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Setup Wars - Episode 120 | Roast My Setup

alright let's just get this over with what's up guys it's ed from savage source and we're gonna be roasting some setups today so I reached out on Twitter and I posted some pictures of setups and I asked you guys to give it your best roasts and you guys delivered you definitely went ham on every single one of those setups so I'm gonna be picking the best ones and I'm gonna be featuring them in this video and as always the person with the worst setup will receive a hundred dollars in cash and guys please don't take anything seriously in this video it is all done for pure entertainment the people who submit their setups actually want to be part of the roast my set up and so anyways with that said and done let the roasting begin also guys before I begin there are some pretty cool prizes being given away on a nice app I think some of the prizes are a gtx 1080 they also got that newly released Logitech G 613 wireless gaming keyboard and they've even given away an HP Pavilion 15.6 inch laptop they've got a bunch of more prizes and they're constantly adding in more stuff every single day and week so make sure you guys download the app it's completely free and the best part about it is the more you guys participate and watch videos and add stuff to your cart the more points you get and more chances you get for entering the giveaways so anyways the app is linked below check it out if you guys want setting the bar for crappy setups as Jam and his cardboard setup and I love that he called his desk a self-made organic carton and modular standing desk I mean when you think about it it's technically modular since you can remove the bottom two boxes and convert it into a sitting desk instead he even has a hanger for the raisin cracking headset and a 2012 MacBook Pro that's powering the setup he also has an Ikea coffee table that's holding up his entire setup and inside there is the Gamecube console and a Philips RGB lamp which by the way cost around 75 bucks so it's interesting to see where his priorities are at I love how he tried the cable manage the wires if you guys look closely he actually tried to use some zip times to keep the cables together but they didn't do anything about hiding the cables you're doing it wrong what's interesting about this setup is that he's using razor gear with a MacBook and also if you're really on a budget why did you go with Razer Kraken headset when you can buy one of the best budget gaming headsets for less than 25 bucks all right let's just take a look at a few roasts and oh my god is like over a hundred replies alright so here's the first victim let us read some of your roasts out there the set up looks like a TV card that the teacher wheels into the room in its movie day I don't know if that's a roast you're asking me to roast this setup and this is roasting my eyes okay okay a for effort oh wait typo a for awful I mean it looks good to me it looks like what I would be walking on my 13th birthday and that has no chill at all dude do you sleep in those boxes right after you're done gaming yeah that is pretty convenient actually that set up is made in his dorm room at his college believe it or not that's what he put in the notes so yeah pretty interesting place to put that kind of setup you're supposed to unbox the furniture first and the light just went out perfect all right we're back let's continue with the roasts when are you going to unpack your real set up how did a six year old to figure out how to submit set up picks it's not that hard actually those cardboard boxes might cost more than that Mouse did that might actually be true because using a stock Dell mouse I think and those boxes three boxes and if you averaged around a dollar fifty per box I think this is true this dude owns a Gamecube but not melee his life must suck ouch dad that's a little too harsh I think he got his setup from the storage room at Walmart that can be true - actually you never know you never know when he picked up these boxes bro so apparently this guy has major league hacking somewhere on his setup and this guy responded more like majorly lacking that was pretty clever I'll give him that your parents probably hate you a little too harsh there I think and of course the owner must be blind so on that note let's move on this next setup takes convenience to a whole new level not only is this set up in the kitchen but it's right next to the fridge I'm guessing snack time comes often for John I mean there has to be no other available desk or table in his entire home that he can use for his setup so you decided that it would be a great idea setting this up on his kitchen counter and you know what I call BS because look at the height of the counter compared to the actual chair he has to literally sit like this in order to use his computer nice try troll I didn't want to have fun reading some of these roasts already starting off pretty good the first roast already in the kitchen so they're probably trying to roast it themselves haha what a follow-up Shia LaBeouf emoji or a meme I should say what the hell am I saying roasted myself bro the only games he would be playing his countertop go wash my dishes when you can't get a CPU cooler so you use your fridge instead that would have been really cool but the fact is his PC is not in the fridge so yeah just because it's an apple doesn't mean it belongs in the kitchen when you want to eat watch TV and jerk off at the same time candy brand skins fix that one ed no unfortunately you cannot who forgot to take out the trash yeah get it because it's in the kitchen maybe no leg room must be a double amputee ouch when he when you need it when you need to play games at noon but have to make dinner at 3:00 did he get those peripherals on a cereal box not even an RGB refrigerator well he's using a Mac what is it with all these mac books with no desk hashtag manage your priorities this guy is speaking the truth even the first set up had a crappy desk actually had no desk and he had a MacBook Pro where are you guys PI over to you seriously where will you put your legs bro you'll be sitting at your computer like elf from deathnote huh that is exactly what I just pictured in my mind oh my god it's hilarious all his missing is the trash cat oh wait my grandma setup is better believe it or not my grandma setup is better than this too so I don't know if