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Setup Wars - Episode 119

so there's one more episode left until the worst setup edition aka the potato edition of setup wars which is everyone's favorite but if you guys remember I think a few weeks ago I said that I was gonna do something completely different than the usual worst setup edition so basically I'm going to be doing a roast my set up kind of themed with the episode obviously for fun none of us should be taken seriously just for entertainment and people who submit their setups actually want to participate in the work roast my setup so what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be posting the people's set up on my Twitter account and I want you guys to reply with your worst roasts ever I want you guys go ham on these setups and maybe I'll feature your tweet or your comment in the episode so I think it's gonna be fun just to change things up obviously technology with spice that is the model of tech source I like to constantly change things up but anyways I'm done rambling welcome to setup wars episode 119 let the setup wars begin kicking off the episode and our underwear as well is Alex and his crazy battle station it's about time we saw another amazing black and blue setup it's actually a custom-built desk that was designed by him and CAD with cable management and mind even the table legs were custom designed to be perfectly organ on achter his body very impressive so he's walking three issues 24 inch monitors that are resting on his custom-made monitor riser you guys might be wondering where his pc is and I bet you my channel tech source that you'll never figure out what he did with it we'll get into that later though on the desk he's got the corsair strafe RGB and the Logitech g600 but he does have a wireless keyboard as well when he wants to watch TV from his bed but check out the speaker placement looks like he hooked up his Harman Kardon sound sticks on the ikea capitol eggs it's not even sitting on a shelf I'm not exactly sure how he did that but that looks pretty cool okay so the cable management is where it gets interesting so check this out guys not only did he hide all the cables behind his desk but he even crammed his PC in here the desk he is using is actually the case for his PC I haven't seen a set up quite like this before as pretty hilarious if you guys look closely the motherboard actually has sand off screws installed on it so it's not just laying inside there so I will give him props for that I don't know I mean personally I would build a good-looking PC and put that on top of the desk but I get that sometimes you want a clean look without a giant rectangular case taking up the space on the desk aside from the Harman Kardon sound sticks he has a pair of em 50 X's and the wireless H 600 headset from Logitech which he uses with his wireless keyboard if he wants to watch TV from his bed I can't help but notice that his entire room is so clean there wasn't any crap on the floor the trash bin is empty his bed is actually made I mean he really did put an effort to clean up his room and set up before taking pics and I can definitely appreciate that I feel like the only thing that can make this setup even more awesome is a new paint job I feel like the wood colour is throwing everything off personally I would paint it either black or pick up some black carbon fiber skins to cover up the surface but it's up to you an awesome setup indeed thank you for entering toning it down a bit we got Gavin and a more simple gaming setup featuring the IKEA mom desk he's walking a 27-inch monitor from Samsung and the Philco majesty board and the Logitech G 4-3 wireless mouse I actually had to look up his keyboard and I found out that it costs $200 $200 for a wireless gaming keyboard that is insane and looks like the only audio source is got are the Atom audio artist 5 monitor speakers the funniest thing about this setup is the chair I mean I'm expecting someone who's rocking a 200 dollar keyboard to have something maybe a little fancier then again the ergonomics of that chair looks amazing and it kind of matches the water-cooled PC so this is project tiny and it's rocking a 7700 K and an EVGA GTX 1080 founders edition with 16 gigs of RAM this thing has so much power in such a tiny space and finally we got everyone's favorite part the cable management which is pretty much flawless excellent work here I have no complaints there isn't any personality or a specific color scheme and he's pretty much using a jank chair but you know what the setup works and he's done a really great job organizing everything something tells me that Gavin is a type of guy who cares more about the gear he is using then it's actual appearance or color scheme but then again that chair is kind of going against whatever I just said but anyways well done on your setup thank you for entering up next is Jesse and his quad display setup featuring three 27-inch AOC monitors and a Visio TV as an overhead display jesse was so determined to make all three monitors fit on his ikea add-on unit that even put up some 3d printed blocks near the edges to help support it that is definitely an interesting approach even went as