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Setup Wars - Episode 122

there's a pretty cool giveaway happening right now on the asus strix gtx 1080 on the nice app so make sure you guys participate because there's only one week left to enter I'll drop a link to the app down below what's guys is that from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 122 when you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked all the way down below in the description section let the setup Wars begin so guys I've been playing this game called guns of boom for the past month now and it's extremely addicting so be warned because this game will definitely eat up all of your time YouTube is very stressful for me one of the ways I unwind and just take a break from making videos is by playing guns and boom believe it or not so instead of just talking about it I'm gonna jump into a quick game so the concept of the game is very simple guys it's a four and fourteen deathmatch and you can actually play with three random people or you can invite your friends and group up as well so the concept is very simple you move around and you aim at them and the gun automatically start shooting you can reload just like all first-person shooters and actually if you aim at their head it does more damage because it's considered a headshot just like that so currently my favorite gun is the Anaconda because the longer you shoot the faster it gets I was in love using my sniper from time to time if I want to slam from a distance safely and I'd have to worry about close quarter combat so let me so I can snipe somebody sure you guys the power of the manticore sniper that I'm using right now wow that was almost a noscope it's got a ton of weapons and gear to choose from I really think you guys will enjoy playing it especially if you love overwatch or csgo I mean the graphics the sound effects everything is awesome on this game if you guys do download it make sure to add me to your friends list so we can play together my in-game name is Tex or underscore YouTube just like how it is on the screen guns a boom is a real PC shooter on mobile so join the millions that already play the game I'll drop a link to the app down below it is free to play on both Android and iOS and also huge things to guns a boom for partnering with me to make this video possible starting off the show we got a very organized set up from Bua featuring the 34 inch ultra ride from LG and the courser strafe RGB keyboard with the logitech g502 Mouse flanking the monitor are a pair of Logitech z5 33 speakers and behind the monitor is a boom arm holding up his BM 800 microphone if you've been paying attention there are two things that Bua has done to his setup the first one being the carbon fiber skins looks like he applied them to the top of his sony MDR headphones as well as the base of the headphone stand and then the Logitech speakers he even skinned his PC case the fantex evolve which looks stunning by the way excellent cable management inside the PC and I noticed that you have purple accents throughout your setup the LEDs from the Strix 1070 and from the keyboard and mouse the second thing I noticed from his setup is the commitment on that black and white contrast a white audio rate with a white Xbox one controller on a black shelf and vice versa on a white shelf also the black and white Star Wars poster we got the black and white figurines on top of the case and black gear on top of the desk nicely done usually when people have great cable management inside their pcs their setup reflects that as well and it's no surprise that everything is very tidy underneath the desk most of the cables are tucked away inside the net and the rest of the cables are tied together using zip ties and we also got the power strip that is hidden inside a cable box underneath I'm very impressed I don't really have anything to recommend at all it's a very clean setup Thank You Bua for entering Hecky is next up with a triple monitor setup featuring two 24 inch Acer monitors sandwich king a 1080p display from asus right in the middle and it looks like all three displays are hooked up to a custom back board that he built himself it also looks like he's using the same countertop as my filming desk and that's being held up by an Alex your unit and to Ikea legs he is using the wired Apple keyboard with an MX master but he did drill a hole in the desk for the wire and he also drilled a hole in the backboard to run the monitor wires through as well for audio is rocking the Fat Boy microphone what is that is that really what it's called Fat Boy from hair microphones I gotta look this up I'm sorry for some reason I feel like I'm getting trolled wow it actually exists what kind of a company would name their mic Fat Boy on their website it says Fat Boy brings the fat to your home studio what the hell does that even mean I'm sorry but am I being naive or something does f80 or fat mean something in the audio world anyways back to this setup so as other audio gear consists of a pair of KRK Rokit five speakers with eight-hour add-on which by the way adds more bass to this sound