that's really a roast it's probably a girl set up so she doesn't have to get out of the kitchen to make a sandwich she can Google different recipes no joke I'm textures I think this video just kinda monetized crap Thank You Gerardo thank you very much I don't think my female audience would mind anyway so there's like only like 3% of them out of a million-plus so I think I'm good there next up is med what kind of a name is med exactly it feels like your setups name should have been named med because it definitely needs a medic to fix up this disaster okay so med is rocking a nineteen inch HP monitor and a $1 optical mouse from ebay we also got a $1 microphone from ebay as well and a $1 mousepad also from ebay this dude is straight up on a budget maybe Jonathan should take some notes from him it's also funny how he just straight-up gave up on the cable management you know how bad your setup is when nothing you do can improve it I love others a random cable hanging down from the left side like what is that even connected to I mean at least you have a nice chair looking at this it's more of a set down than a set up what the cable management is more tangled than my air hey yet here's a meme to add to the episode okay when he decided to design your cable management like your favorite food I guess he hates his face so he placed the monitor in front of the mirror here's an interesting meme that pretty much sums up my and everyone's reaction thank you Steve Carell I have eaten spaghetti is greater than your PC cable management I think you haven't cooked your spaghetti enough that's not normal that PC looks like it can't even handle Google true story your cable management is worse than my dad's pull out Gabe looks like c-3po from episode one Wow it's time you quit PC master-race and get a console that is the ultimate diss for sure Simon is next up with a beat up setup I don't know what's older the desk or the laptop he's using he does have a Logitech G 230 wireless keyboard and the Acme mouse hooked up to the HP laptop and a pair of sony MDR headphones on the left side and that's pretty much it I'm guessing he realized that he didn't have enough room on his desk so he mounted his router on the wall yep that definitely cleaned up his setup a lot by mounting it on the wall I must agree instead of a 1 out of 10 it is a solid 2 out of 10 now well done I don't even want to talk about the cable management because I might start crying at this point so let's just jump into the roasts and nearly went homeless and my setup was still better than yours that's actually a true story Wow even have 40 likes that's impressive here's an interesting gift that pretty much sums up a lot of people's reaction looks like this is the meme Edition because a lot of you are sending in memes just like I asked for that's that's clever that is clever hey I gotta give you points for for the effort so this guy pretty much copy pasted the picture of the setup and this meme yes this was good what I would pay for this whole setup I give you air from my lungs I wouldn't give anything not even my air I think it's a waste thank God he went wireless with the peripherals if you screwed a hole in the table they would break the total tragedies with custom seven dollars wow this is like a realistic gif of someone hanging themselves you guys are savages I swear it's a little that's taking it a little too far but it is it is funny Jake Paul's better last but not least we got one and whatever the hell this is supposed to be honestly I don't know if this is a picture of a rat's nest or the aftermath of a drug bust it literally looks like someone weighted your setup trying to look for drugs or something similar honestly the only good thing about the setup is the video that you are watching I mean this setup is a cable nightmare so many wires coming out of everywhere it's like a cable orgy is happening right on your setup and the climax is you I'm sorry to say this but that bug spray you have on the floor is not helping at all because you were still able to take pics of your setup and send them over I feel like that funnel is used to guide his poop directly on his setup because the setup is complete okay I think I crossed the line there but before I apologize to when I'm allow my subscribers roasts in a bit my dead grandmother has less dust on her and I'll back it again with the savage tweets gotta love it well the only good thing about the setup is the video playing on the monitor I literally made the same grossed inside my video when you watch Texas but get inspired by Pitt my Senate oh my god oh you went there oh dude I even liked that I even liked the tweet so Savage I swear who wore a better picture of the setup and that's it if somebody blows the dust off this setup Wow why this setup dustier than my grandma's how can you even know what that looks like winky face de dust2 see you still reference I'm guessing set up level Malaysian Wow can't tell if they pulled this stuff out of a dumpster or if it's their actual setup one of my all-time favorite chips from Jim Carrey this is the perfect response from looking at that setup roaches - this setup has the whole package looks like Hurricane Katrina pass through this dude's house even the cockroaches wouldn't go near it is setup now why does he have a cockroach spray I'm guessing that's one of the reasons why they're not coming back it could be the setup - you never know why the is very funnel and literally explain why in my video dirtier than all the hose nowadays out here fact still better than console hashtag PC master-race are we're Osteen console gamers now seriously so that wraps up this episode of roast mice setup if you guys want to see this done every 10 episodes of setup pores let me know by dropping a like and leave your feedback down below otherwise out bringing back every 20 or 30 episodes but yeah that's pretty much it thank you so much for watching make sure you guys vote on who has the worst desk setup because that person is gonna win $100 straight in their PayPal account the only votes I'm gonna count are to vote within the nice app so make sure you guys download that and check it out and they're gonna be doing some pretty cool giveaways on there too it's they're doing a gtx 1080 wireless keyboard from logitech and even an HP laptop but check it out guys thank you so much for watching i will see you in next one
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