys vote using the nice app link below you also get tossed into a random giveaway where you can win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards that is the only place I'm counting votes just because it's impossible to cheat I mean after all I'm giving away or LG is giving away an ultra light modernist I want to make sure that these votes are legit two winners have claimed their ultra lies there are two more winners left thank you guys so much for participating and watching I will see you in the next video
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