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Setup Wars - Episode 113

do you guys skip my intro on setup wars I'm just curious if so you skip to the intro animation or do you skip straight to the setups because sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to myself in the beginning of my setup for show but anyways let me know what you guys do in the comment section anyways welcome to setup wars episode 113 where you submitted ESSEC setup to get featured on the channel let's just let's let the setup wars begin kicking off the episode we got Chris and his sick customs superhero PC desk setup featuring a 55 inch Samsung TV up top be popular 34 inch ultra wide gaming monitor from Asus this is the PG 3 for 8 q which by the way I featured in the Wolverines setup excellent choice on the surface it looks pretty straightforward we got the cursor k95 keyboard with a Razer Ouroboros mouse and some Altec Lansing speakers obviously I don't agree with the placement of the speakers since it's right in front of the monitor but everything else is looking good the desk is also custom made and built from scratch so check this out guys it's got programmable RGB lighting we got leather interior for the drawers and a slip underneath the monitor to hide the keyboard and mouse cable now what I like most about it is the glass encasing on the right side showing off as B's PC it's got a 6700 K and an Asus GTX 1080 the colors are all over the place so I'm going to assume that this has an RGB color scheme with a hint of a superhero team the organization inside the drawers and the cable management under the desk is excellent and I like that he added a USB hub on the side for easy access a very nice custom build setup thank you Chris for entering Joseph minute to set up words because he has my face on one of his monitors looks like he figure out the secret on how to get accepted I'm just kidding eyes whatever you do don't put a video still of my face on your monitors nobody wants to see that ugly mug we would much prefer to see a dope-ass wallpaper just like your Power Rangers wallpapers on your monitors although kind of matches your setups color scheme now that I look at it a bit more with my black and red foams in the back found and my blue shirt matching the blue shoeboxes you got on the right side maybe this was done on purpose I don't know but anyways you got to 24 inch Samsung monitors hooked up to the wall-e mount and above that we got a 40 inch 4k TV from Samsung the surface of the desk is very clean and symmetrical good work on the cables for the k70 keyboard and the g502 Mouse he's also rocking a D brand skin the ps4 on the left side and a few Power Ranger figurines to contribute to the personality aspect of the set up for audio he's rocking a Logitech z2 13 speakers and the Astro a40 s that are hanging from the bottom of the desk superb work with the cable management this is what I love to see all the wires are off the ground and notice how we even attach this subwoofer underneath the table a lot of 3m tables definitely used to make this happen here except is RGB remote a power strip a USB hub and even an SD card reader if you want to keep the surface of your desk as clean as joseph´s you got to mount those small things on the side or even underneath your desk setup tips 101 that's what the show is about and finally we've got the PCs powering everything it's got a 60 70 K and an msi gtx 1070 with exquisite cable management personally i think that a red ranger figuring would have been a better option instead of Deadpool since you kind of have a Power Rangers theme going out already but it's not as the way it is anyways thank you Joseph for entering this next set up for Mark is put together very well it's got function and I really like the way he organized the stuff on his desk so he's got two 27-inch ause monitors hooked up on a desk mount and the k70 keyboard with Scimitar RGB Mouse below the desk was custom made and it's 2 inches thick with a length of 75 inches he also built it with his grandfather so he doesn't want to drill any holes for the keyboard and mouse which I can understand I also like how you ran the keyboard wired through a pyramid of cinder blocks that he built on his desk I think that's pretty cool for audio he's got the Mackie CR 3 limited edition gold trim monitor speakers we also got the bose soundtrue 2 headphones and an mxr l microphone that's been custom skinned and black with beer and if you guys have your speaker's on its sides like Mark does please use some sort of foam underneath them like he did believe it or not it does make a difference in the sound output depending on the surface of your desk speaking of making a difference I like the placement of the microphone it's way back there in the corner not taking up any extra space when it's not being used and also the placement of the audio interface as well it's right under his desk and closer to him so that he can plug his headphones in whenever he does end up using it beautiful work with the cable management under his desk as well as inside his old black PC mark is definitely one of the very few people who use stock PSU cables and make it look so good a beautiful setup with symmetry and