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Setup Wars - Episode 12

green tea is good for the mind and body don't judgment cause of the pin cap what's up guys it's ed back again from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 12 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on a channel and a chance to win a prize I hope some every Monday and you guys get to vote on the best desk setup if you guys are new to the series and want to submit yours watch the video linked down below so with all that said let the set up wars begin this episode of Star Wars is brought to you by g2a never pay full price for a game ever again g2a offers the best deals on CD keys for practically any platform click on the link below to see for yourself so in case you guys missed my announcement over the weekend LG has officially sponsored setup wars and they're gonna be giving the winner a brand new 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor and for more information you guys can watch the video linked over here or down below so with that said the five chosen for this week's episode are Connor Morgan Freeman Noelle Shane and sky or sky congrats for making it to this week of set upwards so starting off the episode is Connor and it looks like a pretty straightforward single display setup we have a 27-inch BenQ monitor on the desk and we have the corsair k95 RGB keyboard with the rat tournament Edition Mouse I see that you have an extended mouse pad from Corsair as well so I'll award you a point there it kind of looks like you have a blue and black setup which I don't see a lot of you do have the blue LED strips in the back and they've actually become very common in these setup or videos and you have some Sony hi-fi speakers on the table along with the Xbox 360 I'm guessing you hooked up the Xbox to your monitor so your setup is both for PC gaming and console gaming let's take a look at cable management so a pretty good job it seems like the table has it's very own dedicated place for a power strip which keeps all the cables off the ground I personally think that every single table needs to have one of these things not only is it a lot less work managing cables but you don't end up having a bunch of cables on the floor and just really cleans up your setup now for the recommendation part I was going to recommend a monitor riser so that your controller is an amplifier have a dedicated place which will also clean up your desk but I'm afraid that your monitor will come in contact with the top shelf so that doesn't really work out unless you move the entire desk to the right a little bit in that case it will I also don't see a pair of headphones anywhere on your desk so I looked around and I found a pair of really awesome black and blue headsets that you can use with your Xbox and your PC as well and I went to link that down below but other than that if a pretty cool setup Thank You Connor for entering setup Wars next up is Morgan Freeman we have a simple and clean single 25 inch monitor from Dell with a 40 inch Samsung TV mounted on top as an overhead on the table we have the Corsair K 30 keyboard with the m-40 Mouse and the philips SP a 5300 speakers I like how organized and precise you are the fact that you have the mousepad and tablet spaced evenly from the edge of the table makes me really happy to see and I do pay attention to these things and fortunately I'm not so sure why you have a red background for your monitor I don't think that's actually good for your eyes so I hope you change it to something else I also see that you have the ps4 and a blue Yeti my con the desk as well with the v-moda crossfade headphones hanging from the wall not too much stuff on the desk which is good great use of cable drops by the way to keep the cables nearby and off the desk any phenomenal job on the cable management excellent use on the zip ties and I see that you routed them alongside the wall I'm pretty sure this table is from Ikea but I had no idea that they offered the legs in red unless you painted them yourself but I think that really matches your setup I mean I would have personally gone with a white or a black table instead of the wood that you have there but that's just a personal preference I'm also really diggin the Shelf you have on the right side that holds up your games and other stuff as well as the red LEDs you have behind the desk and TV that's pretty much it I mean I have nothing to recommend you have yourself a very clean setup Thank You Morgan for entering Sarah Poor's Noel is next up with his triple monitor setup starting from the left we have a 24 inch asus monitor in 25 inch LG monitor and finally a 24 inch asus monitor but in a different model so basically you have three different monitors but at least you'll line them nicely so I'll give you a one time pass you have a pullout tray with your Wireless Magic Mouse and Apple keyboard so I'm guessing this is a Productivity type setup since you have three displays I guess it's okay to set that far back using a tray but personally for me I would move those on the desk and sit closer there's not much else going on other than those ps4 controllers and the igneous speakers I see that you have two pairs of headphones as well hanging underneath Kable an audio technica ath m50x and a pair of astro a40 s kale management is pretty bad actually I'm sure you can clean them up using the Omni mount system or even some zip ties you can most likely stick that power outlet behind your desk with some 3m tape so stop visible and I would also recommend sticking the amplifier underneath your desk and running that long cable underneath the middle monitor it will definitely look a lot cleaner other than that it's a pretty decent setup Thank You Noel for entering setup words next up is Shane with his game room setup I'm not sure what's up with the red LEDs recently but I see a bunch of them now on setup Wars so on the desk we have the MacBook Pro Retina hooked up to the Toshiba 24-inch TV with a pair of teak speakers that is a really small TV so this is your productivity set up I'm guessing and over here on the other side is your console gaming setup we have a ps4 which is currently invisible hooked up to the Samsung 27 inch curved monitor excellent job on wire management I couldn't have done it better myself and on the side here we have a shelf full of goodies on the top shelf is some of your games and all that there's your ps4 right there that's actually a really cool place to put it in there's also an unloaded gun with binoculars why do you need binoculars I mean it's really nothing I can recommend here you have a pretty sweet game room so thank you Shane for entering set up boards last but not least we have sky or sky I don't know how many times I butchered names and set up oars so we have a single Dell monitor gaming setup on the table we have the Razer Deathstalker keyboard mat cat rat 9 wireless mouse on the awesome extended mousepad from Corsair gaming solid choice my friend I also see a pair of Beats Studio Headphones hanging from the side so this is the third time I'm actually seeing a colored wall and I gotta say that the orange or even red walls really makes this setup stand out especially with a white table I'm really diggin this setup great job on wire management and I'm really liking the coca-cola trashcan you have under there as well there's a really nice red and white contrast you have going on there and it's nicely balanced really great choice on the PC case as well I see that you went with the NZXT and 450 case inside this bad boy we have the 4790k cpu and the GT X 980 graphics card from EVGA now normally I would recommend parts for pcs because this is setup Wars but in this case I strongly recommend you to pick up an aftermarket cooler so that you can overclock that bad boy the stock cooler just doesn't cut it I would also recommend putting one of those figurines on the other side just so you know it's symmetrical another thing I'll recommend is a much smaller and more compact LED lamp from kuch ear that I did a video on about a month ago because I feel like that lap is taking up too much space on your desk but it's just a recommendation the last thing I'll recommend is an actual gaming headset I mean have a pretty sweet gaming rig but are using solo headphones so I listed a few awesome red and white gaming headphones that have great price down below as well other than that you have a really awesome weather wise setup Thank You sky or scary for entering set upwards so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop and comment down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always voting will end Saturday and I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts I'll real quickly for those of you been asking me to you straw poll for the voting system I hear you loud and clear I've been thinking about doing that but I like the comment system a lot better because you guys can write comments about the setups and a reason why you are voting for a particular setup and it keeps the engagement going down below that's kind of why I want to stick with the comments section believe it or not it's actually really easy for me to count the number of votes I use the ctrl F and I type in the person's name and it tells me how many times that person's name comes up and that's kind of little reasons why I'm gonna stick with the comment section but thank you guys for recommending that as always if you guys enjoy watching setup wars let me know by hitting that like button to show your support that way I can continue doing them every week it's basically it thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in the next video you
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