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Setup Wars - Episode 108

I'm looking extra foodie today what's up guys a dozen sex stories and welcome to setup for is episode 108 where you submit your desk excited to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below but with that said let the setup words begin so guys if I begin the video I have a pretty cool series idea I want to pitch to you and let me know what you think about it down below in the comments section either leave a like if you enjoy it or leave a dislike if you think the idea sucks so basically instead of my worst set of positions I'm going to be labeling it the roasts my set up I don't know why I keep doing this so basically you guys get the option of roasting the set up that I feature on the show and I'll even jump in and throw throw in a few roasts as well I think will be really fun and entertaining episode just every 10 episodes so instead of the worst set up Edition it will be where else might set up instead by the way these setups are people that want to be part of the roast my setup I'm not going to purposely pull out setups and then just roast them out I think that would be kind of rude and kind of mean so so basically I'm going to be posting the setup on Twitter and you guys can reply to that with your roast that I'll pick out like five or six is really good roasts and I'll see to them in the episode and of course I'll jump in and I'll throw in a few roasts as well because I am the roast master of course but anyways let me know what you guys think about that series down below I think it'll be pretty fun to change things up again anyways was that say let the show begin starting to show off we got a pretty dope liking read set up from Alex just look at the color balance between the red and black the contrast is on fire he's walking to 24-inch asu's monitors that are hooked up against the wall and below that we got a custom made desk with red vinyl accents on the sides and also chrome legs on the desk we got a pair of Edifier lunar eclipse speakers the cursor strafe keyboard with custom red pbt key caps and in logitech g502 Mouse I got to say that keyboard is looking fire there isn't a microphone anywhere in the setup so that tells me that these acoustic films are there just for show but there is a mic on his HyperX cloud gaming headset under his desk cable management isn't the prettiest that's for sure but at least all the cables are off of the ground I really like how you balance the color scheme so well there isn't too much of a single color like the ps4 with the V brown skin and even your PC cable management isn't the best inside here but it's rocking the 4770k and the AC Strix gtx 960 a very balanced gaming setup saying you Alex for entering next up is Jose with something different so we got a white and black gaming and entertainment set up between the 23 inch Acer monitor on the bottom and the 55 inch Samsung 3d HDTV up top first thing that caught my attention was the level of symmetry aside I'm not annoying fire alarm that isn't directly centered which I'm sure by the way you had no control over everything else is spot-on even the shelves on the right side are a nice touch I see that you got a bit creative mounting them on the wall so it looks like you went with the wireless router picking up the Logitech K 780 keyboard and the MK 270 Mouse I also like that custom phone stand that you built next to your keyboard very nice trotty oh he's got a pair of Samsung speakers and blue do wireless headphones off to the side it also looks like there are two more Samsung speakers behind his setup above the couch excellent work with the cable management all the wires are hidden from sight and finally we got the PC off to the right side it's got the 4690k any ZOTAC gtx 970 it's a very clean and symmetrical setup indeed Thank You Jose for entering speaking of white and black here's another one from Martin a 27-inch LG 4k monitor hooked up to the Sapphire rx 480 which is inside the thermal take wall-mounted PC right after that I noticed all the cables there's definitely a lot going on and I feel like Martin could do a better job cleaning it up with some cable sleeves and a channel for the wire that's on the ground on the desk he's got the Logitech G 120 keyboard and the G 402 Mouse as well as a ps4 for audio he's using the monster beats headphones and a beam on speaker under his monitor I like I was using one of the PC legs as a headphone hanger that's actually pretty cool I would definitely work on grouping up the cables under the desk a bit more as well as tidying up the wires above the desk I will give you some credit for tying the wires together on your PC but hiding them using a cable sleeve would look a lot better Thank You Martine for entering toddler setup was so interesting that I decided to feature it on the show now he's using a home depot utility shelf as his desk he was going for a budget standing desk set up with function so on the top shelf we got the 32 inch Samsung monitor a logitech TK 820 keyboard and the popular MX master Mouse near the top he hooked up a BM 800 microphone and also a set of speakers what's interesting about this setup is not that it's built on a utility shelf but that he has two pcs both of them are equipped with an FX 8350 CPU and a ZOTAC GTX 970 my only guess is that each PC has its own separate purpose cable management isn't easy on a setup like this but Tyler did an outstanding job organizing the back this is straight up cable porn excellent work a very unusual but interesting setup Thank You Tyler for entering finishing up the show we have a very cute husband and wife set up so Winston set up is on the left and it has a 32-inch bank you monitor cursor k70 keyboard and the razer chroma Mouse while his wife is rocking a 24-inch Dell monitor Falcon z77 keyboard and an asus Mouse Winston is rocking the Harman Kardon Sam sticks while his wife is using the kanto you 2 speakers and for headphones Winston is using the Razer Kraken chroma and then she has the Corsair Vengeance mm I love that both of them decided to go with different gear it sounds like they both know what they wanted instead of having one of them copy the other the wife is rocking an i7 930 and a GTX 670 while Winston has the better PC a 6700 K and 2 GTX 1080s FTW in SLI Winston I'm ashamed man why don't you just upgrade your wife to GPU she's basically running a potato compared to your PC great teamwork on the cable management how long's she made you do all the hard work but regardless all the wires are off the ground and this is a pretty awesome husband and wife setup Thank You Winston for entering so that is the video episode of setup wars as always makes you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best debt setup also the people who vote on a nice Apple get tossed into a monthly giveaway of $25 Amazon gift card where four winners are always chosen at the end of every month but anyways allows the winner is on my Twitter and Instagram accounts then you guys so much for watching I'll see you in the next one
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