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Setup Wars - Episode 110 | Worst Setup Edition

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 110 potato edition with the crappiest of the crappiest setups come together for our enjoyment and entertainment so whatever I say in this video don't take seriously because obviously I'm doing it just for fun the people that submit these setups want to be part of the potato addition I'm also going to be roasting setups because I do have a new series called roast your setup coming starting I should say episode 120 and I kind of want to give you guys a quick a taste or a small taste of what to expect but with that said let the setup board's begin as always just a quick reminder the person with the worst setup will receive $100 and you guys get to vote so make sure you do so by clicking on the link below at the end of this video so starting off the show we got Abdul and a pretty depressing set up featuring a crappy 19 inch square monitor from Samsung and some basic ass speakers from Thompson along with a standard keyboard and mouse it appears that the color scheme he was going for was broke and depressed and he did a great job keeping it consistent throughout the setup I do want to give props to Abdul for cutting out a piece of the backboard to help with cable management even though this is a puny setup he did put in some work cleaning up the wires and for that I will commend you he even made a slit near the top of the desk to route the cables through you guys gotta admire the effort she'll be even there talk about the specs of this port PC hell why not it's rocking a powerful I 330 240 and the MSI gt70 40 this thing can run Crysis in 4k on multiple monitors Abdullah maybe odds be ever in your favor and I hope that the $100 will go to great use towards your setup if you do end up winning thank you and good luck for one disaster to another at number two we got Bryce with a solid dual monitor setup talk about moving on up he's rocking at gateway 1520 VGA monitor that's being powered by D del and spire on 17 or laptop but it doesn't even stop there baller Bryce OH has an 11-inch MacBook Air off to the right side weather actually works is irrelevant at this point he doesn't have a keyboard which means that he's using a laptop but his chair is in front of the gateway monitor which confuses the hell out of me because he has to reach over to the laptop keyboard in order to type something and then look over at the other monitor I also noticed that the mouse is in an awkward location as well I really hope that he put the laptop there just to take pictures for the show because this is definitely not comfortable he does have a few audio devices the iHome speaker under the laptop and a pair of JVC headphones I love that he used a few books and a flat piece of wood to hold up the laptop Sally the cable management is the best part about this setup I mean everything else is lacking aesthetics and ergonomics but Thank You Bryce for entering and I wish you good luck coming in at number 3 is Nick and a beautiful black and brown setup it's almost as if he was going with a nature theme with those wooden nightstands just gorgeous using the Dell Vostro laptop and unlike the previous contestant Nick actually hooked up a separate keyboard and mouse to it although it's in an awkward position this leads me to believe that this is fake because there is no way that someone can actually sit comfortably at this setup it just feels like Nick grabbed his laptop and keyboard and found a place in his living room and place them on the nightstands guys it's very easy to spot a fake setup but that's the best part of our setup boards because you guys get to vote and these clowns can't fool you it's also really hard finding good quality pictures for the worst setup edition so I'm forced to pick these types of setups instead but anyways nice try and make better luck next time Oh fakers next up with a more believable setup although does look like the most uncomfortable setup I've ever seen I mean how the hell does this guy use his mouse seriously there's like no room on that dresser maybe it's fake but I don't know at this point I give up and it's up to you guys to decide I mean if you can afford a nice bed like that then why can't you buy a decent desk for your setup but anyways I digress I will give them some props for keeping consistent would be black and blue themed the blue drawer is matching with the blue trash can and we even got the Blue Chair to top it all off probably one of the best color-coordinated worst setups I have ever seen on the show Bravo the PC powering this awful setup has an Intel Core q 6600 which I've never even heard about and it doesn't even have a dedicated GPU cable management is atrocious but that's to be expected but my only concern about this set up is the amount of space Oleg is working with honestly there's just no room for that Mouse it's not humanly possible regardless thanks for entering and good luck last but not least we have sub hand with another very sketchy setup this is literally a Dell laptop that someone brought over to his living room and placed it on a footrest I mean seriously if your living room looks that good do you honestly think that we are stupid enough to fall for this fake setup sadly I ran out of qualified contestants to choose from which is why I had to throw this crap in here but regardless you guys get to vote like I keep saying so that is it for this episode of set up boards make sure you guys vote using the link below because those are only votes that I count since there is money involved the person with the worst setup will receive $100 I lost the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts make sure you follow me there if you guys want I love your faces thank you for watching I will see you in the next one
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