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Setup Wars Episode 115 | Budget Edition

the worst set up edition is coming in just five more episodes guys which means these submissions are now open for the worst setup edition so if you guys have a potato setup and want to participate for a chance to win $100 make sure you guys grab your camera and start taking pictures of your setup make sure to send me at least 10 pictures and very good lighting so very good quality pictures please and make sure you guys list everything in the notes that is part of your setup the desk monitor keyboard mines everything that's on your desk send it to setup wars at you guys have 2 to 3 weeks to send in your potato setups but anyways with that said welcome to setup wars episode 115 budget Edition let the setup wars begin as always let me clarify the budget Edition is not broke edition it's basically people who build setups based on a budget instead of going with the 1080 they go to 1060 instead of going with 3 monitors they only go with a single monitor so basically these setups were built with a budget in mind so with that said let's begin the show starting up the show we got Ian with a pretty simple black-and-white setup he's rocking a 24 inch monitor from Ben Q and the logitech Atlas keyboard and g502 mouse which by the way is custom painted it's interesting that he doesn't have a mousepad though I love how he hit his boom arm in the back of the monitor which is holding the BM 800 microphone very nice choice on his placement there and there's also symmetry in this setup notice how we added those three banners on each side of the acoustic foams also the Megaman pixel and the Samsung wireless charger contribute to the symmetry of the setup very nice for audio is rocking a pair of Logitech V 200 speakers the snow-white Edition and the popular and 50 X's that are hanging from the side of the desk oh and speaking of the desk it's actually custom made I just love the wiring job of the keyboard and mouse and the cables behind this PC the rest of the wires are not visible but I'm going to assume that he did a great job and speaking of the PC it's got an i-5 3330 GTX 1050 this is definitely a clean budget setup thingie we enforced under not to show it Samaras next up with his kylo Ren theme setup I love that kylo Ren mural you got up there but it kind of looks a bit crooked and I feel like it's a bit too high up there there's definitely a lot of empty space between the monitor and the painting but that's just my two cents he's rocking a 28 inch Samsung monitor and the genesis CX 55 keyboard and mouse combo the symmetry is kind of ruined from that trust GXT speaker that's sitting on top of the ps4 but it's not really a big deal in fact what you can do to fix that is to put the ps4 under your monitors just pick up a cheap monitor stand like this one for example and put your monitor on top of it and your ps4 on the right so I will give you some extra space on the right side and you don't have to place your speaker on the ps4 aside from the truss speakers he does have the Logitech G 230 gaming headset off to the right side resting on the acrylic stand cable management is really good but I'm kind of curious as to why you picked up a signal rack if it's not holding up anything significant it's literally holding up a few wires which i think is over killed a child raceway would have been a better option for you and finally the PC is using is equipped with a 6500 and a gtx 1016 overall not bad it's organized for the most part but does need a few tweaks to improve regardless thank you with Lamar for entering sometimes it's good being on a budget it forces you to be creative and build things yourself if you don't have the money in the first place like Casper for example and is interesting custom PC that he built from steel and laser cut acrylic I'm sure it's got outdated specs but it looks pretty damn cool it's also interesting to see fans outside of a case the setup on the other hand is pretty basic and straightforward we got the 22 inch yama monitor which he happened to overclock to 75 Hertz would you look at that and a wireless keyboard and mouse from Logitech the only audio sources got are those creative t20 speakers and the cable management is under control thanks to the cable box and some zip ties it may be a basic setup but it's clean and it works Thank You Casper for entering I don't think there's another set up out there that truly belongs on this budget episode of setup wars when you look up the definition of budget this is the picture that you are presented with so apparently max Lewis entire budget on his PC and had only $10 left in his pocket which he ended up spending on three CRT monitors from Craigslist I'm pretty sure the custom-made monitor stands came with a purchase that's looking marvelous so aside from the beautiful displays he's using the Corsair k70 keyboard and the m65 mouse that's sitting on top of a crappy ass mousepad that he bought some fries you seriously are on a budget for audio he's rocking the polaroid audio tower which is quite possibly the ugliest speaker's I have ever seen he also has the SteelSeries Octus v gaming headset seriously though I can't believe you got all those three monitors for just $10 talk about a spiel suprisingly as cable management isn't bad considering he is using a glass desk but it kind of looks like there's a lot of stuff going on back there and I feel like you took pictures at a perfect angle not to show any of that clutter sneaky bastard and finally the PC that somehow magically powering this setup is a custom loop inside eternal take p5k it's rockin a 7500 K that's overclocked to 4.9 gigahertz and not one but two GTX 1080p is in sli because we all know that one isn't enough to power those three very demanding monitors a very budget-friendly setup Thank You max for entering and also for teaching us has to spend our money on gear last but not least as Paul and his ultra clean white and black set up between a 27-inch a2 smarter we also got the CM quickfire rapid keyboard with custom key caps and the m65 pearl mouse this is actually the first time that I've seen a black extended mousepad with white edges and I think you made a great choice here with the white on black contrast it's very beautiful there was a bungee holding up the wire for the m65 and we also got a basic stereoscopic mic on the left side for audio inputs four outputs we got a pair of MX 30s hanging from the wall I'm not sure what's going on with that wired oh well let's work on the cable management underneath the desk this is actually a great example of someone not using a Signum rack or a channel raceway for cable management all he used were velcro straps to keep the cables together and hit it nicely done the white on black contrast is very nice and kept it consistent throughout the setup the PC is no exception would be black and whites leaving and the fans I also like how you match the color of the logo on the GPU to his LED lights it's very subtle but it looks nice I don't know if I agree with your poster above your setup though I mean I get that it's Star Wars related but it's kind of messing with your color scheme I feel like the popular stormtrooper wall art with it perfectly but other than that if they very clean setup Thank You Paula and crane so that is it for this episode make sure you guys drop your comments down below and result and do you think has the best debt setup as always announce the winners on might water and it's the fella counts make sure to follow me there if you guys want to thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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