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Setup Wars - Episode 11

lots of guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 11 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel and a chance to win a prize I host them every Monday and you guys get to vote on the best desk setup if you guys are new to the series and want to submit yours make sure to watch the video link down below for the instructions and requirements so without further ado let the setup wars begin this episode of Star Wars is brought to you by g2a never pay full price for a game ever again g2a offers the best deals on CD keys for practically any platform click on the link below to see for yourself so with that said the five chosen contestants for this week are AJ Amy Liam termination and Ryan that's for making it to this week of set-up wars by the way all of the products I mentioned in this video will be linked down below as well as any product I recommend in this episode it will have a special section down below as well so starting off the episode is AJ and his dual monitor setup from Dell I'm so glad you have two of the same monitors finally off to a great start on the desk we have the rapper keyboard along with the S action mouse on top of this Itachi desk mat I'm really digging your white theme and you even have the whites Itachi airbase speakers and a Galaxy Tab s 10.5 with the Tab s keyboard I mean it's pretty obvious that you are a Samsung fan and I'm actually surprised I don't see a galaxy s6 phone on that wireless charging pad of yours why management is pretty good I mean you tie the cables together using some zip ties which is cool but you kind of forgot to cut the long extra pieces and yes I do notice these things it's a curse I also like the long white custom made monitor riser you have underneath the monitors it really cleans up the overall desk this is one of the reasons why I recommend these in the first place if you have stuff on the desk I mean this is a prime example of how you can keep stuff under it to organize your desk job well done AJ the only thing I'll recommend simply because I don't see it anywhere it's perhaps a pair of headphones since you have a Productivity type setup I didn't leave some links down below to a couple of really great pair of headphones and white that I think you would like but I don't not Thank You AJ for entering setup wars next up is a me and it looks like we have ourselves a game room just because it's called setup wars it doesn't mean you can't show off your game room as well I don't know what it is about orange walls but this is the second one that I've seen in setup wars but anyways it looks like a really chilled place to hang out and game so on the desk we have two 24 inch LG monitors a cm storm devastated keyboard and mouse combo and a PlayStation wireless headset hanging from the side great job on water management I can see that you ratted them along the legs at the desk and behind the stands I was going to question why there was a random horse and cactus upside down on a ceiling but then I saw the picture and then suddenly everything made sense now this is just a personal preference but I hate to pull out trays for keyboards not only does it force you to sit further away from the monitors but it's very inconvenient to type on or game on since there's barely any room and by the looks of it it seems pretty cramped so I would recommend moving the keyboard to the top of the desk along with the mouse but if you're used to that setup then that's all good another thing I noticed are those booklets and papers you have on the right side of your desk and it's just kind of sitting there so maybe a wooden tray would help organize some of that stuff and it goes well with your table I was also going to recommend moving the toys and your pet rock off the top shelf so that doesn't distract you but I'm starting to nitpick a lot so I will leave it at dads I'm not going to even recommend a headphone anchor because I think I said too much about this setup but anyways awesome game room Amy thank you so much for entering setup wars Liam is next up with his dual 24 inch monitor set up one from Dell and the other from Asus why are you doing this to me also on the desk we have another Coolermaster CM storm Devastator keyboard and mouse bundle along with the logitech z5o six speakers I can't help but notice that red boom arm you have there and in fact as soon as I opened up your files and saw that I went had about one for myself so thank you so much for that you also went with the Audio Technica m50 red Edition and even have the red LEDs in the back I think he purposely entered setup Wars to make me jealous I wish the m50x s came in red as well I would easily buy that in a heartbeat since I'm too afraid to paint mine kela management is actually pretty good I see that you attached an outlet on the roof of your desk kind of like how I did with mine and you can have an omni mount system through some of your cables now I would recommend getting at least one more to cover up that bundle of cables connecting to your subwoofer though so you have a bunch of stuff on your desk I do applaud you for getting a headphone hanger but those speakers are taking up a lot of space on your desk it's one of the reasons I stay away from wired speakers and go wireless now if you must have wired speakers that's fine but in case you are looking to go wireless I will leave a link to the pair of speakers I've been using the past few months that I keep getting asked about they pair together to give you a surround sound theater experience they are loud they are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone for gaming and especially for watching movies other than that and perhaps getting a larger mousepad I'd say that you have a very sick black and red setup Thank You Liam for entering setup wars next up is premonition with his single 29 inch wide AOC monitor on the desk we have the Logitech G 110 keyboard and a vengeance m65 mouse from Corsair on a razer mousepad talk about diversity also on a desk we have some Logitech HDC 525 speakers and some crazy-looking robot arms that's holding up your smartphone I'm going to ignore the fact that you have a blackberry since this is a video based on setups but if this was smartphone wars I would have booted you out immediately I'm just kidding I don't have any beef with black bear users no but seriously while you're still using a blackberry cable management is immaculate and I'm digging the PC you have over there an FX 8350 paired with two gtx 970 Strix Edition inside the awesome define are five case from fractal I like the fact that you put the controllers on the bottom instead of on top of the desk and well normally I would suggest not putting other miscellaneous items like the car replicas on the desk it is your setup and you can do whatever you want to it you managed to keep it very organized and clean and for that I will award you a point the only thing I would recommend is perhaps a monitor riser so that you have a place for the charger that's on the far left of your desk you'll also have a place for that car replica and the speaker controller as well it just keeps everything nicely tucked away and really cleans up your desk other than that you have a really awesome setup thank you premonition for entering setup wars last but not least we have Josh so this isn't a desk setup instead it's a console setup we have a 47 inch LG Smart TV hooked up to your Xbox one and Xbox 360 as well understand we have a beats pill speaker some Skullcandy headphones and an iPad Mini definitely looks like a really chill place to relax and get some gaming on and I can only imagine how comfortable that couch looks I hope you're not gaming on those Skullcandy headphones if you are then I left a few options of Wired gaming headsets that you can connect your Xbox controller and the quality is a lot better so they're fully check them out when you have a chance also if you're going to keep the controllers on the stand like that then it would not only look a lot better on controller stands but you can also charge them at the same time and I left a few options down below for you other than that you have a really chill gaming setup Josh thank you for entering setup Wars so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comment down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always the voting ends this Saturday and I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there for all of the announcements sneak peeks behind the scenes and a bunch of cool stuff anyways thanks again for watching if you guys enjoyed setup Wars and want me to continue doing them every week you guys know what to do hit that like button to show your support and it's basically it thank you so much and I will see you in the next one you
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