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Setup Wars - Episode 121

what's up guys it's that from tech source and welcome to my new setup and fun on the camera it's literally right next to my other studio and the reason why I moved all my stuff here is because I dedicated this room for recording video basically that way I can just have my camera and my acoustic foams and all of my lighting in one spot instead of constantly moving things in and out of a closet but anyways oh I also bought back the acoustic films back there with the silver play button because I feel like it's missing the old tech source touch so I hope you guys enjoy that enjoy this new setup but anyways with that said welcome to setup boards episode 121 I love the setup words begin this video is sponsored by a rock they make quality watches for men with a women collection coming soon in September and you guys can get 10% off using the Kotex source or by clicking on the link below so before I begin this episode I want to talk about the roasts my setup that happened last week so I've been reading the comments section you guys it's a mixed bag but overall I would say based on the views and likes that it was a positive episode and most of you guys enjoyed it and of course there was a lot of you as well that didn't enjoy the video the either the roasts weren't that great the editing was kind of bland - forced laughter and all that stuff so I feel like it does definitely need some tweaks I will probably do one more time for episode 130 and if the results are mixed just like the last episode I'll probably just stop doing it there were some roasts in there that were a little too much I feel like some of the roasts in there were a bit tasteless they were over at the top and inappropriate even though it was a joke I feel like I shouldn't have put it in there so yeah there definitely some roast that went overboard I should have not put it in the episode at all it wasn't even funny but you know you learn from your mistakes so obviously I'm gonna be doing some tweaks change things up again and hopefully make it more entertaining for you guys for episode 130 and if it tanks again or if it doesn't do well then I'm probably just stop doing it and go back to the potato edition but anyways I'm done rambling thank you guys so much for your feedback in the comments section I really do read all the comments I should say most of the comments because there's literally thousands of comments that come in every single video but anyways when I'm done rambling let the show begin starting off the episode we got black beard and his all-in-one setup straight out of a sci-fi movie this isn't the first time we've seen something this crazy the last time we saw something like this was in episode 37 I've set up Wars where all he was rocking the Emperor 1510 but in Blackbeard setup he was actually inspired by the Emperor 1510 so he built his very own from a car seat major props so he hooked up a 39 inch Samsung monitor and also a recycled laptop monitor which he installed vertically right next to the samsung Display around the monitors he's got a set of Logitech X 530 speakers which were painted to match the gaming chair the gaming gear he is using consists of ECM storm keyboard we got the eraser Nostromo keypad and he very famous Naga chroma Mouse I also like how everything is within reach on his setup he's got his PC the gaming headset and a mini control panel on the left side the switches actually control a monitor and he can move it up or down and there's even a USB hub right next to him he literally doesn't have to move ever again there's even a cup holder here I mean the only thing that's missing is a crap bucket and he is pretty much set I got to give this man some credit on the cable management he did such a better job than Olly and he had all the wires underneath the table and used a bunch of cable clips and wraps to manage the wires all around well done if it weren't for the monitors and a few other miscellaneous things I would have easily given this the seal of approval but regardless thank you for entering breath is up next with two setups so he's got two thirty-two inch IPS monitors from LG with a 25 inch ultra light up top but on the other side is the Acer monitor that's hooked up to a 15-inch MacBook Pro the first set up kind of threw me off because there's an extended mouse pad on his desk without a keyboard or mouse on top of it apparently he keeps them in a pullout drawer right below he's rocking the Rosewill apollo blue mechanical keyboard with the Logitech g600 mouse the other set up has the MSI five wireless mouse and a solar keyboard both from Logitech Ferrario is rocking bookshelf speakers from Sony for his computer but he's also rocking a set of Helios speakers for surround sound and his entire room he also has quite the headset collection we got a pair of high five man re-400 eye headphones the shure SRH 15 20s we also got a pair of Beats Pro and the Logitech G 430 gaming headset not a bad lineup except the beats pro of course K Weismann seems to be on the control I do see a power strip that's mounted underneath the desk and majority of the wires are hidden so nice job here the PC powering the main setup has a 7700 K and a gtx 1070 and apparently a crap ton of storage looks like you need a bigger case with more hard drive bays or better yet you should probably consider consolidating all of your data into larger hard drives I mean you've got several one terabyte hard drives I mean those things fill up pretty quick there's definitely a lot going on here but overall it's a solid gaming and productivity setup with purpose thank you so much Brett for entering at number three we have Edward with a very clean and simple white and black setup featuring two 24-inch ultra sharp monitors from Dell and the Logitech G 610 keyboard and the MX master mouse other than the large tech Z 623 speakers the only other thing he's got on his desk is the PC it's a bit outdated but it still gets the job done with a 6600 K and an EVGA 980 TI a very beautiful and clean PC build to go along with the set up cable management is also perfect the Signum rack is holding up majority of the cables and the power outlets while the cable spiral is wrapping up the rest of the wires together and I love that it's also in white to match his setup I mean it's a bit bland but some people prefer simple and clean setups like this compared to something that looks more busy Thank You Edward for entering speaking of busy Jason setup is precisely what I was just talking about he's got a 32 inch vizio tv up top that's hooked up to his ps4 and below that we got another set of ultra sharp monitors from Dell believe it or not his setup is being powered by iliyan where are 17 laptop on the left side I like his placement of his speakers it's not mounted on the wall nor is it on the actual desk somehow he managed to hook them up on the top of the monitors aside from that he also has an RCA sound bar underneath the monitors for peripherals he's rocking the Corsair k70 RGB keyboard and the logitech g930 on top of the just Niall extended mouse pad which by the way it looks really cool cable management is done really well not only did he tie all the cables together using velcro but he had all the plugs and the power outlets and his drawer it's a busy set up but it's organized very well and everything has purpose thank you Jason for entering last but not least we got Johan and another clean white and black setup I feel like old white and black setups are very clean for some reason I just have to start off by saying that the wall art is a bit too high up there and there's just too much space between that and the monitor but that's just me complaining the monitor he is using is none other than the Asus PG 3 for 8 Q ultra wide and he's got that hooked up on the freedom arm which is the same one I'm using for my display I absolutely love it he also went wireless for the peripherals he's using the drive o calibre mechanical keyboard and the white MX master by the way that keyboard is awesome I did a video on it that I'll drop a link to it if you guys want to watch it for 60 bucks you get a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB lighting 60 bucks guys that's crazy for audio is rocking a pair of audio engine a 2 plus speakers and white and devoid wireless gaming headsets now here's an interesting mod I haven't seen yet so apparently Johan removed all four of the trays inside the drawers to make room for his PC inside that's creative I'll give you that but is it worth it losing out on all of that storage but in his defense he did add a pencil drawer underneath the desk but that's still a lot of space wasted if you ask me I guess you really didn't want his PC on the ground or have it visible on top of the desk finally the cable management it's flawless beautiful work with the channel raceways and the cable clips he even added a USB hub underneath a desk this is definitely one of the cleanest setups I've seen excellent work and thank Yohann for entering this video was sponsored by hey rock they make high-end watches at affordable prices compared to similar brands in the market one of the things I love about their watches is the minimalistic and clean design I was like the fact that their watchers are stainless steel and water resistant they do have a wide variety of styles to match your unique tastes and the best part is that they offer free worldwide shipping with free returns they will be coming out with a women's collection sometime in September but if you guys want a snag one right now make sure to use the code tech source for 10% off or click on the link below so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and as always I'll announce them on my Twitter and Instagram accounts on the weekend I hope you guys are having a fantastic Monday I will see you in the next video
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