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Setup Wars - Episode 107

both of guys a definite ex source and welcome to setup wars episode 107 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below also huge congrats to all four of the winners of the LG ultrawide monitor thank you guys so much for participating I know a lot of setups do not get featured but unfortunately I was I can only choose 5 setups per episode so I hope to do more with LG in the future but anyways with that said let us set up words begin the set of gear of the week goes to the stick on game controller hanger which I actually featured in my Wolverine setup it was so popular that it got sold out the next day after I uploaded the video if you got ps4 or Xbox controllers laying around and don't have a dedicated place to put them then grab one of these bad boys and stick them against your desk behind your monitor or even on the wall and throw your controllers on them it will help clean up your setup and it will be a lot easier reaching for them you can also use it to hang your headsets and there's even space around to wrap the cables for a much cleaner cable management I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check it out but with that said let's begin the show starting off the show we got a very nice black and red gaming setup from Isaac the first thing that caught my attention were the insanely thin bezels from those aoc gaming monitors he's got those hooked up to a mount and below that is a giant energy speaker which honestly looks out of place I would either mount that under the table or against the wall I mean having it just sit on the desk like that is not aesthetically pleasing he's also got the Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and the Mamba tournament edition Mouse I know I said that this was a black and red setup but I just noticed his yellow course there void headset how do you choke to walk you work to you literally everything else is black and red the gaming chair RGB lights and his PC which is rocking a 6700 K and an asus rog Strix 1070 so why couldn't you just go with a black and red gaming headset excellent work with the cable management looks like all the wires are hiding behind the back board and I kind of like what you did with a keyboard and mouse wire instead of drilling a hole in a desk you kind of tied them together and random under the speaker and into just back is that why the speaker is there are you trying to cover up the cables because I can't think of another reason why it's there also props on the wire management for the Samsung microphone setup adding some zip ties and the boom arm keeps the cables from hanging down it's an excellent setup but it does need some tweaking thank you regardless Isaac for anything next up is James was a very clean triple monitor setup featuring two BenQ displays on the side and a 24-inch asus monitor in the center i was going to say that symmetry was on point but soon realized that he has also Zakia and the LED lamp on one side if you kept one of them on the left side it would have been perfect but it's such an easy fix again I'm not telling you what to do I mean if you like your IKEA plant next to the LED lamp maybe it helps you sleep better at night I mean who am I to say otherwise I'm just giving my opinion so if this is my setup that is what I would have done that's what the shows about but anyways back to the show so on the desk we got the popular coarser strafe RGB keyboard and that's paired with the unusual you text font Venus MML gaming mouse which is the first time I've actually heard of it for audio is rocking the HyperX cloud to gaming headsets a blue Yeti microphone and some adorable tiny speakers from audio engine I believe these are the a 2 plus speakers cable management throughout the entire setup is nicely done from the microphone wires cables running down the martyr and the rest of the cables under the desk I have no complaints however if you really want to clean things up a bit more I recommend picking up a wall Raceway to cover up those monitor wires kind of like how I did with my Wolverine setup down here we got the PC that's pushing all these pixels it's got the 40 60 70 K and an EVGA GTX 970 it looks like you have your rap sticks in the wrong slot and also why are you using the stock heatsink with the 4670 k you do realize that an unlocked processor right if I were you I would pick up a cooler and overclock that bad boy to its max other than that it's a pretty clean set up for the most part that mic placement is kind of bothering me a bit but I'm sure you were going for convenience rather than aesthetics thank you James for entering remember that wall channel I was talking about in the previous set up well Andre here put it to good use covering up the cables for all three of the Samsung monitors and for his TV which he mounted on the left side nicely done he's also using the Corsair strafe RGB keyboard and the asus rog Gladius mouse the only audio source he has is the Corsair avoid RGB wireless headset but other than a few action figures in the desc he's got his ps4 over there in the corner and a foam stand pretty straightforward stuff nothing too exciting another desk is where as PC is chilling it's currently walking me 4790k and the asus strix 970 with eight gigs of ram cable management is very clean there isn't any suggestions I can give you the only things that come or the keyboard and mouse wires but other than that it's a pretty clean setup Thank You Andre for entering sarunas is next up with his transformer desk and I say that because it has many purposes first up is the DJ set up with his macbook pioneer headphones and he turned tables out there we got the gaming setup with the corsair k70 MX master mouse razer tartarus keyboard and blue yeti microphone i also noticed that each setup has its own set of lights and the monitor is in a different position the production setup is when he needs to create beats and you can see that the monitor is much closer to him he's able to adjust the position of the monitor thanks to the ergo tech freedom arm which even still today is my favorite monitor arm of all time and finally we got the racing setup as you can see everything else is tucked away and the only things out are the racing wheel joystick and the wireless keyboard and mouse I love that everything has its own dedicated place and that's because sarunas custom-built his desk from scratch major props he's also improved it quite a bit from the beginning just like everyone including myself we will start from somewhere this was his original set up a while back and then he upgraded his monitor got a few speakers and some DJ equipment he did pick up a few more upgrades later down the line and most recently he upgraded his monitor to an ultra wide by the way welcome to the ultra wide club and his newly built desk as you can see in this picture here's a really cool mod that I noticed so I want us used to laptop extension stands to hold up both of his speakers that is very clever that's definitely a great alternative for people that don't want to mount speakers on the wall or have any extra space on the desk also kudos on the hooks that you installed on the side of the desk to hold up the Xbox controller and keyboard you really do think of everything I would imagine a cable management was a nightmare to do I setup like this with so many things to connect but I'm actually surprised at how clean and organized he kept everything a bunch of velcro straps and cable clips made this possible and even added a stencil drawer on the bottom that's what I'm talking about and finally wrapping up the setup is the PC that's powering everything it's equipped with a 3770k and a gigabyte 980ti this setup has personality its unique cable management is awesome but most importantly it has purpose and you know look guys it's little on time it's been a while actually showing us that you're watching congratulations on receiving the next official set of words seal of approval as always the winner of the seal of approval will receive a $100 gift card a Texas t-shirt and a custom-made plaque with my signature on there which is optional if you want so if you're watching this thoroughness congratulations on your amazing set up make sure you toss me an email and set up wars to claim your prize finishing up the episode we have a very clean and simple white and black setup from V ads with a Star Wars theme we got the 27 inch HT predator hooked up to another freedom arm and I like how it's kind of hidden behind the MacBook on the desk we got the course of K 65 RGB keyboard and the Mamba chroma Mouse which is on top of a firefly mousepad and that's also on top of another mousepad the only audio source he's got is the logitech g930 3 headset that's resting on the headphone stand from 12 cells and speaking of 12 staff the MacBook stand is also from them the ads did an amazing job putting all this together and kept the color scheme on point as well even inside his PC which has a 60 70 K 16 gigs of ram and NACS gtx 1070 and finally for cable management we got a power strip and a channel raceway in the back holding up all the cables no complaints here a very dull white and black setup Thank You V ads for entering so that is it for this episode of setup orders as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and I'll be announcing the winners on my social media platforms on the weekend thank you guys so much for watching I hope you have an amazing week I love your faces and I'll see you in the next one
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