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Setup Wars - Episode 112

what's up guys as mtech Soares and welcome to setup wars episode 112 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked below with that said and done ladies and gentlemen let us set up wars begin this episode of setup wars is sponsored by wiki buy so check this out guys if you're a human being then chances are you probably like saving money wiki buy does just that it finds lower prices from other online sellers when you shop on Amazon and displays how much money you can potentially save it even applies coupon codes automatically on hundreds of retailer sites like eBay jet calm and even target how it works is simple when you search for products on Amazon for example you will see a green box under the price and when you hover over it it will not only give you the price history but it will also tell you where you can buy cheaper and save money wiki by consistently find savings on electronics hardware and even gaming accessories and the best part is that it's free and doesn't require any extra work if you guys want to try it out yourself and potentially save some money click on the link in the description section to download the extension again it's completely free so starting off the show is Brian and his impressive custom-made water-cooled PC desk that's running on a 60 70 K and an EVGA GTX 1080 he also custom-built some shelves on the sides and a monitor riser that's holding up as a surprise e35 gaming ultrawide monitor what's interesting about the setup is that brian is rocking two sets of speakers because one is too mainstream we got two tiny seungu bamboo speakers up top and two massive floor speakers from Surman Vega on the bottom of his setup I mean you really need speakers that big for a gaming setup it kind of seems overkilled he's also using the Royal kludge Pro 104 keyboard and the EVGA Toro x5 Mouse fun fact that's actually the same keyboard I use for my Wolverine setup video although I did use a white one and painted it yellow instead he does have a pair of DT 770's as well when he's not using the speakers and he's got that hooked up to the pile amplifier he definitely has some taste in audio gear I'll give him that it's a bit overkill but he's got taste cable management is pretty good for the most part although there is one loose cable under the PC that kind of bothers me along with the cables running down from the headset and monitors but overall it's a very organized and impressive gaming setup thank you Brian for entering this next one kind of reminds me of emails gaming setup in the sense that Justin also mounted his monitor and PC against the wall by the way for those of you that aren't following my Instagram accounts email recently got his ultrawide monitor and here is what his setup looks like now with the lg monitor installed so when you look at this setup from a distance you can see that it's actually a floating desk that he designed and built himself the monitor and PC aren't exactly mounted against the wall directly he's also got two different setups the right side is using a 34 inch ultra light from Samsung that's hooked up to his custom PC and on the left side is an MSI laptop he didn't list what CPU he is using but he is running on the x99 chipset with 32 gigs of ram and the galaxy allah fame gtx 1080 I'm loving that white and black color scheme but I feel like that black color from the PSU on the bottom doesn't really belong there this is definitely a strange recommendation but a custom PSU cover and white would look a lot better in my opinion for audio he's using a pair of bose companion 5 speakers so the main setup and then we got these Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones for the laptop setup he does have a 12 South MacBook stand on the far left but I don't see a MacBook and he didn't mention in the notes so I'm confused why that's there for peripherals he's using two logitech g502 mice for both setups and a Corsair Vengeance k70 keyboard cable management is very clean especially for a setup like this excellent worth bundling the wires together and keeping it hidden under the desk even above the desk the cables are hidden very well thanks to the holes that Justin drilled for each piece of tech a lot of thought and planning has gone into this setup and it definitely shows I just feel like it's missing something there's a lot of extra space above your monitor and PC and I feel like if you fill that up with some posters or even some shelves with some products on top it would look complete regardless excellent job on all the custom work this is a gorgeous setup indeed Thank You Justin for entering a number three we have NEMA what a razor themed music production setup featuring the 29 inch asus monitor and a 50 inch samsung plasma TV up top below that he's using the eraser or braver keypad and the Ouroboros gaming mouse so instead of going with a razor keyboard to match the rest of the gear he picked up the Microsoft designer keyboard and mouse which I'm guessing is used for mixing and editing music while the Razer mice are used for gaming for audio he's walking to giant Yamaha hs7 monitor speakers on its sides and a pair of m50 X's the PC powering the setup has an all black color scheme featuring the 59:30 k-6 core processor we got 32 gigs of ram and 2 asus strix 970 s in sli this is also the first time that I've seen the BitFenix pandora case in action I can't really see the cable management because the backboard is blocking off everything but from what I can tell by looking inside the drawers is that he keeps everything very tidy and organized it's a very symmetrical and clean setup with purpose Thank You Nima for entering speaking of symmetry check out Peters battle station it's got three 27-inch Dell monitors a Logitech G 29 driving wheel for racing games and an Xbox one for console games for PC gaming he's using the Philco magic touch keyboard and the logitech g930 Watty devices hooked up to the pc like the sound blaster ex katana sound bar and we got the Prasanna studio monitor speakers but he's also got the cursor h 2100 headset and he's sennheiser HD 800 headphones there's definitely a lot of stuff on his desk but I think he did a great job organizing it and almost everything has its purpose there isn't anything extra like action figures or IKEA plans to take up the space he even did a great job with the cable management we got lots of cable sleeves channel raceways and boxes were used to hide the wires nicely done the PC pushing all these pixels is running on the 50 20 K and 2 gigabyte GTX 1080s in sli so the things I like about this set up are the posters on the wall the symmetry and the cable management the only thing I don't like about the setup are the stickers you put on the walls what's worse is that some of them are Razer stickers really regardless it's a pretty sick battle station thank you Peter for entering last but not least we got the return of Stan lured with an upgraded setup I don't remember what setup he was featured on before but it looks like he added a fourth monitor if I'm not mistaken so now he's got three 27-inch del gaming monitors and a 27 inch 4k monitor up top oh I don't like the fact that is blocking the posters behind it looks like he kept the black and red dead space theme from before as well I think the snowball ice microphone is also new because I don't remember it from his old setup however he does still have the cursor k95 RGB keyboard with the ROG spatha and that badass custom dead space mouse pad from Inked gaming that's definitely something I won't forget for audio he's still rocking me both companion 5 speakers and the wireless Boyd headset from Corsair K Weismann was perfect before and it's still perfect there's a crap ton of cables behind the monitors but none of it is visible from the front and everything is kept off the ground with some zip ties and cable clips and finally the PC is also the same it's still rocking the 5820k and 3 GTX 970 s in SLI in that custom loop very minor improvements from before but regardless it's still an updated setup so thank you standard for entering again so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always makes you guys drop your comments below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup now if you guys want to enter for a chance to win $25 Amazon gift card you guys have to vote using a nice Apple link below as always four people are randomly selected and announced at the end of the month anyways that's it thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next one
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