purpose although the monitors aren't exactly symmetrical with the blinds but that's my OCD talking thank you mark for entering speaking of symmetry this setup from Scott doesn't have any the main monitor is the 34 inch ultra light from LG and the vertical one on the side is a 27 inch from Asus he's got both of them mounted against the wall which looks very clean and below that we got the vortex Poker keyboard and the logitech g930 setup for your smart phone so it's got a Qi charger that's hooked up to a microUSB cable which he tucked in very close to his keyboard and then he routed those cables through the hole right next to his keyboard that's definitely one way to do it he's also got quite a few audio sources we can tell why you three speakers up top and also a pair of em 50s astro a40 s and a high five man he3 50s hanging from the right side and speaking of audio he's also got a sony sound bar that's hooked up to a 60-inch sharp tv for console gaming and he doesn't discriminate because he's rocking both ps4 and Xbox one which by the way our skin by D brands cable visor is surprisingly isn't bad considering he's got a lot of text I see some cable raceways velcro straps that are wrapped around the legs of the desk great work my duty and to top it off he's even got a badass PC to complement his entire gaming room setup it's equipped with a 67 hundred k 32 gigs of ram and a GTX can eighty founders Edition but I'm kind of curious as to why you have a quad core processor with that much RAM I mean if you need 32 gigs of RAM chances are you are doing CPU heavy tasks whether it's graphic design 3d modeling or just editing vid but if that's the case I would definitely up the core count in your CPU as well it will definitely help but I'm pretty sure you know what you're doing after all you are subscribed to tech source but this is definitely a badass gaming room slash battle station thank you Scott for entering finishing up the episode we have a clean and minimalistic setup from sea bass not a single while you're in sight the cable management game up here is on point although under the desk is a different story I mean sure all the wires are off the ground but it's kind of a mess up here I feel like you took the hard way and manually nailed some cable hooks up there with some velcro straps to hold up the wires honestly a much easier way to contain all of that nonsense up there is a Signum rack from Ikea or if you want a much cleaner look a channel Raceway will do the job it also looks like the setup is being powered by a 2014 MacBook Air and it's interesting to see that a MacBook is stored underneath the desk instead of above by the way that's one cool detail on your MacBook finally someone who doesn't use mainstream overused fake IKEA plants nope this dude got himself two dragon trees instead I also love how almost everything is in white we got the Kanto yu2 speaker's LED lamp the headphone hangar and even those pots that are holding the plants not to mention the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse but there's really not much else to say it's a very clean and minimalistic setup Thank You sea bass for entering before I head out and give huge thanks to the sponsor of this episode Skullcandy and they sent out their new crusher wireless headphone the long story short guys I love these things so the catchphrase for these headphones is bass you can feel and let me tell you guys that's no joke you can literally feel the vibrations of the ear cups it feels like you're in your friend's car and he's blasting and music to max they're calling it stereo haptic face you know when the bass is so loud that you can actually feel the vibrations around your body and even in your ears that's what it feels like using these headphones if you feel like the bass is too overpowering which it definitely might be for some then you can adjust it by using a slider near the back to find a level that you're happy with personally half way down is a sweet spot for me and anything higher is too hardcore these are definitely premium headphones you get extremely comfortable memory foam cushions that go fully around the ears it also provides excellent news isolation and like most wireless headphones it comes with a built-in mic and a spare aux cable in case you run out of battery and speaking of battery life you get up to 40 hours of it that's crazy if you guys really want that immersive experience and love EDM or hip-hop or just bass heavy music and movies that honestly you have to check out these headphones I mean even though they sponsor this episode of setup ors i am legit going to be using these as my main pair of wireless headphones they are that good and just my subscribers out there you guys can get 20% off these headphones if you use the code crusher 20 - - i'm pretty confident you guys are going to love the quality of your set phones and if you don't well you can always send them back for a full refund deputy my traps of the video as always drop your comments down below on who you think has the best that setup and allows the winners on twitter and instagram account thank you guys so much for watching i will see you in the next one
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