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Setup Wars - Episode 117

the set of gear of the week is the vivo electric stand-up bass it's extremely durable comes with a built-in memory module and it's very quiet but the best part about it is that it supports virtually any tabletop from 40 to 90 inches in length this means you can build your own or pick up the perfect top that matches your setups team I had mine for about a month now and I absolutely love it it has been giving me any problems since and I talked so much about it in my vlog in case you guys missed it and I strongly recommend it to anyone that's wanting to rebuild their set up or start a brand new one that wants a motorized desk I'll drop link to a below check it out if you're interested let us set up boys begin kicking off the episode we got a very clean gaming setup featuring the beautiful Pavilion monitors from HP they are resting on a custom made desk that I'll rebuilt himself using some IKEA parts and it looks like he connected a table to the Shelf on his right he's also using one of my favorite desk pads of all time the Rizla from Ikea which apparently is discontinued that's a shame but on that we got the CMS Turkey's life keyboard and the mouse combo for audio he's rocking a typhoon acoustic sound system and that's pretty much it on the desk other than some miscellaneous items and the gamester g3s gamepad the pc that's powering the setup has an Intel Xeon III processor and a GTX 970 props Ani cable management and good choice on the sleeving that looks very clean cable management is also pretty clean for the most part aside from a few cables running through the back of the radiator which he stated in the notes that he does not use so that's fine I guess a pretty straightforward and clean setup not much I can recommend here thank you ollie for entering next up is Jason and his multi-purpose setup so we've got a sick dual ultrawide monitor gaming setup with a 2010 MacBook Pro off to the side which is used mainly for on-the-go the main setup is rocking the 38 inch ultra wide from LG which is the exact same monitor I'm using for my setup and he's also got a smaller 25 inch ultra white on top it's interesting to see another person using either eight inch because it's so massive and there's literally nobody else that I know of that uses the same monitor unfortunately it is capped at 60 Hertz making the purpose of his monitor mainly for productivity I gotta say the symmetry is on point everything is centered perfectly and the cable management is done very well curation definitely put a lot of work into it setup and it clearly shows my favorite thing about the setup by far is the way he mounted his ultra lighting so he picked up two ham ARP oak countertops we got one for the actual desk and one foot in monitor and speaker riser and you cut off a piece of it in the shape of the curved monitor then he installed a mounting bracket and hooked up a display so it kind of sits flush between the two JBL monitor speakers it's interesting because when you look at it from the front it kind of looks like those speakers have its own dedicated stand but it's actually one piece that's very unique and haven't seen anything like it on the show yet the keyboard he is using is the cooler master quick-fire rapid with brown switches with the same typewriter key caps we saw a few episodes ago the mouse of choice is the Logitech G 300s and that's sitting on top of the library expanded mousepad a few other things he has on his desk or his xbox one lunar control and the ancient iPod Classic which he modded by the way he replaced the original 30 gigabyte hard drive with a 64 gigabyte flash card and it's also got a new shell I love that you made that symmetrical with the xbox controller I just can't get over the cable management a very clean job with the cable clips and zip ties also the rocky installs to keep everything off the ground is a huge plus but check out his beef PC guys this thing is ridiculous it's rocking a 68 50 K at 4.6 gigahertz combined with 64 gigs of ram and not one with two EVGA GTX 1080s and sli this is one clean looking build and I love the unique color scheme - it's a white and black build with purple accents and it kind of matches the rest of his setup - there isn't a strong dominant color scheme that sticks out from this setup and I think that's one of the things I really like about it it's very subtle but it works at the same time there's just two minor things that bother me and again I'm very anal when it comes to stuff like this so don't take it seriously but I feel like that plant placement is a bit forced normally I don't put stuff in front of other objects because it doesn't look clean and you're also blocking the object behind it it kind of feels like you really wanted that plant on your desk but they didn't have enough room in the back so you decided to just leave it in front of the lamp blocking the view honestly putting that on top of your PC wouldn't be a bad idea as long as you put something under it so it doesn't scratch your PC case the other option would be to replace your plants with it but personally I think the left looks great there and balances the overall mood as a setup and it goes well with your wallpaper the other minor thing is the USB hub next to your PC that's literally the first thing that stood out to me when looking at your PC I loved what you did with the other charging hub under the monitor shelf it's tucked away nicely so why not do the same thing for the other one I know you have it hooked up to your PC so picking up something like this anchor for port USB with an extension cable would be perfect for your setup you can not only hook it up to your PC but keep it tucked away right next to the other one again that's just my two cents the setup you have here now is amazing as it is and that's PC though it's freaking impressive thank you Jason for entering next up is no one with a quad display set up so he's walking for 24 inch displays we got two from Acer and two from Dell but pay attention to the Rockville studio monitor speakers and how he mounted them I've seen so many people in similar situations that either put the speaker's sideways and put it right onto the monitors or put them right in front of the display which isn't right the best effective way to add speakers to your setup without messing with quality if you don't have space like Noah here is to mount them on the wall with speaker stands obviously it's a more permanent solution but if you have a small desk or don't have enough space for large speakers then this