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Setup Wars - Episode 123

what's up guys it's a from tech stories and welcome to setup wars episode 123 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the show if you guys want to participate if you have a pretty interesting setup and you want to join the show make sure to watch the video linked all the way down below let that set up words begin starting off the show we got Alex and his Game of Thrones themed setup he even matched the colors of the three schedules to the rest of the setup very nice he's got the banners on the wall got the wallpaper on the rog swift monitor I mean this guy is dedicated even the RGB lighting on his k7e keyboard and the m65 Mouse are matching the theme and it's in the same order as well for audio is rocking a pair of bose companion speakers and it doesn't look like he's using any headphones most people would put the PC on the right side of the desk even if the side panel is facing forward so it's interesting that he placed it on the left side instead I definitely agree with that because not only does it look a lot better in that corner giving you extra space on your actual desk to work with but you don't see any cables as well speaking of cables looks like the Signum Rack is holding up majority of the wires and he even managed to hook up a parish dip against the wall the PC is rocking is a beast it's equipped with the 7700 K and an asus strix 980ti overclocked edition and I'm definitely loving those custom mods the v1 tech GPU backplate SSD covers and the fan grills I'm not sure if you painted the side of your radiator or if that's a wrap but whatever it is you did a really great job on that and the CPU cooler as well notice how is RGB fans up top are matching the order of the schedule of the Game of Thrones I mean this guy like I said is dedicated a very beast setup thank you Alex for starting off the show Dominic is up next with a very simple ultrawide monitor setup featuring the Acer predator X 34 which is hooked up to the wall and then below that we got the cursor case sixty five rapid-fire keyboard and the logitech g502 mouse for symmetry reasons he added his Nikon camera on the left side to offset the IKEA plant on the right honestly though it kind of looks out of place I would just buy another plant and use that instead if you really care about the symmetry I do want to give you some points on being creative with your acoustic foams because most people including myself use the entire square piece and design something with it but you took it to the next level and you cut it up to create your very own pattern also if you guys look very closely you can see that he routed the monitor cables through the back of the foams to try and hide it personally I would use a wall Raceway and run the wire straight down and to this side just like how I did in my Wolverine setup I only say this because it will look a lot cleaner this way and the wires running across the foam stick out and ruin the aesthetics of this beautiful setup also for all future contestants please don't move stuff around just to take pictures because you think it will look a lot cleaner obviously I can tell that your t-bone microphone belongs on that mount near the front of your desk so why not just leave it there I promise I won't rip you a new one if the placement is convenient for you then by all means stick with it there's no need to hide and shame so the setup doesn't have any actual speakers but what he does have is a pair of headphones from v-moda looks like these are the popular m100 crossfades and it's hanging under the desk on a hanger and it looks like the cable is running through the front of the setup which is a no-no I always recommend running the cables through the back of this setup and into the PC using some cable clips underneath the desk to keep the wire from hanging down and if you're worried about the length you can always pick up an extension cable which I will link below another thing I'd recommend for your setup is a channel raceway because it doesn't look like you have that many cables to begin with I mean sure you can use tape but that looks horrible I would recommend either a 48 inch channel raceway or you can actually pick up smaller 12-inch pieces and I'll drop a link below if you want to check those out the PC powering the setup is a really nice one actually that's rockin the 4790k and an asus strix 10 8 we got some custom sleeping cables for the GPU and the red Ram sticks and accents from your motherboard really make it pop and it blends nicely with your overall setups theme the final thing I'll recommend for your set up are some wall shelves and maybe you can put some stuff in them that reflect your personality or taste and since your setup has a lot of polygons and the square acoustic foams I went ahead and pick the shelves that would fit nicely with your setup if you don't like those you can stick with the usual rectangular IKEA wall shelves and if shelves aren't your thing maybe you can pick up some art for the walls because it's looking a bit empty above your setup this is actually the canvas I picked up for my setup if you watch my logs and I think you'll blend nicely with your setup so I'll drop a link below in case you or anyone else wants to check it out you have an awesome setup but it definitely needs some tweaks to improve it Thank You Dominic for entering mr. Skywalker is next up with a black and orange set up featuring fanatic here he's walking three 27-inch BenQ monitors and below that he's got the corsair k70 RGB keyboard with rapid-fire switches and