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Setup Wars - Episode 116

thanks to Squarespace for making today's video possible well a Stephan thanks to us welcome to setup was ever so once HT where you submitted that set up a get features not a challenge because when I participate make sure watch the video link down below with that side ladies and gentlemen a set of words begin kick-starting the episode we got my homie Anthony and his YouTube set up he does create tech videos like me so make sure you guys check him out I'll drop a link below to his channel so he's got the new LG 34 UC 89 G that was just released by LG and this thing can be overclocked to 166 Hertz features G sync and as they curved ultrawide monitor make sure you guys check out my video on it in case you missed it last week it's currently one of the best ultra wide gaming monitors you can buy right now so it's got that hooked up to the human scale m2 arm which is attached to the human scale float desk and wow this thing starts at 1750 and it's an adjustable desk personally for you I would have saved a lot of money going with an adjustable face by itself and then picking up a tabletop separately not only would I have saved a lot of money but also I can go with any tabletop I want to match my set up perfectly I did exactly that in my vlogs my recent vlog actually check it out in case you guys missed it but anyways back to this setup so for audio he's rocking a pair of bose companion 5 speakers and his blue yeti blackout microphone for voiceovers he's also using the corsair k70 rapid fire and the saber RGB mouse but that xbox controller is kind of out of place maybe put that there just to take pics but I feel like you can find a better place for that and for the watch as well that's just laying flat in the middle of the desk I personally think a watch stand as a bit unnecessary but maybe it's something you guys might like on your desk I'll double link to one with a clear stand that I found on Amazon just in case for gaming he's got the avoid wireless headset as well as the oculus for VR gaming it's interesting what he did with the cable management so there's a Raceway that's holding up majority of the cables and we also have a cable sleeve coming out of the subwoofer and basically tied everything together using zip ties I believe and he's even got a holder for as a PC on the right side it's very smart of him to mount it like that because of the nature of the desk if you were to adjust the height of the desk the UPC would go along with it I'll also give you a points for looking up your router underneath the desk and finally the PC that's powering the setup is rocking in 4790k and an msi gtx 970 if they black and red themed PC with RGB lights okay so it's a pretty decent setup now there's a few things that I would personally have changed like cleaning up the keyboard and mouse wires if you don't want to drill a hole on the table then that's fine but at least route the mouse wire underneath the keyboard and wrap it together so that way it looks like there's only one wire going across your table also your youtube banner isn't exactly centered with your monitor and there isn't any real consistency across your setup now here's the thing if you're going to pick up some RGB lights and build a custom PC with a sir - the color scheme in mind I would put in some more effort and try to spread that around your setup I feel like a black and white setup with red accents would be perfect for this you already have some red accents on your mousepad and you got your PC hell even the banner on the wall has some red on it the first thing I would do is replace that green Angela figurine with a white one or you can even custom paint your own and I would replace that black teacher with a white one as well for that added contrast and finally the icing on the cake would be to switch up all the LED lights to red which will give it the perfect balance for your setup normally I want to recommend this many things for just one setup but I figured if you can afford an $1,800 desk then these would be nothing for you I see lots of potential to improve Thank You Anthony for entering and good luck on your channel man here's an interesting setup from anger and every time I see a giant screen like this I ask how how do you guys do it it's a forty three inch 4k TV from Sony and just look how small the icons are on the screen you guys can barely see it this guy must have some special glasses to be able to see all that but I bet gaming is awesome on it though so the best key is using is the famous IKEA Mom and he's covered it with a tablecloth for some reason he's also using the k70 RGB keyboard and Starro to RGB mouse at sitting on top of the Firefly mousepad oh so looks like he put the tablecloth on the desk so that he can drill a hole in it and route the cables underneath it so that way he doesn't damage the actual desk that's an interesting way to do it I don't see a single source of audio no headphones or speakers so I'm assuming he's using the speakers from the TV which is interesting this got me thinking how many of you guys actually use the speaker's built inside your monitors I made a straw polling just for that make sure you guys click on and vote if you want I'm very curious so the PC that's powering this massive 4k TV is a custom luke rocking a new 1800 X rise in CPU and to vbg a gtx 1080s and SL eyes I think this is our first official horizon 7 build on setup Wars very nice even though you're using the stock PSU cables you did a great job on the wire management props on that what's also cool about this build is that you synced his RGB lights to a smart phone and he was able to change the color very easily very nice the rest of the cables from the setup love geared they're off the ground so no major complaint here it's actually a pretty straightforward gaming setup the only thing that strange about it is the fact that he's not using speakers or headphones but thank you in your for entering jeb is up next with a dual setup we have one for productivity and one for gaming we don't have much of these since most people build a PC for both gaming and productivity