is the best option available another option is buying height adjustable stands and placing them on the sides of your setup I'll double into the ones I recommend checking out in case you guys are interested for peripherals he's rocking the k70 RGB keyboard with the MX mr. Mouse aside from the studio monitors up top he does have a pair of Beats Studio wireless titanium headphones I'm not going to give you any crap on the beats headphones because I know my subscribers will but what's up with the color of your walls I like where you put his Xbox one console right in between the Carlton wall let's countertop and the IKEA drawers it's it away from sight and it doesn't take up any extra space on the desk and while we're down here just take a look at the cable management it almost looks like an art piece with those cables bending in the same direction excellent we're keeping everything to get Oh more drawer I see a wider I'm just kidding it's not a big deal but if you can run it down the back of the monitor stand so that it doesn't stick out it will look a lot cleaner but again it's not a big deal the PC powering the set up has a 44 60 na oh jeez it's such a clean build but why did you not replace the other cables with the custom sleeves and you also have a stock heatsink guys if you're not going to be pimping a PC don't get a clear side panel it's like buying a really nice house that looks awesome from the outside and when you look through the windows and stuffing but a rat's nest don't do that please I'm surprised you were able to power all four monitors with that r9 290 but I don't know that it's a pretty decent setup Thank You Noah for entering at number four we got Sanae who's a retired army vet who was inspired by my channel to build his PC that is really awesome and I'm very grateful for your service it really means a lot to me hearing those words coming from a vet I appreciate you thank you so much for taking your time to inter set up voice so is rocking a 29 inch ultrawide monitor that's sitting on top of one of the cleanest looking desks I've ever seen so this is the Z line designs more than white office desk with a pullout drawer in the middle it's also got see-through windows on the drawers which i think looks pretty cool on the desk keys rocking a razor desktop a keyboard any Naga chroma Mouse along with his pair of insignia speakers and we also got the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset I like the built-in USB hub next two speakers and that dope looking mural on the wall I like how slowly transitions from black to white and then to Ray not only does the blend nicely with the color scheme of everything but I think it has a nice layer of spice to the set up as well and then we got a specie that's sitting on top of a custom painted nightstand I think that's what it is it's equipped with a 6500 K and an msi gtx 1070 one thing I also like about Sanae is his collectibles he has so many of them there's even a couple of shelves dedicated to just figurines and collector's edition art books and guides my dude is even a fan of Final Fantasy yes what's up but I think the coolest thing in his room by far is the signed game Joost 2 from the characters that play them I guess I think that's who signed the cover I'm not too sure otherwise what's the point of framing it and putting it on the wall that's only a clean gaming setup thank you very much Sanae for entering and if you're watching this video can you please send me an email with a link to purchase that art piece because I need something to spice up this room is looking a bit bland anyways thank you Center for entering last but not least we got William and work for through oh my god seriously thought that was your setup you almost gave me a freaking heart attack but it turns out this is the picture of his setup before he began watching set up boards and that is freaking awesome that my show is responsible for this amazing transformation now this is more like my setup Wow that contrast is amazing he's walking the Acer predator x34 all too wide that he hooked up on a mount and it looks like the death key is using consist of the IKEA Alex yours and the lumen tabletop the black on black actually looks pretty nice because it makes all the red stick out that much more the symmetry game is also strong here we got a pair of counter yu5 speakers on each side we also got two figurines spaced out evenly and the Xbox one console that's skin by B brands on the left side to balance the PC on the right speaking of which is decked out with a 6700 K and MSI GTX 1080 gaming X graphics card and the cable mods leaving very nice aside from the speaker's he's also using the popular m50x headphones and the HyperX cloud revolver headset for gaming I love how he organized the stuff on his desk he put his audio interface down here along with a USB hub and the SD card reader it's all within reach and the cable management is pretty much flawless I love that even his cable raceway is in black I'm pretty sure he painted that to match his setup because I usually comes in white I love that dedication aside from that creepy mask above your monitor that's a pretty sick black and red gaming setup with flawless cable management and symmetry it's still crazy to think that this was once your set up before this is probably one of the best transformations I have seen I hope to continue to inspire people like you to improve their setup that's one of the main reasons I started set up wars in fact I actually started thinking about maybe making a new series called set up a makeover where I basically show people's progress on their setups from the beginning all the way to the present time it's going to be it's going to take a while to do the episode because obviously I need to find people who have pictures from many many years ago but if that's something you guys want to see done on the channel let me know in the comments down below but anyways double due for this episode upset boys as always makes you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and as always unless the winners on my social media platforms also guys before you go make sure to check out my website text or is int dot-com I had it for about a year now and we upload daily articles on relevant tech that you guys might be interested in a few weeks ago we did a completely new redesign of the website so check it out maybe leave your feedback in the comment section that would be awesome I'll drop the link to it below I love you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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