you also got the m65 Pro RGB Mouse the Tusk is using is the local white Crescent desk and he kept it fairly clean there's not a lot of things on it he's got a pair of bose companion 2 speakers a phone doc from JBL for his iphone and his Asheville 850 wireless gaming headset that's sitting on a walnut wood stand okay so I like that you drilled a hole in your mouse pad for the keyboard and mouse but I would I prefer to drill only one hole instead the keyboard hole you have up there what I've worked just fine and all you had to do was just run the mouse wire underneath the keyboard and through the hole it would have looked a lot cleaner in my opinion speaking of cables not much going on under here looks like the majority of the wires are behind the back board so I can't really give you any opinions here also down here is the fanatic themed PC rocking a 6800 K and an EVGA 1084 de Winne gravis card I love that the motherboard has red accents even though the entire color scheme of his setup is black and orange but honestly the tinted glass panel pretty much blocked that out and the orange LEDs are the only thing that's visible through it so it kind of worked out a very impressive and symmetrical setup indeed Thank You Luke for entering who says you need a large ass desk to make a ridiculous gaming setup I mean if Molson can do all this on a crappy wooden table then no one should complain about space issues seriously look how small that desk is compared to everything else around it Wow I don't even know how practical this is I mean you have to be really close to the monitor and TV to use that keyboard and mouse and you're gonna have some serious neck problems it's like sitting in the front row seat at a movie theater that's insane so apparently the desk is custom made by him I mean if it's custom built why didn't you at least make it slightly bigger it is a black and green setup so obviously that means razor gear he's rocking a black widow X keyboard with the Death Adder elite mouse on top of the razor Goliath is extended mousepad those two giant light things on the sides are Wireless RGB light poles apparently and on the left one he built a custom VR stand for his HTC vive it's actually screwed in the wall it's technically not sitting on the light pole for audio he's got the Logitech z5o 6 speaker set and the razor Man O'War wireless headphones all the cables are hidden behind the green back boards he made but let's take a look at the PC which I'm sure you guys have been eyeballing since the beginning because I know I have it's a custom water-cooled build featuring the 59 30 k-6 core processor and we got 2 Nvidia Titan X Peas in SLI holy cow is even custom painted some of the parts like the PSU cover the fans and even the i/o cover to match the rest of his setup looks like the sli bridge is also custom made very impressive this is definitely one badass razor themed gaming setup dinky most importantly wrapping up the video we got nasco and a very clean white black and red set up between the 28 inch Samsung monitor we also got the Razer BlackWidow X tournament edition chroma keyboard with the cursor m65 Pro Mouse this is definitely an interesting way to manage the wires from your peripherals which I haven't seen yet it looks like he hooked up two of the raceways underneath the Alex add-on unit and he routed the cables through them that's interesting so on the add-on unit he's got a pair of SteelSeries artist 7 wireless gaming headsets with a custom stormtrooper vinyl sticker on it and on the right side is the JBL wireless charge speaker I gotta say I love the presentation of this setup the contrast color consistency and the cleanliness everything is on point I can tell nasco definitely spent some time in perfecting this notice how he moved the Alex drawer on the right side slightly out so that he has some space to put his custom skin ps4 and by the way that art was actually drawn by him very impressive he also has custom skin ps4 controllers which he hooked up underneath the desk and while we're down here let's take a look at what he did with the cables okay so we can't see anything from the front but nasca was kind enough to pull his desk forward to show behind it and just as expected it's managed very well if you got the guts to pull your desk forward and show what's behind it then you my friend have nothing to hide a lot of cable clips 3m tape and patience was required to get this one done beautiful work with the cable management I absolutely love the white on red contrast and it really brings together the entire setup I was just about to recommend a storm troopers mural so that he can hook it up on the top of his setup but apparently he already has one I just don't know where you hung them that's either way up there on top of your monitor or it's probably on a different wall but at least you have one in your room the PC that's powering this setup is actually a laptop it's the ISTEP editor which is equipped with a 6700 HQ and a GTX 1060 I actually did a video on the newer version of his laptop and it's the best one you can buy under eleven hundred dollars so make sure you guys check it out in case you missed it I'll drop a link below I'm huge fan of your setup excellent work on it Thank You NASSCO for entering so that is it for this episode I've set up Wars make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always unless the winners on my Twitter Instagram accounts on the weekend so make sure you guys are following me there if you want thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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