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Setup Wars - Episode 111

what's the tech stories let's add some guys and welcome to setup wars episode 111 where you so much' desk setup to get featured on my channel if you guys want to participate you already know what to do make sure to watch the video linked below but with that said other setup wars begin starting off the show we got Abdul and an eye-popping white red and black setup the contrast of the setup is seriously next-level from the acoustic films on the wall to the actual wallpaper on the 24-inch BenQ monitor and even the decals on his PC I'm already loving the presentation of this setup and it looks like he has a YouTube channel over a hundred thousand subscribers based on that silver play button I'll drop a link to his channel below you guys have to watch his desk setup video it has the most epic intro that I've ever seen anywhere seriously so on the IKEA mom desk he's rocking the k70 RGB keyboard and the final mouse 2016 he does have an audio technica at2020 microphone for voiceovers along with a pair of Bluetooth speakers I love the red accents he added on the edges of the desk it not only blends perfectly with the setups color scheme but also pairs well with his PC case so this is the NZXT noctus 450 case and it's rocking a 1600 k-6 core processor 64 gigs of ram i think it is just in my pants and a gigabyte gtx 1080 Wow even the PC has some custom work to match the theme like the painted PCI brackets is logo near the PSU shroud and some custom work on the SSD this dude's dedication to keep the color scheme of this setup consistent is unlike anything I've ever seen his iPhone even has a red case with a red apple logo in the back and even has a red candle a candle are you serious right now this dude will make anyone who has OCD feel very satisfied I don't have any complaints with the cable management looks like everything is under control and I just noticed that he hooked up a white SD card reader and replaced the black ear cuffs on the BT 770 and also the floor mat is even red this dude is something else but even with all the attention to detail there are some things that personally would have done differently first up with the acoustic foam clearly this was added for aesthetic reasons because it's not covering most of the wall making its purpose less effective I was definitely try and fill in the side without affecting the design that he was going for because there is a lot of unnecessary empty space the two speakers on my desk should be split up now I don't know if these are the same speakers that allow you to connect both of them at the same time but if they are that's all the reason you need to split them up maybe put one on the left side and the other on the right also there is no contrast with the mousepad black on black doesn't really look good especially in your setup so either a white and black mouse on top of these black mouse pad would work or a white and red mouse pad under your black mouse the coarser m65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse would be perfect for your setup actually to change the yellow cursor logo to red and you are pretty much set and finally the black and white chair doesn't really go well with the rest of your setup so instead of this white and red gaming chair with black accents from verdaguer with metro set up way better and I'll jet building to everything I talked about in this video down below if anyone is interested but anyway those are just my two cents that's definitely one badass gaming and youtube setup that you got there thank you updo for entering Georgia is next up with another badass gaming setup and he's rocking two displays the 30 inch LG smart TV up top and a 35 inch curved gaming monitor from Bank U on the bottom the keyboard is from coarser and SB k70 RGB with cherry MX red switches and he's also using SteelSeries rival 300 gaming mouse as well he didn't really hold for the keyboard and mouse so he just routed the keyboard behind the martyr and the mouse cable is being held up by a bungee for audio he's rocking a pair of Logitech Z 623 speakers which are being blocked off by the ultra white monitor and we got the popular logitech g930 gaming headset as well cable management is pretty good the ikea big hands desk comes with a net underneath to store all the cables and the jar they even added a spiral sleeve to hide some of the wires down there and also for the cables from the top monitor the PC that's powering this setup also has the same color scheme and it's rocking a 6600 K and a gtx 1070 if I were you I would find another place for those speakers so that they are not being blocked off by the monitor I mean I would move the monitor to the left a bit to make some room for them on the side but then the lg tv wouldn't be centered with the BenQ monitor and I think that would drive me crazy other than that it's a solid gaming setup Thank You gr tey for entering taking a break from all the black and red we got Jimmy and his black-and-white simplistic setup looks like he just has the essentials on his desk and nothing more exactly 24 inch asus monitor the cooler master light RGB gaming keyboard and the mouse combo with the white glorious extended mousepad the only audio sources he's got are the logitech z 200 speakers and the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset and speaking of gaming the PC that gets the job done is also in black and white the back of the setup looks a bit busy but it seems to be under control thanks to a couple of twisty ties and electrical tape so I don't have any complaints it's a clean and minimalistic gaming setup Thank You Jimmy for entering coming in at number 4 we got Miguel with a dual ultrawide monitor setup featuring the asus rog pg3 for 8 q gaming monitors I love how he hooked up a curved wireless sound bar from Samsung to match the curve of dumb monitors I haven't seen that on the show yet that's pretty cool so the actual desk set up he's got consists of the IKEA Carl B countertop an Alex your unit and some stainless steel legs that are holding up the other side which is resting on his mini-fridge he even made use of that extra space by putting his Xbox one elite on there they're also damn here he's got the Astro a40 gaming headset it looks like Miguel drilled in a few hooks on his desk to help with the cable management with the help of some cable clips velcro straps and 3m tape he managed to clean up all the wires from the ground nicely done speaking of drilling holes it looks like he drilled some for the keyboard and mouse and for his surface book and wireless charger for peripherals he's rocking the courser gaming k95 keyboard the sabor RGB Mouse on top of the RGB Polaris mousepad which he synced together using the cursor q lightening software the ripple effect is his favorite so whenever he clicks on a key a wave of light gets sent into each direction across this keyboard mouse and even mouse pad which is pretty dope the PC that's powering the setup has a 60 50 k-6 core processor and two EVGA GTX 1080 FTW additions in SLI okay so I get the surface book the wireless charger and even a Bioshock Big Daddy figurine being on the desk but what's up with the zombie quick revive Cola bottles being right there in the middle it kind of looks out of place to me everything else is pretty much perfect a very sick gaming setup thank you Miguel for entering last but not least we got prints and right off the bat the cable management is making me want to jump off a bridge there are just too many cables that are left unintended I mean if you could build a custom water-cooled PC I know you have the skills to manage a few cables unless the PC wasn't built by you then I can understand the desk is using is the Atlantic gaming desk Pro which isn't something I would recommend because it's very light and flimsy but he's only got a 29 inch curved monitor from Samsung on it so for this setup it's actually fine I definitely don't recommend this desk for multi-monitor setups or for people that want to put their pcs on the top one of the things I do like about the desk is the fact that it comes with a cup holder the headphone hanger and two speaker stands which are holding up your Logitech C 533 speakers so none of that we got the Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and he does had our mouse and for audio he's rocking a pair of sony MDR headphones and a Logitech G 430 gaming headset sadly he's only got space to hang one of the headphones I do feel like this setup needs a lot of work the cables being priority over here I don't like the fact that the speaker cables are laying on top of the desk like that also the random RGB LED remote that's hooked up against the wall and then the random colors throughout the entire setup I mean you got a black and green PC with Razer gear so why not go with a black and green color scheme I just feel like the red LEDs on the keyboard and mouse plus the blue colors from the headset really throw off everything and that's why I feel like the coordination is one of the major things that is lacking from this setup it definitely has potential though so if you spend some time to change a few things up and tidy up the cables I promise you this setup would look a lot better I'm also tempted in starting a new series called setup makeover where I go across the country into people's homes and completely revamp their setup from bottom to top I don't know I'm just throwing some random ideas out let me know in the comments section if that's something you guys want to see done on the channel it's going to be pretty pricey but if you guys are interested in that type of content I will make it happen but anyways that is it for this episode of setup orders make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always I'll announce the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts make sure you guys are follow me there if you are interested thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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