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Setup Wars - Episode 106 | Ultrawide Competition

what's up guys a deaf from tech source and welcome to the final episode of the LG ultralight competition sponsored by LG where the winner will receive a brand new gaming or productivity ultrawide monitor in case you guys missed my review I'll drop a link to it down below but with that said welcome to the 4th episode 106 let the setup wars begin starting of the show is a very interesting setup from Ivan it's got a Razer theme but what's cool about it is that he wrapped his desk in carbon-fiber I just got an idea for a video so on a desk he's got the 27-inch Samsung curved monitor and some Razer peripherals the Deathstalker keyboard and Naga Mouse for audio we got a pair of M audio bx5 speakers and a rode NT USB microphone and of course you got the Razer Kraken pro gaming headset even as PC case is the Razer version it's got the i5 4460 and an a vga GTX 970 most of the cable management is under control with the Signum rack and a massive power strip however a few velcro straps will definitely fix up the cables on the right side I would recommend a hanger for those headphones and some speaker stands so that the bass doesn't rattle the desk maybe even a boom arm for the microphone but all in all it's a very nice Razer team setup Thank You Ivan for entering and good luck next up is Jake and his music production setup the star of the show is the 32 inch vizio 1080p TV that he is using as a monitor and that's being sandwiched by two massive genius speakers he's also using the as vo mechanical keyboard and the MX master mouse on top of a tiny-ass mousepad how do you do it seriously my boy Jake is using the pencil drawer that I featured in a bunch of my videos major props installing this on their desk looks like you're keeping your Kindle a few knives and Watchers in here very nice this is a music production setup so he's got stuff like an audio box interface on the top of the speakers we got a Line six guitar amp on the floor and an audio technica at2020 microphone off to the side cable management isn't that bad I mean he did hook up the power strips on the bottom of the desk but the cables are still visible a simple fix to this would be a cable sleeve and there's a variety of options you can choose from I'll drop a link down below if anyone is interested and finally we got the PC that's inside the s340 case it's rocking a 60 70 K and an Asus GTX 1060 honestly if it weren't for that orange paint on the walls this would have been a cool white and black setup regardless thank you Jake for entering and good luck of white and black here's another one with some red accents josh is using the 27 inch HP monitor red dragon RGB keyboard with a SteelSeries rival mouse this is actually a budget set up because he's using the standard dell a 250 speakers and the Logitech G 230 gaming headset speaking of budget the PC has a 6100 and an MSI R X 480 I love that even though they budget build he still stayed consistent with these setups theme no complaints at the cable management or the whole setup for that matter it's a simple budget setup that Josh managed to keep very clean and once again a huge props on staying consistent with the color scheme thank you and good luck at number four we got a pretty tiny black and red setup from Joshua look how smaller the monitor is compared to the PC he definitely needs a monitor upgrade so on the glass home desk from Ikea he's got the cooler master Pro RGB keyboard and the me onyx catch their mouse and this actually is interesting the keyboard and mouse wire are routed towards the right side and under his PC I feel like that was the best option considering he can't drill any holes in that glass desk under the desk we can see his Sennheiser HD - OH - headphones and a dog tents house box I don't know I'm just going to call it a dog home cable management is pretty decent we got some cable clips holding up the wires and there's also a power strip under the desk which is actually hard to see from the front some of the things he has on the desk is the fake IKEA plants which pretty much everybody has at this point an iPhone 6 with leibrandt skins and a Lego model of falling water for those of you that don't know falling water is a very popular home designed by America's most famous architects the more you know anyways it's a very clean and simple setup Thank You Joshua for entering and good luck I just realized there are four contestants in this episode that have their names start with a J that was definitely not planned anyways last but not least we got jewel and a pretty simple setup between you 24-inch Samsung monitor CM storm quickfire TK keyboard and not one but two mice the Logitech G 300 and the func r2 I don't see these that often but when I do I question the reasoning behind it I mean there has to be a mouse out there that meets both of your needs Ferrario is got a pair of Logitech Z 333 speakers and the SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headset I can appreciate the attempt at cable management's I mean there's a tube that's covering the wires and the keyboard and mouse and a few more under the desk the Signum is holding up majority of the wires but there's just too many wires spilling from everywhere also down here we got the PC which has a 6600 K 16 gigs of ram and the XFX HD 7850 user don't need to upgrade your monitor you definitely need a new GPU though this thing is ancient I do like the custom one understand that you created and the USB hub that you hook it up under that I think that looks awesome but that tabletop really doesn't belong with this color scheme I honestly would have gone with either light or black even regardless it's a pretty decent setup Thank You jewel for entering and good luck so that is if it's episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys vote using the night staff down below those are the only vote I am counting just for the ultra light competition just to avoid cheating thank you guys so much for watching I'll announce the winners as always on the weekend on my social media platforms thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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