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Setup Wars Episode 114 - Ultimate Edition

so before I begin this episode I want to apologize on two things one the lighting is really crappy here and also the audio as you can see I've no Cousteau Chrome's behind me this is my first official video at my new place so there's a lot of things I still need to put together my windows don't have any shutters so there's a bunch of lights coming in and messing with the lighting of my studio and also does a lot of echo and reverb but because I don't have any coup stick foams around me so again I apologize things will get better I just need some time give me a few weeks but anyways in my dad wasting more time welcome to setup wars episode 114 way you some desks that have to get featured on a channel let the setup wars begin I want to give each things to Vikings war of clans or sponsoring this episode so the objective of the game is to capture the place of power and the Kingdom players can upgrade their town and warriors for battle or even team up with others to create a stronger clan this has easily become the most addictive mobile game that I've played recently and it kind of feels similar to a full-fledged PC strategy game with crisp visuals but instead it's playable anywhere on your smartphone the Vikings war of clans is already truly popular with over 3 million players from around the world facing off at battles in fact I've just started playing the game so if you guys want to team up with me make sure you search textures in game and add me to your friends list I'll leave a link below so you guys can download Vikings were clans for yourself and receive a complimentary 200 gold for that competitive edge kick starting the episode we got John and his gorgeous ultra wide gaming setup featuring the Acer x34 ultra light gaming monitor that hooked up to a custom made backdrop in fact the backdrop isn't the only thing that's custom built we got the wall shelves up there and the rest of the desk that was put together by John and I think it came out perfect normally my OCD would kick in seeing a smaller monitor hooked up next to an ultra-wide but oddly enough it actually works with this setup I think that adding another ultra light would be overkill and not very practical for his setup you also maintain symmetry the PC on the right offsets the monitor on the left side I also love how clean the build is with the red LED fans from thermaltake and also the custom black and red sleeving I don't know what CPU cooler you're rocking but I'm definitely digging that heatsink design sitting on top of the wall shelves you've got a pair of Edifier r2 700 speakers and the popular HyperX cloud core headset for symmetrical purposes you've got the idea plants on the left side along with two framed pictures up top which happens to have a black and red beam as well very clean cable work with the straight keyboard and Diablo 3 Mouse as well as with the rest of the cables under the desk he hid them very well behind the desk and the LED placement is spot-on it's facing directly against the wall and it's very close to it allowing the LEDs to bounce back and give off a very nice go effects under the monitor I'm not sure about that lamp on the left side though I mean if you can add extra light on the left side I would do the same thing on the opposite side to kind of balance it because it's kind of looking a bit dark behind that PC adding something like the AA key table RGB lamp behind your PC would be really nice and only cost around 20 bucks he even managed to save some extra space by mounting his router and USB hub another desk very nice definitely one of the better black and red gaming setups that I've seen on the show and if it wasn't for a few minor adjustments honestly this would have gone the seal of approval but thank you John for entering sticking with consistent color schemes then ultra wide monitors we got Nathan and another gorgeous and clean setup right off the bat I will give him some credits for rocking the better ultra light gaming monitor the AOSP g3 for 8q with g sync and 100 hertz refresh rate in case you guys didn't notice it he did custom paint the bottom part of it in white to match the color scheme flanking that gorgeous monitor we got a pair of Yamaha HS HW studio monitor speakers and for the gear he's rocking the case M in the RGB keyboard with custom white key caps and the M 65 RGB mouse I love that contrast between the key caps the mouse and even a mousepad nathan has either been watching my channel 4 a long time always simply knows what the hell he's doing or hell maybe both who knows I mean this dude even food coasters on each side of his desk for symmetry reasons are you sure you are not related to me because this set up is already screaming my name so on the left side there is the coarser void had said sitting on a white acrylic stand and next to that is his white printer again staying very consistent to the white theme I was going to say that the black D brain scans what I've added better contrast on your laptop but when I thought about it a bit more I did agree with the white skins because the rest of the laptop has subtle black accents to complement the white skin excellent choice cable management and the drawers past cable management in the PC past cable management behind the PC pass cable management under the desk goddamn pass just take it man here just just take the seal of approval please you get $100 cash in your PayPal accounts a tech source t-shirts and most importantly you get a custom-made plaque just like the one over here on the screen with my signature on there which is optional if you want so if you're watching this video toss me an email to set up pores to claim your prize' well-deserved man what can I say I have a sucker for beauty and perfection honestly I think the icing on the cake was that badass chair and that skull thing that's hanging from the wall Nathan even included a video the demonstrates has RGB light setup let's check it out vertical mode really dude I'm