output we also got the popular a THM 50 X's the cable management seems to be under control for the most part there is a lot going on underneath the desk but the Signum rack has most of that contained however the wires behind your PC might need a few velcro straps or better yet a cable sleeve I'll drop a link to when I recommend down below speaking of your PC I don't even know how that tiny 750ti is handling three monitors that's pretty crazy you know what I feel really bad if you're watching this video toss me an email and I'll send out a brand new gtx ten TTI I know it's not much but it's definitely a nice upgrade for your rig the only other thing that bothers me is that light on the right side it's kind of throwing off the balance and the symmetry of your setup we got the boom arm that offsets the LED lamp you have on the left side and then you got a random light pole it's kind of weird because you don't have it on the desk in some of your other pictures so maybe it's just there for lighting in that specific picture but either way you got a pretty good foundation for an awesome setup just work hard and save up for those nice upgrades thank you hey Kay for entering Johnny boy is next up with an interesting setup so this is the first ever triple monitor cubicle setup that I've ever seen on the show he's got two 22 inch monitors below the 45 inch Sony smart TV and I'm just surprised he's able to fit all this gear in such a tiny space he's using the eraser or not a chroma keyboard and a random budget Wireless Gaming Mouse even though he's got such a small space to work with he kept his setup very clean and tidy who needs a headphone hangar when he can use this side of your cubicle wall as a hangar he hooked up his turtlebeach stealth 400 and the JBL synchros headphones up there and look at the placement of his snowball ice microphone on the left side very creative you know what will be even more creative finding a way to hook it up behind that Sony TV see if you can find a way to clamp the bottom part of the boom arm to the mounting part of the TV mount if it works out you can hide the boom arm behind the TV and bring it straight down and over the TV when you need to use it he also has a ps4 on the left side and when he's bored from console gaming he jumps on his PC which has an FX 6300 and an Rx 480 I gotta give you points for putting a piece of glass underneath your PC since you do have carpet a lot of people just leave their pcs on carpet and they wonder why their pcs die after a year cable management is also on point good use of the velcro strap behind the PC and I don't see any other wires underneath your desk so nicely done there's no question that this setup is yours you made sure of that by posting pictures of your childhood something that isn't very common on setups I'm not sure whether it's because we are embarrassed of our child pictures or we just simply don't have any but it's nice to see something refreshing on setup wars sadly our memories fade and the only way we can capture our past is through pictures or video and Johnny decided to live those moments every day he doesn't care about how sexy or how badass has set up is the most important thing is it works for him and that's all that matters the fact that you made it work with such a limited amount of space will earn my respect any day Thank You Johnny for entering brace your eyeballs because this next setup will either make you want to pull out your eyes and eat them or you'll make your jaw drop to your trousers this is definitely an interesting layout he's got 325 inch ultra wide monitors but the middle one is in vertical mode and that's because he's a professional software developer and he uses the vertical display for coding as you guys can see in this picture behind the monitors he's got two Philips 2.1 speakers and on the desk he is using the Texas mechanical keyboard with the red dragon kirua 502 Mouse I gotta say that desk looks really nice and apparently it was custom made by a carpenter and he said that he didn't want to drill a hole for the keyboard a mouse because it would ruin the beautiful desk and I can understand I mean your cable management is perfect anyway is no need to drill any unnecessary holes if you don't want to it looks like he hooked up his power strip underneath the desk and he placed his subwoofer on his PC now I don't know if that's a good idea because the vibrations might damage the components inside your case over time but I don't know maybe you're fine speaking to the PC is rocking an i 360 100 and the msi gtx 1060 with 16 gigs of ram by the way I did read your message and I thank you for the kind words stuff like that really reinforces the reason why I do YouTube every single day I'm glad that I could help and thank you again for watching he basically wrote down that he watches almost all my videos and he's learned to build a custom PC and a clean desk setup from it he followed all my guidelines from building a PC to cable management and he built his very own setup and I'm guessing this is the picture of his setup before everything was put together a simple symmetrical and very clean