and they use the same monitor but sometimes it's necessary to split them up for example I know for a fact that a Mac is far better than a Windows PC when it comes to editing video on Adobe or Final Cut Pro the optimization you get with Mac is something that Windows just can't compete with it really pains me to say that but it's true so on the left side is the productivity setup being powered by 13-inch MacBook Pro and that hooked up to a samsung TV along with his ps4 it's sitting on a custom-made riser that he built using the ikea capital eggs and an ikea shelf so very nice job there on both sides you got a pair of yamaha HS v studio monitor speakers and a MIDI keyboard on the other side we got a Samsung monitor hooked up against the wall and below that he's using the iBUYPOWER keyboard with cherry red switches and Razer Naga Mouse he does have a pair of those containing five speakers as well as a logitech g930 three gaming headsets the pc isn't exactly custom-built since he picked it up for my buy power but it's rocking a 77 and decay and an asus tricks gtx 1080 it's sitting on carpet though so I would definitely recommend picking up a PC stand that way it's not sucking up all the dust and dirt from the ground and it'll be a lot easier to move it around in case you need to access the back to plug things in and as a bonus that actually matches your setups color scheme so that's always a nice plus the cable management is very clean for the most part I love the use of the wall channel raceways you've got throughout the setup all the cables are hidden very nicely there are a few wires sticking out from places depending on what angle you look at the setup from so it's not perfect but you still did a really good job Jeb you got two awesome setups thank you for entering next up on the list is K and his impressive black and red gaming setup featuring the 29 inch ultrawide monitor from LG that sucks up to the NB f ng mount which he painted in white the keyboard he's got is an interesting one so this is the Tesoro Lovera spectrum with magic forest retro key caps it kind of gives off this typewriter feel and it actually looks pretty cool the mouse he is using is the armageddon g11 and he's also rocking an expanded mousepad from Corsair okay so check this out Anthony this is exactly what I was talking about earlier see the way that King routed his keyboard and mouse wire something like this looks a lot cleaner instead of running the cables across the table like you did even though I is behind the audio Technica's are managed very well the rest of the cables throughout the setup are hidden very well and I don't have major complaints the PCs God has the 4460 and two gtx 960 s in sli there's definitely a lot of personality in this setup I don't get that empty vibe there are a few extra things on the desk then I prefer but overall this is a solid gaming setup thank you Ken for entering last not least we got the return of Locke from episode 84 and it looks like he made some very impressive upgrades since then so this is a dual setup for him and his brother I believe the first major differences I noticed are the monitors and the PC that's sitting right smack in the center the PC on top is actually powering the setup on the left side and it's equipped with a 68 50 K and an asus strix 1080p eye with 64 gigs of ram that is a beast right there the PC under the desk Alvar has a 70 70 K and an asus strix 1080 with 16 gigs of ram it's not as overkill as the first one but it's still pretty beefy I also get this vibe that both of you guys are fans of AC so I'm not sure why I feel that way though and as if the pcs aren't enough they also share an Asus GX 800 gaming laptop and this thing is packed with a 7820 HK 64 gigs of ram and a GTX 1080 I'm sorry two gtx 1080s and sli who are you people we also upgraded both of their monitors and it looks like they joined the ultra white team I'm gonna have to give you an applause for that very nice upgrades to they are both using the ACS rog PG 3 for 8q this entire room is decked out with asus logos RGB lights and even asus care we got the asus rog claim or keyboard rog centauri on headset and the ology Gladius mouse I'm not even mad that you didn't go with the asus rog spatha mouse and picked up the logitech g930 'even though the asus shriek ended here i completely agree with your decision the g 900 is a much better Mouse I have to say aside from all that Asian stuff you got to my favorite part about this gaming room is still the ceiling with the ology logo I love how you can control the lights around it and it's built really well I can't even see the RGB strips there's a crap ton of stuff to connect but you guys did an awesome job keeping all the cables hidden behind the back board of your custom made desk which by the way was designed by lot himself a phenomenal gaming rooms setup definitely still one of the best I've seen on the channel thank you guys for entering again and please feel free to send in any more updates that you guys do to this before I head out and give you huge thanks to Squarespace for making the video possible I've personally been using their platform for the past four years now but more recently two years ago I created my very own website deal source tech which I'm sure a lot of you guys already heard of but how easy it was to create the website I didn't know anything about coding and I still don't know anything about coding and I was able to create such a clean looking website that's because most of the things are drag-and-drop it's very easy trust me guys if I can do it you can do it too they just come up with 16 new really awesome looking templates that you guys can choose from or you can start from scratch kind of like what I did with my website but just more subscribers out there you guys can get 10% off your first order if you visit slash tech stores so that is a bit of episode offset of hordes as always comment down below on who you think has the best desk setup allows the winners on Twitter and Instagram accounts they can get so much for watching I love your fingernails and I'll see you in the next video
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