sorry I'm gonna have to take the plaque back I'm just kidding send me that email you're getting the plaque I'm just joking Mayson you beautiful bastard thank you for blessing our eyeballs with your amazing setup speaking of blessing our eyeballs holy what the hell is going on here this looks very busy but you gotta admit it looks boss ass what is it with me in cursing this episode I'm sorry guys not normally like this I keep this channel pg-13 but the setups in this episode are giving me a massive bow so he's rocking to 27 inch ROG monitors on the side and in the center we got the PG 3 for 8 Q once again and right above that is the LG 34 you see 97 at first I thought there were two more monitors near the top but they're not truthfully I don't know what those are maybe some of you had subwoofers or something but I'm not really sure there was however a sound bar that sucked up behind the LG monitor and he's also got the ghost companion 20 speakers mounted against the wall on both sides of the martyrs great work with these symmetry there in case you haven't realized it at this point the desk is custom built and painted to go along with the rest of the setup and I love how we kept the black and red contrast consistent a fine example is the shelf on the right side and the cable management cut out for the razor Deathstalker chroma keyboard any tartarus Mouse seriously if you look close you can see that those are red very nice attention to detail some of the stuff you've got laid around on the desk is the rgg 50 750 series laptop razer naga mouse and the thrust master joystick that's built inside the desk actually the base is embedded inside but the actual joystick can be detached which is cool under a desk is where the party is that though we've got a cool footrest near the back we got a sennheiser sense gaming headset and a beast water-cooled gaming pc rocking a 6700 K and 2 ROG Poseidon 980ti S&S alive excellent cable management skills and props on the custom paint job as well that's definitely one fine machine you got there this definitely isn't a setup it's a freaking monster battle station Thank You Pete for a drink keeping the train going we got will and his corner quad display set up this episode's on fire he's got 327 inch Samsung monitor surrounding the Acer predator x34 and you know that we got the Black Widow keyboard or believer keypad and the Mad Catz Mouse by the way those are not painted in white they are actually wrapped in white carbon fiber well except the Mad Catz mouse that one is actually painted beautiful work by the way I also like that the entire setup isn't just black and red he's doing some white accents in there to change it up a bit I feel like painting the bottom part of the monitors and the stands white would look really nice and give the entire setup more contrast but I understand that it's way more permanent solution and it's way more work what's really cool about the setup is that we'll added some black tempered glass floating shelves underneath the monitors to keep it level with the ultra light that is freakin cool audio is rocking instead of five speakers from Bose with a subwoofer underneath and the game zero gaming headset cable management seems to be under control there are a lot of zip ties being used to keep most of the wires off the ground which I can appreciate but what the hell is that thing under your drawer seriously these are kia capital legs are only like 20 bucks and they will help keep that drawer off the ground in a much cleaner way finally the PC that's powering this beast battle station is kind of an oldie it's rocking the 3930k paired with two EVGA gtx 980ti s and sli but here's what grinds my gears so first of all I love how clean the build looks and I will give you major props on painting the back plates and adding those custom decals the build looks sick especially with that vinyl wrap around the tubes for the CPU cooling but if you spend all that time making your build look so damn sexy you want to spend a little more time on the sli bridge honestly you could even take the easy way out and just straight-up paint that whole thing to match your color scheme you don't even have to go out and get a custom sli bridge done because that really sticks out and kind of we'll just to be honest but regardless this is one hell of battle station I'm really diggin the posters of Deadpool and the Punisher up there along with the symmetry of everything else I think you did a great job putting everything together thank you for intern finishing up strong we got then and his souped up productivity set up who says you have to be part of the PC master-race to have a sick setup then is here to prove just that the star of the show is 27-inch 5k iMac right smack in the center between two 24-inch AOC monitors of course you can't have an Apple productivity setup without the almighty MacBook Pro which is resting on a shelf to the side on the same shelf he's got both the DJI phantom 4 and the Matic pro which arguably are to the best drones out right now but back to the main setup so there's definitely a lot going on here we got the usual Apple trackpad and keyboard combo along with a drawing tablet on side he's also rocking a pair of audio engine 82 plus speakers without the beats solo headphones on there here we also have some external drives from lassie and both of his cameras the Canon 5d Mark 4 and the mark 2 the cable management isn't flawless but at least he kept them off the ground with the help of some velcro straps this sort of definitely costs a lot of money but I feel like Zen knows what he is doing this entire setup has purpose and the productivity flow feels very high Thank You Zen for entering but that is it for this episode of set of wars you guys so much for watching make sure you drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always I'll announce the winners on my social media platforms on the weekend thing guys so much for watching I love your noses and I'll see you in the next video
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