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Setup Wars - Episode 109

what's up guys its essence xrs and i'm making this quick intro to let you know that i'm on vacation and are mean here for two weeks then i'll be back on the 25th of june so this episode of setup wars and the next episode are going to have an intro similar to this because as you can see i'm not by studio so i'm actually at the hotel and this is where i'm going to be doing the voiceovers for those episodes but with that said welcome to setup wars episode 109 a lot of setup wars begin starting off the episode we got Casper and an eye-popping blue and black setup featuring the gorgeous and extremely thin bezel LG monitors the desk is custom made and it's actually wrapped in blue carbon fiber and on it we got the Microsoft curve keyboard and the itec mouse he doesn't have any headphones so he's relying on the Harman Kardon sound sticks for audio but he does have a custom sprayed blue snowball mic as well I appreciate the effort he put in trying to stay consistent with the color scheme by painting the microphone and wrapping the table and even the ps4 console but the mousepad kind of ruins it to be honest some people disregard the little things like this thinking that it will make a huge difference but it's actually the little things that make or break a setup at least that's what I think cable management can definitely be improved but what you have right now is definitely a great start I don't know what those cables are connecting on the right side but if you can use a wall Raceway to hide them it will look a lot cleaner under here also down here we got the PC that's powering this entire setup which is equipped with the FX 4350 and then our X 480 now this is my setup I would change some things up like mounting the microphone on the top shelf behind the monitors on the left side this is definitely a setup that pops but it still needs some minor tweaks here and there regardless Thank You Casper for entering lemuel is next up with a sick triple monitor black and red setup featuring two Asus 27-inch monitors that are establishing the 34 inch ultra wide in the middle on the custom-built counter we got the Logitech g7 10 plus keyboard and the g502 Mouse however this time we got the appropriate mouse pad to match the color scheme so props on that so one of the first things I noticed for the LED lights behind a desk you can clearly see them and honestly it doesn't look good I don't know if you put them there because you had no choice due to the fact that a desk is mounted against the wall or what but I would honestly take that out I would prefer to have no LEDs than having them stick out like that for audio he's rocking a Samsung soundbar underneath his monitors and we got a pair of m50 X's off to the right side next to is PC speaking of the PC is rocking a 1600 K 32 gigs of ram and a gigabyte gtx 1070 that some good stuff there is a good amount of clutter and the devices next to is PC which I'm not a fan of but the cable management under his desk is clean ass there's also another set up right next to the main one and it's got two Dell monitors a basic keyboard and mouse and also a budget PC running on the AMD X 6 10 9 TT + EVGA geforce 730 graphics card this is definitely one of the more busier setups that I've seen and I'm not a fan of the clutter but there is consistency and purpose Thank You lineal for entering shifting gears a bit we have Michael and his Apple productivity setup so it's running on the late 2015 iMac and we also got a second display that's hooked up near the top I guess you can say the best part about a MacBook or even an iMac setup is that you don't have a giant PC tower taking up extra space in your setup but what's interesting about this setup is that Michael managed to install IKEA shelves by drilling holes through the glass cover I'm impressed that he didn't shatter or crack that in process on the top of those shelves you got a pair of kanto yu2 speakers and an iPad air 2 that's pretty much everything on the desk other than the echo dot and the Apple wireless peripherals Michael did fine job with the cable management other desk and above by curving those cables running down from the elements 40 inch TV and that about wraps tough to set up simple and clean just the way I like it thank you Michael for entering speaking of simple and clean well here's the opposite we got a badass music production setup from Nate featuring two 27-inch Samsung curved monitors and a 27-inch apple's Thunderbolt Display up top so what I find fascinating is that he's actually rocking Razer gaming gear even though he's using the Mac Pro and I'm not hating at all in fact I would take Razer gear over Apple gear any day there's obviously a lot going on in terms of audio even stuff that looks like it belongs in NASA which I've never seen in my life but the things I do recognize other Mackie mr8 monitor speakers you got the blue snowball mic and the Sony here on Bluetooth headphones I don't know much about music production but this one definitely looks like the most advanced music production setup that I've ever entered on the show but you guys can be the judge of that here's the fun fact this poster over here is Nate's first album cover honestly it kind of looks like a penis if you ask me as expected cable management is nearly perfect with most of the cables hidden away under the desk I really like the mixture of the RGB lights which also match the wallpaper on the monitors and also the jellyfish lamp is a nice touch too I would say that this is definitely in the top 5 music production setups that I've seen on the show Thank You Nate for entering finishing up the episode we got set Ric and another black and red gaming setup is rocking 225 inch LG monitors the cooler master octane keyboard and there's the Lotus Mouse the setup actually kind of reminds me of a smaller version of Yahoo's lead setup for those of you have been watching a channel for a while because he's got the glossy black surface table we got the led Bluetooth speaker mousepad and even the headphone hangers are the same I guess you can say that this setup was inspired by Ozzie which by the way one set up of the year for 2016 in case you guys missed that video I'll drop a link below so aside from the two monitors he also has a 50 inch samsung tv up top and two sets of headsets he Logitech G 230 and he also got the beats by dre solo headphones you've got admired a consistency throughout their setup from the special edition dxracer chair to the black and red desk and even its PC has some mods to match everything else he spray-painted the SSD trays and handmade the drive bay cover which looks freakin awesome by the way and speaking of custom 8 he also 3d printed his iPhone charger cable management on a glass desk isn't that easy since you can't drill any holes but that didn't stop stead trick one bit he hooked up everything on her desk and routed the cables beautifully there was definitely a lot of thought that went into creating this setup but one of the things that bothered me a bit were the two headphone stands it's kind of a bit redundant having two of them and I would prefer to have a single hanger on the desk or have it on the right side of the PC so that it's hidden away another thing I would have done differently is actually mounting the monitors on the wall just like you did with the TV I think it would have looked a lot cleaner but that's all I got it's a pretty badass setup as is Thank You Cedric for entering so that is it for this episode of setup for is make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote a huge thing has the best desk set up there is one more episode where I'm going to be at this hotel so I hope you guys are okay with that I will see you in the next one
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