far as to paint them in white so it doesn't stand out as much the desk is using consists of three separate like key alignment table tops that he connected together with two Alex drawers underneath the main setup now I don't know how tall you are but for me personally there wouldn't be any legroom down there look how close both of the drawers are together now Jesse if you're watching this and you really need that extra leg room then I strongly recommend you to follow this simple modification okay so we move the back corner leg of the two side tables you have and move over both of your Allen drawers so that half of it is supporting the side table and the other half is still under the main tabletop this way you get more space in the middle without affecting any support he does have a black and green color scheme and what better gear to go with then the Razer BlackWidow chroma and the Ouroboros mouse with a colossus extended mouse pad keeping with the Razer theme we got the Man O'War gaming headset and the razer seiren USB microphone he also has quite the console collection he's got a ps4 pro and Xbox one which I'm assuming because he does have an Xbox controller and the HTC vive to keep him entertained and of course we can't forget his Razer themed PC rocking and MSI GTX 1080 and a 67 2k with a stock heatsink cable management can easily be improved by using a cable box to hide the power strip and even some 3m tape to mount those power bricks underneath the table instead of having them just hang like that with some minor tweaks you can definitely improve this pretty sweet gaming setup Thank You Jesse for entering next up is Jesse once again it looks like actually now this is a different Jesse but we're changing things up from the PC master-race and we are taking a look at yet another clean Mac setup powering the setup is the late 2011 27-inch iMac and sandwiching that he's got two KRK Rokit speakers Jesse realized he didn't have space on his desk and I'm guessing he didn't want to drill holes in his wall either so instead he picked up these speaker stands and placed them next to his desk and I gotta say guys it looks super clean guys remember the last episode I was actually talking about putting speakers on speaker stands next to your setup well this is the perfect example speaking of clean he decided to stick with the Apple wireless keyboard but he upgraded his mouse to the MX master I'm not sure what mousepad he is using but it looks very comfortable and even comes with a wrist rest keeping the setup from looking plain he did add some stuff on the add-on unit like a silver skull a plant and the popular IKEA lamp with an RGB bulb cable management looks pretty good it looks like he hooked up the Signum against the back portion of the desk and he even used some velcro to keep the wires together not a bad job he even squeezed in a USB hub underneath the add-on unit and hooked up the wall Raceway to cover up the cables from the iMac if I clean and organizing productivity setup Thank You Jessie number 2 for in train wrapping up the episode and putting our underwear back on is Jojo and his black and red setup he's rocking the Acer 27-inch monitor and the Corsair k70 keyboard with the m65 Pro RGB Mouse I get that you want to stick with Corsair gear but the yellow border on the extended mousepad kind of goes against the whole color scheme oh look he's even using the same speakers as me the Edifier a 25s which are absolute beast speakers it's resting on a monitor riser that he made using for capitol eggs from Ikea and on a riser he's got quite a few tech the original ps4 console and eight terabyte backup external hard drive from Seagate and a seven port USB hub in addition to the speakers he's also got the coarser void while this gaming headset what's interesting about this setup is where the TV is mounted I'm not sure if that's more comfortable for him or what but it's interesting that he didn't mount it above his monitor like everyone else I just think that the long mounting arm looks bizarre and it's definitely out of place but hey if it's working out then more power to you he does have a 2015 MacBook Pro that he uses for work but the main PC that's powering this setup has a 6600 K and an Rx for ad from XFX it's a good looking PC and I like the fact that you skins one of us as these with carbon fiber but why did you leave the other one alone cable management seems to be under control for the most part the Signum is holding up majority of the cables and then we got this strange-looking power strip that's also hooked up against a table using some 3m tape okay so the color scheme isn't as consistent as I would have liked and I feel like it's a simple fix for you adding some black and red skins to your MacBook Pro and ps4 will give it more consistency but again this is your setup not mine it's a pretty solid gaming setup aside from a few minor things Thank You Jojo for entering so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always unless the winners on my Twitter and stuff al accounts make sure to follow me there if you guys want to I love your nose hairs thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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