setup by the way I like them honest on your desk thank you rev for entering Jesus mother of all black and blue balls what the hell is going on over here now this is a creative setup Wow black on blue with wooden accents now that is an interesting color combination this dude even framed his acoustic panels he legit framed them with wooden pieces this is gonna blow your mind guys are you ready for this the wall that he mounted his PC and monitor on actually comes out and he kept all the cables and the power strips behind that let me rephrase that he cable managed inside of a wall this episode was over okay I'm just gonna give this to you please it would be my honor if you were to take the seal of a pool for me and also here take this $100 cash prize and also if you want you can take home a text source t-shirt so if you're watching this video toss an email set up boards at and claim your prize because you definitely deserve it this setup is not only unique but it's symmetrical organized and it has purpose well done this entire room is fitted with black and blue acoustic foams and he even has a dedicated station for recording audio the blue yeti microphone with the isolation shield as a disgusting combo and I mean disgusting in the best possible way it's ridiculous with that isolation shield does for voiceovers if you guys on one of those then you know what I'm talking about I love to set up even more now because I just realized he's rocking the same speakers as me but in black instead so on the left side he's got a pair of Audio Technica m50 X's which are skinned by the brands of course and he's got his pixel XL right next to that he's using the Corsair k-6 t5 keyboard with the Logitech g600 Mouse and a black and blue mousepad I swear everything is literally either black or blue or both even its chair I mean the consistency and the commitment is insane all right now that I've calmed down let's take a look at his beast PC right there in the center so I'm expecting something ridiculous oh it's actually not that bad I mean he's only walking a 6850 k-6 core processor 32 gigs of ram and two gtx frickin 1080s jesus lord have mercy on my soul the entire build has custom painted parts and he even added blue carbon fiber skins to some of the parts are you kidding me it doesn't even end here he has another setup on the opposite side of this room and I mean I don't even know where to begin on this one he managed to mount his monitor keyboard mouse and even his PC on the side of a writing desk not on it but on the side I bet you this is what he was thinking in his mind before he decided to do this hmm I definitely need another setup for my room but I got no more space what should I do you know what screw it who needs a surface for a setup I'm just gonna use this side of my furniture and create a set up there so when the desk Keys got the Xbox one which of course is skinned in black and blue carbon fiber skins but why stop there if you can skin the router as well and he's also got quite the collection of GPUs showcased here apparently he's a PC mater and he's also got an anti-static mat over here with a bunch of tools and a drawer full of PC accessories Zacks organization is definitely on another level that's for sure and to top it all off this entire room was modded by him this is actually what the room looked like before he added the wooden walls he does have a youtube channel I want to give him a shout out because his setup is very impressive it's called next tech news make sure you guys check him out and tell them that texts or sent you maybe even compliment him on his setup video I'll double ting to his channel below so definitely check it out guys my only question to you Zack is where the hell have you been for the past year of me doing setup wars these are the kind of setups I want to feature on the show so if you're watching this video and you have something this crazy or even more crazy please for the love of God send in your submission link is down below I mean I get wet dreams looking at setups like these so please send in your submissions my bed sheets will hate you but I will love you this video was sponsored by mass trap right now they're taking requests on their new 35 inch curved gaming monitor that features a 2 millisecond response time 100 Hertz refresh rate and a 34 40 by 1440p VA panel with free sync the monitor is rocking a VA panel which is known for their high contrast ratio deeper blacks and virtually zero light bleed it's also great for productivity with srgb coverage of a hundred percent I'm surprised they're able to pack in all these awesome features in an ultra wide gaming monitor for only five hundred and fifty dollars so if you guys want to grab one at this price make sure to visit the link below to reserve one because if it comes back in the future it's gonna cost a bit more so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup even though it's probably obvious at this point allows the winner is on my Twitter and instalay counts thank you guys so much for watching I love your faces I will see you in the next one
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